Pirates Call-Up Pedro Florimon, Deolis Guerra to the 60-Day DL

The Pittsburgh Pirates have purchased the contract of Pedro Florimon from the Bristol Pirates. To make room on the 40-man roster, they have transferred Deolis Guerra from the 15-day DL to the 60-day DL.

As I mentioned on Sunday, Florimon was one of six players who were getting called up from Triple-A (along with Rob Scahill being activated from the disabled list). The Pirates couldn’t bring Florimon up yesterday, due to his outright assignment being less than ten days ago. To work around that, they sent him to Bristol, who saw their season end yesterday. As a result, they were able to call him up today, the first day after Bristol’s season, and get him up without having to wait ten days since his outright assignment.

Florimon will give the Pirates a strong defensive option at shortstop, although they’ve got that with Jordy Mercer right now. He could also be used as a pinch runner.

  • Did anyone notice that out of 6 call ups to the Pirates, only one of them (Diaz) is home grown?

  • Poor Florimon. Ignored in his own thread.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    September 2, 2015 9:52 pm

    Locke getting beat up by the mighty Brewers – 5 runs through first 4 innings. ERA is starting to ebb toward 5.00. But, no, Glasnow isn’t good enough or ready enough to replace someone of Locke’s quality. If indeed, that is true, Glasnow is grossly overrated.

    Regardless, once a strength, our rotation has now turned into a weakness and major concern. In a one game series, we’ll be facing Arietta and a young Cubs lineup that can score some runs. With the way Cole has been pitching, do you still give him that game to pitch?

    • You mean the Glasnow who is walking over 5 per game and gave up 6 runs while not getting out of the 1st last night? Dude you are either trolling or pathetic with the Glasnow stuff…

    • I’m giving it to Vernon Law.

  • I don’t mean to change the subject Tim. But what did you think of Liz last night? What’s different from before?

    • I liked what I saw. I do not know why they would waste a 40 man spot on Snyder though. I would rather see a starter to give Cole and Liriano a miss in the rotation. I
      Am worried about a starting pitching meltdown.

      • You have cause to worry. Jeff Locke just finished pitching batting practice to the Brewers. Poor guy forgot the protective screen and nearly got beheaded by line drives right at him.

        • He’s had more meltdowns than a Japanese nuclear plant in his career. Ray Ray can’t spin this dude around. He needs a change of scenario like Korea or Independent baseball. It’s like watching Pedro play first. You know he is going to implode.

    • The velocity and stuff is in line with what he was showing in Indianapolis. He looked great, but the big question is whether he can stay comfortable in a relief role going forward, since that was a problem in the past.

      • Tim, do we have control of Liz next year and shouldn’t he be a rotation candidate next year. I hope this isn’t a successful reclamation project that signs elsewhere.

      • It is a disappointment that Liz was not given a major league start opportunity in light of the Locke meltdown. Given Locke’s 2-13 record in September NH should have planned for the possibility. Soria, Bastardo, and Caminero have stepped up in the bullpen. Now we have added Scahill and LaFramboise. Lots of arms for what we hope are limited opportunities. Liz would be a better option than Locke until AJ is ready.