Carlos Munoz Makes Appalachian League Top 20 Prospects List

Baseball America posted their list of the top 20 prospects in the Appalachian League and Carlos Munoz was the only player from the Bristol Pirates to make the list. He was ranked 20th overall. It should be pointed out that Mitch Keller fell a couple innings short of qualifying for their list, so that explains why he couldn’t have been included.

Munoz had an amazing July, which led to him being named the Player of the Year for the Appalachian League. He has great plate patience and pitch recognition, which has led to him posting more walks than strikeouts each year of the last four years. He also showed more power than in the past, hitting 12 homers this year and then another in the NYPL playoffs. His 1.014 OPS was the best in the league.

His problem has always been conditioning, which BA overlooked when they praised his work ethic. Just like every season, Munoz got tired during the second half of this season and that likely won’t translate well to full-season ball. He batted .167 during his last 24 regular season games this year, some of that time spent with Morgantown. He was also 21 years old and a fifth year pro in rookie ball, so as a bat-only first baseman, he is going to have to prove he can hit at higher levels and get into better shape before he should be considered a legit prospect. He’s going to play winter ball this year in Mexico, so that should help him with his off-season training.

Our Bristol recap will be posted later today. Munoz will not be the top prospect.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    September 23, 2015 9:00 pm

    Yet, he’s #5 on the list of top prospects on his team, according to this site? I realize all this stuff is subjective and one’s opinion, but how he can be rated #5 on his team after the season he had is an eye opener.

  • So we have a fringe prospect, while the rat birds have 4 on that list. I much as I dislike St. Louis I can’t help to admire their scouting, they seem to nail every draft and get equity from their Latin American draft as well.

    • I think their best prospect, Mitch Keller, missed the list due to a lack of innings. Also, I’m not sure how the talent in St. Louis was laid out, but Bristol was the weakest team in the Pirates’ farm system for prospects. So it’s no surprise the Pirates weren’t represented well here.