On Wednesday night in the Arizona Fall League, all three Pirates’ position players were in the starting lineup for Glendale. Reese McGuire caught and batted sixth. Austin Meadows was in center field batting seventh. Adam Frazier batted ninth as the designated hitter. Glendale won 1-0 to move to 4-1 on the season.

McGuire faced Kyle Freeland in his first plate appearance. Freeland was the eighth overall pick in the 2014 draft. On a 1-0 pitch, McGuire lined out to shortstop. In the third, he came up with two outs, no score and runners on the corners. McGuire drew a seven-pitch walk to load the bases for Austin Meadows. In the sixth, McGuire flew out to center field. He popped out to third base in the eighth inning, finishing his day 0-for-3 with a walk.

Meadows came into Wednesday with no hits in his first three games. He ended that drought with a triple off Kyle Freeland. Meadows came up with two outs, the bases loaded and no score in the third inning. He came up empty, flying out to right field on the sixth pitch of the at-bat. In the sixth, he lined out to left field. Meadows grounded out to first base in the eighth, finishing 1-for-4, which leaves him 1-for-16 on the season.

Frazier walked in his first plate appearance, fouling off three pitches before getting the free pass. He also picked up his first stolen base. Frazier struck out looking in the fourth inning, though he did see seven pitches for the second straight plate appearance. In the sixth, he drew his second walk. In the ninth, Frazier led off with a single. He moved to second on a walk, then scored the only run of the game on a walk-off single. He has started twice and reached base three times in each game.

Brett McKinney came in to pitch the fourth inning and got an infield pop out for the first out, then gave up a single. After a strikeout, he hit the next batter. McKinney issued a walk to load the bases, then picked up his second strikeout for the final out. He threw 25 pitches in the inning, 16 for strikes.

*Glendale plays at 9:35 pm EST Thursday night. Their game on Tuesday was rained out.

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  1. For some reason I have flashbacks to the Jordy Mercer/Chase d’Arnaud(?) situation in following Adam Frazier and Matt Moroff.
    If I remember correctly, coming up through the system Mercer seemed to be the other guy and d’Arnaud was the one given priority. However they seem to be more 50/50 in their treatment of Frazier and Moroff.
    For those who have seen these two regularly, who projects to be the better major leaguer? What do we have with these two? Any chance they overtake Hanson and make PNC before he does?

    • They are different players, but similar overall value right now. Frazier is more contact oriented, while Moroff has some gap power and can put the ball over the fence. He will strikeout more, but also draw more walks.
      Right now I’d say Frazier projects as the safer bet, but the lesser upside. Frazier will probably end up as a utility type player, while Moroff could be an average starter at 2B if all goes well. I don’t see Moroff passing Hanson, but I would never(at this point) rule out him having the better career because Hanson still has some things to work on with his game.

      • I am probably like a lot of folks on this blog – root for some underdogs. – Osuna and Frazier have me interested. What is Fraxier’s best defensive position – I have imagined him as the next J-Hay – but that might be very wishful thinking.

        • Second base is probably his best right now. I’ve heard mixed reviews about shortstop, saying he can be average and others say he won’t be able to play it full-time. He has played center field and third base, but not much, so the Harrison comp is close. I’d say Harrison with a little less pop and less speed

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