AFL: Meadows Doubles, Big Day For Frazier in Glendale Victory

In Arizona Fall League action on Tuesday afternoon, two Pirates were in the starting lineup, as Glendale won 9-5 to move their record to 7-3 on the season. Adam Frazier started at shortstop and batted lead-off. Austin Meadows was in left field and he was dropped to the seventh spot in the order. Cody Dickson also came into the game out of the bullpen.

Adam Frazier was coming off a bad game on Monday. He went 0-for-5, the only player for either team to not collect a hit. He also made an error, which led to an unearned run, and Glendale ended up losing ¬†by one run. Frazier didn’t take long to put that game behind him. Leading off on Tuesday, he doubled on the second pitch of the at-bat, then stole third base. In the third inning, his single put runners on the corners and the next batter hit a sacrifice fly for the first run of the game. He then scored on a double, which followed a balk.

In the fifth, Frazier walked and came around to score two batters later, tying the score at four runs apiece. He also batted in the sixth and failed to reach base for the first time, flying out to left field. In the eighth, Frazier drove in Glendale’s ninth run on a sacrifice fly. He went 2-for-3 with two runs scored, improving his average to .333 through 24 at-bats.

Austin Meadows came into Tuesday with a .125 average and .493 OPS in six games. He grounded out to first base in his first at-bat, then flew out to center field in the fourth inning. In the fifth inning, Glendale matched Mesa’s four spot in the bottom of the fourth and Meadows had a chance to add more with two outs and a runner on second base. He couldn’t come through, ending the inning with a strikeout swinging. In the eighth, he hit his first double of the AFL season, then scored two batters later. In the ninth, he popped out to first, ending his day 1-for-5.

Cody Dickson came out to pitch the fourth inning with Glendale holding on to a 2-0 lead. He walked the first batter on six pitches, then got a pop up to second base for the first out. The next batter singled to right field, which led to ¬†sacrifice fly for the first Mesa run. Dickson gave up another single and a walk before being removed from the game. He left with two outs and the bases loaded, and didn’t get any help from the reliever who followed him. Two hits later, it was 4-2 Mesa and all four runs were charged to Dickson. He came into the game with one run on one hit and two walks in three innings. Each prior appearance, he has thrown one inning. Dickson threw 29 pitches on Tuesday, 16 for strikes.

  • In other news – Park – the Korean first baseman is confirmed to be available. Posting Monday with the winning bidder announced Friday – hope it is the Pirates!

    • I’d be shocked if it is, mostly due to cost, but also due to Josh Bell being a much cheaper option with high upside. Bell’s salary his first five seasons will likely be less than the posting fee for Park(it could be the $20M cap from multiple teams), not to mention whatever salary he commands. I still think you have to be careful with players from Korea, especially someone who struck out 161 times. Kang having success doesn’t mean everyone will. Eric Thames had a better season than Park this year in Korea. Eric. Thames. The best hitter after those two? Yamaico “.452 OPS with the Pirates” Navarro.

      I’m not saying Park won’t be good(I’ve only seen some video), but he’s already in his prime(turned 29 in June) and he falls someone between those two players in stats, while leading the league in strikeouts. Those aren’t two good comps for someone who will cost a lot of money. Kang wasn’t a huge overall investment, so they took a chance, but this guy will be costly and he plays the same position as a top prospect in AAA.

      • FWIW, I don’t think Park is worth signing, but I do think we might’ve learned something from Kang and the mistake of projecting certain Korean stats.

        The assumption was that because Kang struck out in Korea he’d strike out more in the States, mainly based on the velocity difference. That didn’t happen, and I think it’s because people are bad at judging bat speed and even worse at understanding quality hitting mechanics. Kang isn’t lacking in the least, and has shown enough to catch up to MLB velocities while his experience in Korea seems to have helped him get comfortable with off speed stuff. Maybe a bit like going down to the Mexican league over the winter.

        I don’t know if Park has enough bat speed, but if he does, I don’t think there’s much to worry about.

      • I hope you are right on Bell – but bad defense and no power just don’t get me excited. He is a big guy and can’t hit ten home runs a year?

        • Bell is a line drive hitter, who uses the middle of the field, rarely pulling the ball. He has power from the left side, but his swing from the right is contact-oriented. He will hit his share of homers in the future, and if not, he will be a .300+ hitter with a ton of doubles and 15-20 homers

  • Let me just say how much it sucks watching Edison Volquez pitch in the WS!

    • I was a fanboy from the start so I don’t count, but I love watching what he can do with the ball. Still don’t understand how he doesn’t strike out ten a game.

    • As I was watching Volquez I was thinking that the difference between the Pirates winning the division and SETTLING for the wild card was right before my eyes – $10M would have had a 13+ game winner in the fourth slot in the rotation – sliding up to the third slot next year after AJ retires.

    • Im just honestly happy for him. He went from being an afterthought to getting a chance to pitch in the WS. Good for him, and hopefully guys think of him and his turnaround when considering if PGH is a good fit for them.

      It helps that KC is really tough to dislike, so if he’s gonna do it with another team im happy its KC.

      • Also a reminder of what a good defensive team can do for a pitcher. Let’s get that back.

        • Good point. Really, we werent all that far below average if Pedro isnt being a giant brick wall. If they ran with Kang+Mercer on the left side most of the year, i dont hate that defense. Walker at 2B is likely something we just have to deal with and hope shifting keeps helping. He is quality turning DPs.

          • And that’s kind of the damning with faint praise part of it for me. Taking away Alvarez most certainly helps. A lot. But I’m *still* not sure they’re much better than average after doing that.

            I love how the Royals are winning baseball games, and would be more than happy seeing the Pirates become that sort of team, but I think it gets a bit underplayed just how good they are at doing the defense/contact thing. If they were only average, or even better than average, they still wouldn’t be a particularly good ball club. Pirates can get there, but they have a long way to go.

            • As far as runs saved, we were average (technically a tick above average but thats not the point for me). KC was 2nd (odd ARI sighting at #1) and deserves all the praise they get. But i often feel like fans really assume we were big time strugglers this year. We had issues, but in comparison to the league we managed to fair well in DRS. Its not the only measure of defensive, but thats a key stat.

              A healthy Mercer+Kang and anyone but Pedro lands us top 10 i think. You’d have an overall quality OF, solid left side and deal with Walker’s range issues. To go full KC we’d honestly be best to go with Hanson at 2B, and i dont think anyone wants that. With A Ram retiring and Pedro leaving, im feeling better about the defense outside of Walker.

  • Couldn’t find the story…Frazier should be opening the season in AAA, right? And his ceiling is a super-utility?

  • Off topic but just wanted to compliment Tim and the rest for making this a great site. Pirates done for this season but you can still manage to post 5 interesting articles on October 27th. Thanks for making this a premier site!