Rehab Updates on Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer

INDIANAPOLIS — After four games each in their rehab assignments, Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer are continuing to make progress with Indianapolis.

While Harrison had another 0-for-4 effort on Sunday, and is 1-for-16 so far in the assignment, he said that everything feels good physically after the game. He also said that the adjustment for him thus far is the logistics of the game.

“The thumb feels fine,” Harrison said. “It is just getting back into the flow of the game and taking care of things that you forget about, like slide steps and different hold times. Those are the things that you tend to forget. You think it’s just ground balls and hits, but there is much more that goes into it. I feel like I am making progress every day and remembering the small things that go into baseball.”

Harrison has seen three starts at third base and another at second base. While being utilized in the super utility role, he realizes that seeing time in different spots will also aid with those logistics.

“It is important for me to get a look at everywhere,” Harrison said. “Then, when I get up there, I can say that I got some innings to get a view from that perspective. I just want to make sure that I cover all my bases. I want to make sure that I am ready.”

Harrison has been seeing some solid contact in the at bats, just long fly balls and several ground outs. He does not seem to be tentative with the swings, just balls not finding the hole.

As far as the timeline, Harrison did not have a specific answer, but did admit that he is feeling much better. Playing back-to-back nine innings games the past few days was also a nice step in the right direction.

“[The timeline] is based a lot off how I feel,” Harrison said. “I feel good, but there are still things that I want to put myself through in situations, whether it be at the plate or in the field. I am close, but I continue to take it day by day.”

Mercer went 0-for-3 on Sunday and is now 3-for-13 in the assignment. He was also encouraged to get back-to-back games under his belt, playing seven innings in each of the previous two contests.

“[I feel] good and it is another step in the right direction,” Mercer said. “Playing back to back, my legs are a little worn down, but nothing out of the ordinary. I feel pretty good.”

Mercer said that he would be taking Monday off and then start playing nine innings in games. Wednesday is a scheduled off day for Indianapolis, so the logistics work for him to get an off day after the first nine inning game.

Mercer said that his first back to back nine inning game will happen on the Indianapolis road trip in Charlotte.

Rob Scahill also made a rehab appearance for Indianapolis on Sunday, allowing a hit, a walk, and a run in one inning of work.

  • No reason to bring them back until they start hitting. Harrison has not been great this year. When he comes back let him come off the bench. We need Mercer and Kang on the left side. Polanco has been crushing left handers. He’s been crushing everyone. You gotta let him play. No Harrison /Polanco platoon

    • I dont think the thumb is fine like he says. Cant be easy hitting like that.

    • Rover role for Harrison for sure, but he can still take LHP at bats away from Walker and start against RHP a few times a week at 3B while Kang plays SS. Since May, Harrison is hitting well enough to keep him in the lineup 3-4 times a week.

      Mercer really needs to be better against RHP or his bat is tough to play everyday starting at SS.

  • Is there a limitation on the length of their rehab assignments?