Tyler Glasnow Shows Some Improvements After Slow Start in Triple-A

Tyler Glasnow has had a rocky start to his Triple-A career. He saw a similar beginning to his outing on Tuesday night, giving up three hits and three walks in his first three innings. After putting on the first batter of the fourth inning, Glasnow hit a groove, and retired seven of his last eight hitters.

“Right now I am kind of in a little rut these past couple of starts,” Glasnow said. “It just happens, it’s baseball. I am definitely not as comfortable as I was before, but it is nice to go out with not near your best stuff and do alright.”

While he allowed a run in the third inning, Glasnow ended both the second and the third innings with strikeouts to strand runners in scoring position. In the third inning, he struck out back to back hitters in that situation. Sometimes, Glasnow admitted, getting into a jam puts him in the right mindset.

“I feel like I do a little bit better when there is more pressure on,” Glasnow said. “It feels good.”

While he did allow three walks, the command was much better for Glasnow than it was last time out on August 6th in Durham. In that contest, Glasnow just looked visibly uncomfortable most of the outing and lumbered to 94 pitches, only 46 of which were strikes.

On Tuesday, Glasnow tossed 53 of his 88 pitches from strikes. While it is not exactly where he wants it to be, he is seeing improvements.

“I didn’t really have any of my pitches,” Glasnow said. “It’s coming and it was better than my last outing. It’s slowly getting better, but I think that it is just one of those things that you have to work out of.”

In addition, his fastball velocity has been a bit erratic and down some over his past three starts with Indianapolis. On Tuesday, he was consistently in the 92 to 93 range, but did touch 95 on some occasions. Glasnow blames the dip in velocity to the time of the season and a bit of wear. He said that he physically feels fine and expects the velocity return before the season is all said and done.

“I feel good and I don’t feel tired, I think that we are getting into that velocity dip a little bit,” Glasnow said. “It will come back like it does. It is just something that I have to work out of.”

In addition, Glasnow added his first career pickoff in the first inning off Daniel Fields. That is the good news. The bad news is that he allowed two more stolen bases. While it was not the six that he allowed in the Durham disaster, Glasnow still knows that he has some work to do in that department.

“I think [stolen bases allowed] is something that I beat myself up about a little bit,” Glasnow said. “I get in the mode of trying to fix what I am doing and I don’t even think about the base runners. I kind of had a little bit of trouble with that tonight too. I was not holding guys on very well, but that has gotten a lot better from where I used to be. That is something that I need to pay attention to and I will go out in my next start and see what I can do.”

While he clearly did not have his sharpest stuff on Tuesday, it was nice to see Glasnow battle and work six strong innings. He also did a nice job pitching out of jams. He’s still not showing the dominant form that he displayed in Altoona, which earned him the top pitching prospect honors in that league, but he might be starting to head in the right direction.

  • At this point do we really think Glasnow will be ready by June 2016. His control/command looks like it has a LONG way to go.

    • Ready to pitch in big leagues? Yes. Ready to be dominant in big leagues? I wouldn’t count on it. Hopefully, he’ll be on the same type of learning curve as Cole, which means he’ll be peaking in Sept/Oct next season.

      • He looks so much more less polished than Cole before Cole got his call up. That is understandable because Cole came from UCLA. But I have a hard time seeing Glasnow contribute as much next year as Cole did in 2013.

  • It’s a long way from sitting 95 and hitting 98 to sitting 92 and hitting 95. I’d put sincere concern behind that kind of velocity loss.

  • July 2016 rotation…Cole-Liriano-Tailon-Glasnow and chopped liver

  • Anyone know if Jeff Samarzidja was placed on waivers? Wonder what it would take to get a month and a half of him.

    • Even if they could, the division knows him pretty well, hits him fairly decent. Lot of famililarity, IMO.

      • Still alot better and more consistent than Locke, Morton, and Happ. Right now, I feel like Cole and Liriano need to have a dominant start every time out.

        • Im gonna give Uncle Ray the benefit of the doubt with Happ on a couple more starts. But for the most part, im with you 3-5 the Cards got us beat pretty convincingly.

          • I’m nervous that the Pirates are vulnerable right now and don’t have enough separation from the Cubs and Giants.

            • Agreed. The way the schedule is setup right now, could be a lot of movement in the WC standings. That four game series against the champs coming up is no joke either.

    • Im not one of those guys opposed to trading good prospects for decent pitchers or players. But in this instance of starting pitching, put me in the “I wish Taillon or Kingham were healthy” crowd.

  • I watched the first four innings of the game last night and there were times when there was a runner on second and he wasn’t even looking at second base. He definitely needs to use his change more so they can’t sit on his fastball.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    August 12, 2015 1:18 pm

    You know we must be talking about a top prospect, when a 1.69 ERA after his first 3 starts is considered “rocky”! 🙂

  • I don’t get why we are so bad organizationally in regards to controlling the running game. I’m sure its something along the lines of, “Making a good pitch is the most important thing.” But it’s like runners on base aren’t even acknowledged.

  • Good article Ryan. Be interested to see how long this velocity dip he references continues to plague him.

    FYI, you wrote his last start was July 6, not August 6.