Please Welcome Ed Giles to Pirates Prospects

A week ago I posted a job opening, looking for new writers to cover the Pirates at the MLB level down the stretch. We got some great applications, and there’s a chance we could continue expanding that coverage going forward. Today is just the start of that, and I am excited to announce our newest writer. Some of you may know him by his Twitter account, and some of you may know him by his name. Please welcome Ed Giles (@InClementeWthr) as the newest writer at Pirates Prospects.

Ed, who is in no way related to Brian Giles, provides a unique opinion on the Pirates, with a firm grasp on advanced statistics. This, combined with the ability to dig deeper into topics with live coverage, will lead to some great articles down the stretch. The Pirates don’t return home until next weekend, and Ed won’t start the live coverage aspect until that point. However, expect his first article on the site early next week. Until then, I’ll have live coverage from St. Louis over the weekend.

The plan down the stretch is for one writer to provide game coverage (notes, transactions, game analysis), with Ed coming on to focus on featured analysis. This analysis is a bonus that we weren’t able to add at the beginning of the year, and are able to add now due to increased subscriptions throughout the year. Our MLB coverage has been a team effort, coming from myself, Pete Ellis, Sean McCool, and Ryan Palencer, with David Hague providing photos. Ed will be a fantastic addition to the team, and I’m looking forward to his first articles next week.

  • Welcome Ed. So is he related to Brian Giles? I read the article. I just wanted to be that guy one time.

  • I became a fan of Ed’s after seeing him on the old P2 live stream with James Santelli. Great addition, welcome aboard.

  • Congrats Mr. Giles. I will look forward to reading you articles. Thanks Tim, Have fun in STL ,we need a sweep. Win tonight ,sweep in STL, get right back in the thick of it. Wild Card sounds worse everyday.

  • Excellent…better and better. What a treat to have this site.

  • Welcome Ed. Always enjoy another take. Beware of those Grammar Nazis. 🙂

  • Arrrg me matey, Welcome to the good ship “Scalawags”! We only make thee walk the plank if thou doesn’t agree with me, err, us.

  • Tim,
    Awhile ago I was excited about finding a site that filled my need for in depth discussion and posting on my favorite sports franchise, and I’m really thankful that you continue to strive to provide more content and depth than any other site while still keeping the readers and posters involved.
    Thanks for your efforts!

    • The plan was always to provide the most coverage of the Pirates possible, all throughout the system. It continues here, but it’s not stopping here.

      Thanks for subscribing!

      • Tim,
        Good timing on this addition. As a life-long fan it is very satisfying for me to see people snatching up the piles of $5 Pirate T-shirts at Giant Eagle……..and wearing them. My daughter in NYC has a gang of friends from the ‘Burg who get together to attend or watch Pirate games. Interest in the Bucs is exploding and adding this major league coverage in time for the final drive addresses the need.

    • And yet he puts up with stupid people like me.
      (Actually, I am not stupid, I just don’t know
      much about all the inside baseball stuff
      so I ask questions like this.)

      If they bring up Worley, how do they find
      one more space on the 40 man roster?

      • They could call up Holdzkom and place him on the 60-day DL.

        • From what I have learned from this site,
          I guess that would put a few extra dollars
          in JH’s pocket. Considering his
          roller coaster career, I would guess
          he could use the few extra dollars.

  • Increased coverage! Who would have imagined at the start of the season P2 advancing so far. To your credit, Mr Williams, you continued sinking money into the site, something others might not have done so heavily.

    • That was the main reason we switched to a subscription model. Last year the free model led to us reducing live coverage, and that was a trend that would only continue. From day one of switching over to the subscription model, my plan was to increase the live coverage and analysis in a big way. We’ve done that this year, and it will only continue.

      Thanks for subscribing!