AFL: Reese McGuire Comes Up Big in Glendale Victory

Glendale came into Thursday night’s game with a 4-1 record this season. Reese McGuire was the only Pirate in the starting lineup. He batted third and was the designated hitter. The Desert Dogs won 7-5 and McGuire tied the score twice, plus he scored the go-ahead run.

McGuire came up in the first inning with runners on first and second and no outs. He flew out to left field on the sixth pitch, though it ended up being a productive out as both runners moved up 90 feet. In his next at-bat, McGuire hit a soft liner to shortstop for the third out of the third inning. In the sixth, he batted with a runner on third(after a first pitch steal), one out and his team down 3-2. McGuire tied the game, picking up an RBI on a ground out to third base. He reached first on a fielding error on the play.

In the eighth, McGuire came through again in a big spot. With his team down 5-3, he batted with one out and runners on the corners. McGuire doubled to center field on a 95 mph fastball, tying the score. He then came around to score the go-ahead run on a single. McGuire came up again in the ninth with two outs and two runners on. He couldn’t contribute this time, striking out swinging to end the inning. He finished the game 1-for-5 and he is 2-for-10 through three games.

Glendale plays Friday afternoon at 3:35pm EST.

  • Yah, trading McGuire now would be stupid.

    Best to wait till we know what we got. I mean, his ceiling is all around All-Star Catcher…

  • I’m very skeptical of this kid every making any sort of impact in the majors….He can’t hit. If he has any value, I would trade him asap. I have no problems with the other catching options we currently have. Excited to see what Diaz is all about, his defense is top shelf and I would have him as Cervelli’s primary backup this year and let him catch 40 games.

    • Diaz has been a real favorite of mine since I saw him a lot in AA. However, give McGuire a freaking break man ! ” I would trade him asap ” ! Are you serious ????The kid is 20 years old and in the AFL. Elias never hit a damned thing till he made it to AA, and most observors still aren’t convinced he will hit much in MLB. Both you and Lee are being completely short sighted, and Lee is also the guy who never thought that Cole was going to amount to anything. Good call there.

      • Leo….I wouldn’t trade him, nor would I call him a bust. Btw, did I say that, or are you interpreting it incorrectly? I’m betting the latter.

        To ‘repeat’ what I said “Until McGuire proves to me that he can be a good hitter, I’m not getting excited about him.”

        He still has a ways to go with the bat, that’s for sure. But, he is FAR from a bust.

        Btw, you won’t ever let me live down that Cole pronouncement will you? You seem to bring it up a lot as proof that I should never EVER voice an opinion again.

        Have you ever been wrong, Leo? I bet it doesn’t stop YOU from voicing your opinion, does it?

        Besides, I can tell you at least TEN more times I was wrong, if you want to throw THOSE back at me, too. AND…I honestly hope I am wrong about Reese.

        And to top all of this off, you spelled ‘observer’ wrong. I don’t trust people who can’t spell.

        • Actually, if you read catch22’s comment, he said he would trade him. No, haven’t been wrong too often on the players I have seen for three or four months or more. The last one I remember was Chris Duffy actually. Ha ha….don’t trust me then, I’ll just have to live with that huge spelling error. Of course, your comments regarding Cole made that error look trivial. Have a good one.

      • Diaz was never a highly touted prospect, McGuire is a 1st round pick that slugged under .300 for high A. Not to mention Diaz has better skills behind the dish and if he can hit for a .650 OPS I’ll take it as long as he can control the running game and the pitching staff, which I believe he will. Reason I say trade McGuire is we have depth at the position and the more he struggles with the bat his status as a top prospect will fade as will his trade value.

  • An excellent start from McGuire who has to be one of the youngest players in the AFL at age 20. Both hits are doubles, 3 RBI’s, and he has a W/K of 3/1. He struggled at Hi A with the bat, so this is a good sign.

    • one hit in a game is a good sign?

      c’mon, emjay, you’re better than that?

      Until McGuire proves to me that he can be a good hitter, I’m not getting excited about him. Whether he’s one of the youngest in the AFL or Hi A means little to me.

      Until. He. Does. It. πŸ™‚

    • So he’s slugging .400 and has a .385 on-base so far. Not bad, even in Arizona. Plus, he doesn’t seem to strike out a lot. That’s a very good sign.

      • If he can do that in the majors, great.


        • Pirates Prospects? He has at least 1.5 years before we start thinking about what he may do as a major league ballplayer. I hear what you are saying but every positive sign is a good sign for the future, especially from a First Round pick. And it seems as if the talent level in the AFL is very high this year.