First Pitch: Tyler Glasnow Looks to Reverse Poor History in the Playoffs

There’s nothing that Tyler Glasnow can do right now to make it to the majors. The Pirates have made it clear that he won’t be in their plans in September. I wrote at the start of the month why that makes total sense, pointing out a variety of reasons why he needs to stay down. There have been people who disagreed with the stance, but I’ve yet to see a good argument about why Glasnow should be up. Every counter argument I’ve seen has looked at the idea of Glasnow, or what he projects to become in the future, rather than looking at where he’s at now with his development.

His playoff start for Indianapolis won’t do anything to change the minds of the organization on bringing him up. But a good performance could give some hope for one of the areas of concern for Glasnow: The Big Game.

This will be the third year in a row that Glasnow has pitched in the post-season. He pitched for West Virginia in 2013 and pitched for Bradenton last year. Neither outing went well.

In 2013, Glasnow went 2.2 innings, giving up four runs on three hits and three walks, with five strikeouts. Last year he gave up six runs on two hits and six walks over three innings, with eight strikeouts. This was despite the fact that he was spotted a 7-3 lead after the second inning.

Tomorrow would be a good opportunity for Glasnow to show that he can handle the playoff outings. I have no doubts about his ability to do so in the future, but this has been an issue so far in his young career. I’d chalk that up to nerves more than anything else. Glasnow has been known to let that impact him early in outings, especially in bigger starts, or when he’s adjusting to a new level. That’s a big reason why I wrote that people were dreaming if they expected him to arrive in the majors and have no issues at all right now.

I’m not going to say that Glasnow can’t pitch in big games because of two games over the last two years in the playoffs. I’m also not going to say that he’s ready based on one start if he does well tomorrow. But doing well in the Triple-A playoffs will be a good sign, not just for his ability to pitch in big games, but for his continuation of success from his last outing. It won’t get him to the majors this year, but could add some comfort for when he’s in the majors next year.

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  • Stamina could be an issue, his FB velocity seems to decrease a bit late into the season.

  • Friggin Brewers.

    • The other teams just pitch the ball – it is up to the Pirates to do something with it. They have been in an offensive funk lately, barely surviving with timely HR’s. And, I just cannot get enough of guys trying to steal bases when ‘Cutch is batting. Our best hitter who leads the Pirates in RBI’s, but guys like JHAY seem to be playing their own personal game out there.

      A good stat is the Stolen base/caught stealing stat that for the Pirates is 21 SB’s/15 CS’s since the AS Break. Is it time for Clint to tell them the Manager will give the signal when he wants them to attempt to steal a base? An acceptable percentage of SB success is around 80% – anything less is just wasting outs. That is not aggressive baseball, it is simply selfishness and stupidity.

  • I see this as one of TG’s bigger development issues. Struggling in playoff games and first time pitching after being promoted are signs he has a hard time controlling his emotions. Having success tonight may give him the confidence to get over this stumbling block.

    In order to be that dominant Ace the Pirates hope he will become, he needs to be able to pitch his best in the biggest games vs the toughest teams. Channel your inner MadBum tonight Tyler.

    • Scott: Less than a month has passed since he celebrated his 22nd Birthday. I hope he does well, but I think he is well beyond the curve already.

      • I think the young man needs a stellar performance in a big game to give him the confidence he can do it in a high pressure situation. His age is irrelevant in this regard.