Tyler Glasnow Not in the Mix For a September Call-Up

Before the Pirates faced off against the Rockies on Sunday afternoon, Pirates General Manager Neal Huntington commented about the possibility of Tyler Glasnow being called up to the majors in September or October. As of this time, the Pirates do not have plans on Tyler Glasnow being called up when rosters expand on Tuesday.

“We couldn’t be more excited about Tyler Glasnow and his growth and development from the beginning of this year and the beginning of his time with the Pirates, and we are completely looking forward to what he can be at the Major League level,” Huntington said. “At this point, he is not on our radar to come up here in September or October, because we still feel there is some development left to go.”

Huntington began to explain his answer to the question of Glasnow being a September call-up by reminding reporters of the hype and expectations of Gregory Polanco.

“It’s funny, I started to think about Polanco and the conversations we had week after week after week after week with Gregory,” Huntington said with a smirk and while laughing. “Performance and success in Triple-A does not always translate to the big leagues.”

“He’s [Glasnow] got weapons. The consistency of the weapons. The ability to utilize those weapons. The ability to come up and get Major League hitters out versus Triple-A hitters outs. These are completely different spectrums.”

Glasnow has posted an 0.81 ERA in six Triple-A starts in Indianapolis, which means he has only given up three earned runs in 33.1 innings. Glasnow has struck out 39 batters while walking 17.

By first glance, it seems as if Glasnow has dominated during his time so far in Indianapolis; however, that has not necessarily been the case. He has pitched much better in his last two starts, but his first four were very deceptive to the glancing eye.

In his first four starts for Indy, Glasnow posted a 1.62 WHIP and walked 5.57 per nine. He posted an 0.37 groundball rate in those starts, as well. Glasnow has never been a groundball pitcher, but that is extremely low. He also had a lot of trouble holding runners on base, with base runners taking off on Glasnow successfully over and over.

In his last two starts, Glasnow hasn’t allowed a run in 12.1 innings, and he has only walked four while striking out 14. His WHIP is much better at 0.73, as well.

Although Huntington seemed to all but shut down every thought about Glasnow being called up this year, he did subtly say that the door hasn’t quite been shut on the possibility, even though it is unlikely.

“We’ve left the door open, just because he’s doing some really good things,” Huntingdon said, “but he continues to remind us that there are some really good things that he still needs to do.”

Huntington made it a point to say that it would be asking a lot for a recently turned 22-year-old to step in and contribute in a pennant race.

“As we’ve tried to say since day one, our goal is to bring a prospect up to the big leagues when we feel he’s ready to come up here and compete,” Huntington said. “In the environment that we’d ask someone to come up in September, it’s about winning every single game, and putting ourselves in a position to win as many of these final 34 to close this three-game loss column deficit to win a division. It’s a lot to ask a young player to come up and help you win a game in April let alone to come up and help you win a playoff-caliber game in September. Our goal is to put our guys in positions to be successful. Our goal is to bring up young players when they’re ready to help us win. When we get to that point with Tyler, we’ll absolutely look to bring him up. We just don’t necessarily see that happening in September or October.”

As we have wrote about Glasnow before, he seems to struggle when making an adjustment to a new level. At this time, the Pirates cannot afford to bring Glasnow come up and struggle for three or four starts while in a playoff race. Could Glasnow be an upgrade? He may be. However, it is better for the player and organization for him to get his innings in Triple-A and come up next season in June.

Watching Glasnow pitch multiple times this season, I agree with the masses that it would be a lot of fun to watch Tyler Glasnow come up to the big leagues now; however, he simply isn’t quite ready. It wasn’t until four weeks ago that the organization felt that his changeup was good enough to promote him to Triple-A, let alone the big leagues.

His fastball is dynamic, and when he is locating it well, he can be almost unhittable. The problem comes into play when the fastball isn’t quite on, and Glasnow cannot use his that fastball to set up his strong curveball. A couple more months in Triple-A can do Tyler Glasnow really well to continue to work on these things so that, once he does arrive in Pittsburgh, he is ready to contribute at a high level.

“I can’t wait to see him on a big league mound in Pittsburgh,” Huntington exclaimed, “but he’s not a guy we are planning on as we sit here today.”

  • I agree with Huntington on this. Let him pitch through the playoffs in Indy and see how he is doing and if there is a need at that point. Say what you will about his talents, right now he is still a pitcher with “control” issues. Hurdle would not be giving him a long leash in games to recover from walking two lead off batters in an inning.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    August 30, 2015 6:32 pm

    Business decision, not a baseball decision. Glasnow isn’t “ready” yet? Did Morton look “ready” today? Just further proof the team would rather have a year more of control of a player than win the division this year. Glasnow is better than most of our starting rotation now. Disappointed but not surprised.

    • Yeah, they dont wanna win. We know about as much as they do (obviously) and its clear Glasnow would show up and pitch like a mid rotation arm from day 1. What are the odds a rookie would struggle in his first month of major league baseball?

      Cant believe they’d rather have him in his prime for a full year than now, when they clearly win the division for sure if he arrives. No way they lose if he throws.

      • BuccosFanStuckinMD
        August 30, 2015 10:52 pm

        I don’t know, McCullers and Severino have pitched pretty well for the Astros and Yankees. The Cubs are 18 games over .500, although they have 3-4 rookies in their lineup every night. Are they all finished products and were they completely developed when they were called up? No. But, they were better than anyone else the Cubs could have put out there – which is my point. Glasnow is far from a finished product, but he’s better than Locke and Morton and would give us a better chance to win.

        • Your last sentence is based on you assuming you know more about where Glasnow is development wise than the team. You are sure Glasnow gives us a better chance to win than those guys.

          Im not gonna trust you over the team. Money is a factor, but so is the fact that Glasnow may very well not be better than those guys in his first 5-10 starts.

          • There is nothing wrong with what the Pirates are doing and its probably the right thing to do for this franchise given our fiscal limitations however you are living in a hole if you think the Pirates don’t make fiscal decisions beyond immediate baseball decisions, Yes other teams do this as well but the Pirates are probably the most consistent at this in the league. Bucco in MD is right in regards to Glasnow. The question to me is should we prefer the cost savings/extra year of service to win at all cost now approach? The Pirates have made their decision and I am OK with it however I have to laugh when I see the term (he needs more development time).

    • OMG, you just can’t stop, can you ? But you are hilarious, you should write for the Onion. Tell me, have you ever even seen the guy pitch in person ?

      • BuccosFanStuckinMD
        August 30, 2015 10:49 pm

        Yes twice this year – you are so pompous and a drama queen. You ought to write for Cosmo. You sound like a woman. BTW, since when are your expressed opinions more worthy and important than mine?

        Glasnow is better than Locke and Morton right now.

        • You just continue to sound like a12 year old.

        • Ah yes, some quality “i want to insult you and imma do that by comparing you to a female” fun.

          • You have to admit, Luke, he is pretty funny. Hope that doesn’t sound too feminine.

        • You are an idiot, and , wow, you have seen him 2 times ? And you think that qualifies you to be an expert on his level of ability ? Get real.

    • You have no idea how Glasnow would fare in a pennant race vs major league quality competition. You look at his God-given talent and extrapolate it out in the brightest light possible in order to make this hollow claim.

      Furthermore, it’s NH’s job to look after the short-term and long-term viability of the organization. Just look no further than across the state to an organization whose GM failed to perform his job properly.

    • JoseGuillensArm
      September 1, 2015 2:10 pm

      Stay in Maryland

  • Given Huntington’s comments, that door seems pretty open. At least to me it sounds a lot like statements we heard just prior to Cole, Marte, and Polanco being called up. I don’t expect it to happen but I’m actually a little surprised that Huntington added statements like

    “We just don’t necessarily see that happening in September or October.” (emphasis on “don’t necessarily”)


    “but he’s not a guy we are planning on as we sit here today.” (emphasis on “as we sit here today.”)

  • I know it’s a small sample size, but the Pirates have played 7 games with Mercer back and Kang has been on the bench for 3 of the 7 games. While I understand the need for a day off here and there, Kang is a much better player than either ramirez or mercer and should be a staple in the lineup every day.

  • I am a Hart High graduate, as is Tyler.

    That said, I attended the Pirate vs Nationals games in DC when the Nats swept the series. I sat in the seats as Morton blew the game early (as he did today) and Scherzer no-hit the Pirates Sat June 20.

    That said, even though Morton and Locke are erratic, Tyler should remain at Indy for the playoffs. He just turned 22 Aug 23 the day after his last start at Indy

    Off season and next Spring Tyler will be developing the slider to complement his current repertoire. A fourth pitch will work tremendously when he is called up in June.


  • If like to see Worley against StL.

  • I’m curious to what the Cardinals do differently then the Pirates in the development of their minor leaguers. It seems the Cardinals call a guy up and he hits the ground running, whereas the Pirate guys seem to have a sometimes painfully slow adjustment period. Maybe it’s the level of prospect and this is much ado about nothing. Just curious if there are differences.

    • I’m not sure this is accurate, Marte produced from day one. Oscar Tavaras, before his death, struggled. Kolten Wong was bad in his cup of coffee, has had an up and down performance, and is still a below average hitter.

      Remember the model development organization was going to start Martinez in the bullpen until Jamie Garcia was injured at start the season.

      • Also, Pete Kozma was a 1st round pick. Bad in his first cup of coffee, and really just a bummer of a pick overall.

    • “I’m curious to what the Cardinals do differently then the Pirates in the development of their minor leaguers.”

      The biggest thing that they do is that they don’t play in Pittsburgh. So when they call someone up and he has a game winning hit, that’s what people hear about. They don’t hear about the guys who struggled, or that same player who hit the game winning hit, then went on to post an OPS below .600 the rest of the time. For that reason, it seems like every single guy that comes up is good.

      Likewise, I’m sure other teams look at the Pirates and think that every pitcher they bring in from the outside is good, because the success stories get a lot of attention, and no one outside of Pittsburgh makes a big deal about the guys who struggle.

      • That’s true. Maybe it’s the wave of talent they have at AAA is just that good. Grichuk, Piscotty, even Tommy Pham. My hope is in the next year or two, the young talent percolates to AAA and we have the youngsters ready to plug and play like those guys. No matter who they lose they just keep going. It’s impressive, but it sucks as a Pirate fan waiting on them to hit a skid.

      • True — everyone remembers the successes, but there are an awful lot of them: Trevor Rosenthal, Michael Wacha, Shelby Miller, Lance Lynn, Matt Adams, Randal Grichuk, Allen Craig, & Matt Carpenter (and so far, Stephen Piscotty) all contributed from day one. A few guys I can think of– Tyler Lyons, Carlos Martinez, Jaime Garcia, Kolten Wong, Pete Kozma – took a while to, or didn’t, develop.

    • That’s just not true. Oscar Taveras floundered pretty bad like Polanco last season. Another top prospect, Kolton Wong, was far from a finished product when he first came up, too.

      The Cardinals, like every other Club, have their hits and misses when it comes to promoting their prospects, too.

  • I am sure Glasnow will finally be fully developed in June of 2016. Coincidentally the same time the Bucs can avoid super two. Its amazing how that works out every time. You would think some players might develop at different times of the year other then June (wink wink).

    • Also funny how fans always are so sure its always only about service time and Super 2 and we get mad and laugh at the FO for doing it.

      And then guys like Polanco take awhile to develop and guys like Cole arent an ace right away.

    • “I am sure Glasnow will finally be fully developed in June of 2016.”

      I don’t think he’ll be fully developed by June 2016. Cole wasn’t fully developed when he came up. Neither were Marte or Polanco. They were just developed enough that they could handle themselves in the majors, and hopefully remain there for good.

    • I’m just really not sure how you’re able to look past all the red flags in order to make comments like that. Next June will just be a more acceptable time to watch him come up and have to find his way over a month or so, if that’s the case.

    • Yeah, how dare the Pirates use the system the way MLB has set it up!

      Funny how fans only look at one side of this equation, when it’s plainly evident the extra year of control and salary savings benefit the club far more than a couple months in the majors for a prospect ever could.

  • Off topic but how long is it expected to take Tallion to be ready to make the jump from AAA to MLB, of course if he doesn’t go on the DL.

    • I’m not sure you can put reasonable expectations on someone that has been out for two seasons. He’s actually thrown a lot this year and looked good, but he was facing guys who are in short-season ball the whole time, so he should look good. He’s probably going to be limited next year in his innings, so his call up might be based off when they get him to full strength, then of course performance will factor in heavily.

  • Shelled is a little harsh. 4 hits and 1 walk in 4 innings. Runs come in bunches with Charlie, sometimes it’s late and sometimes it’s early.

    • Michael Sanders
      August 30, 2015 3:26 pm

      Maybe he should have used ‘slashed’ instead. MLBTraderumors seems to use that word at least once in every article.

  • morton getting shelled, and locke vs st. louis . looks like another home wild card game this time vs jake and the cubbies.