Pirates Release 2016 Schedule

The Pittsburgh Pirates have released their 2016 schedule, which features an opening series against the St. Louis Cardinals in PNC Park. The Pirates will also end their season with three games in St. Louis, which means we can look forward to the year starting and ending with a series that will have a big impact on the 2016 NL Central.

Along with the games against the Cardinals, the Pirates will have interleague play against the AL West teams, and the Detroit Tigers. Their interleague play includes:

2 @ DET

2 vs DET

3 @ OAK

3 @ TEX

3 vs LAA

2 @ SEA

2 vs SEA

3 vs HOU

Here is the full schedule. If you can’t see the frames, click this link.

The Pirates are also taking deposits on 2016 season tickets, with fans who place a new deposit getting an opportunity to purchase 2015 playoff tickets.

  • I’ve got Glasnow debuting at home against the Giants like Cole did.

  • And time for the team to make a move: May 16 – June 27 when they have 27 home games vs. only 13 road games (and some of those road games may be in Puerto Rico against the Marlins where the Pirates may have the bulk of the fan support).

  • A curiosity–following the All Star break we go four straight Mondays without a game. We don’t have any 20-games-in-20-days stretches and the longest stretch of games (17) without an off day is in September when we have the expanded roster. Road trips seem to do a good job of consolidating travel. From a competitive perspective it’s a good schedule.

  • September looks good–finally a majority of games at home (first time since we’ve become contenders) and no games farther west than St. Louis. We’re set up for a strong finish.

  • Ok this is wrong. MLB started the new interleague schedule in 2013 with the Astros going to the American League! They played the West that year, home for the Astros and in Arlington for the Rangers! Three years later they should host the Rangers and visit Houston! But it is still the same as it was! They visit the Rangers and host Houston! This sucks! I don’t get to see the Bucs in Houston (where I live) until 2019???? Really! I thought they would just reverse it every three years! This sucks!!!!!

    • I hear ya. I live in Austin, and having the Astros move to the AL stunk big time. Was hoping 2016 would see the Bucs returning to Houston.

  • Start and finish against STL….gotta love it!

    • Whether I love it or not will depend a lot on what the standings look like headed into that last weekend….

      Aramis at 1st tonight I see…almost 2100 defensive appearances in his career and every one of them at 3rd. This will be interesting. Makes me wonder if that is the most appearances ever before starting at a second position.