Corey Hart Will Remain on the Disabled List For the Remainder of the Season

The Pittsburgh Pirates have announced that Corey Hart will remain on the Major League disabled list for the remainder of the season. The first baseman had his rehab assignment ended today with Indianapolis, but the Pirates chose not to activate him. Instead, he has returned home to Arizona.

Hart was on the 60-day disabled list, so he wasn’t taking up a roster spot on the 40-man. They’re locked in to his salary no matter what, so their options were to either recall him, or take this route, which is basically the same result as releasing him. Recalling him would have required a spot to be opened on the 40-man roster, and the Pirates already have a shortage of available spots, with a need to add Vance Worley to the rosterĀ in the future.

It would appear this is it for Hart’s career. If the Pirates would have been able to find another opportunity for him elsewhere, they probably would have released him. The fact that he’s going home isn’t a good sign that something else was out there. The Pirates no longer had a need for him after adding Michael Morse at the deadline, and then signing Travis Snider.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    September 4, 2015 9:33 am

    A very bad signing…I don’t know how they thought he could help, if they even watched him swing or tried to move in the field. Too bad for him, before his knees were gone, he was pretty good power hitter.

  • This is really going to impact our playoff chances. Maybe Travis Snyder can help.

  • I believe he still has the only PH Hr all year.

  • Was worth the risk. just didn’t work out. When healthy he could really hit.

  • He’ll pass 10 years service time by staying on the DL. Not sure that would be the case if he was released. So, seems like a nice gesture by Bucs.

  • Sad to see a good career cut short by injury.

    • Sad to see another Huntington Dumpster Dive end up costing money and at bats that could have been better invested and used. Brandon inge, Casey McGhee, Gaby Sanchez, Clint Barmes, Rod Barajas all cut from the same cloth

      • Gotta be 0 fun to piss over everything a team does only to see them make the playoffs over and over.

        But ik, we dont win a WS so we fail. Troll on big fella.

      • Kinda like Francisco Liriano, AJ Burnett, Mark Melancon, Cervelli, Russ Martin, Travis Snider…NH really needs to stop with these potential upside value moves, they never work out