Orioles Claim Vance Worley From the Pirates

The Baltimore Orioles have claimed Vance Worley off waivers from the Pirates, according to the Orioles on Twitter. Worley was most likely going to be non-tendered by the Pirates this off-season, as he was due to make a raise over his current $2.45 M salary, and wasn’t looking like a factor in the rotation outside of depth and a long reliever.

The Pirates used Worley in both roles this year. He struggled as a starter, with a 4.57 xFIP, and had decent results as a reliever, with a 3.93 xFIP. He never really looked comfortable in the reliever role, and was eventually waived by the Pirates and sent to the minors when they acquired Joe Blanton, who was a better fit for the team out of the bullpen. Worley eventually returned in September to give the team some innings, after being stretched out in Triple-A as rotation depth, which wasn’t needed.

This move doesn’t really impact the Pirates’ off-season plans, for reasons noted above. It will be interesting to see if Baltimore tenders him a contract, or if they’re just trying to get him in the mix to try and negotiate a better pre-arbitration deal.

  • It is a shame it didn’t work out. I was in San Francisco on a Monday night in July 2014 and he was masterful, coming just one Hunter Pence garbage time triple of pitching a Greg Maddux as the Bucs chased some loser starter named Madison Bumgarner in the third inning! Thanks for that memory Vance. Good Luck

  • Worley made an excellent contribution to the team in 2014 and we should all appreciate that. Having said that, the Pirates need to find answers for next year that are better than Morton – Locke. I am sure they would both like to be more consistent but they are not, they can be good when “on” and awful when “off”. Francisco Liriano is also the definition of “enigmatic” – unhittable when on, mysteriously “off” on occasion. That equals one truly reliable starter in Cole, a sometimes strong No. 2 in Liriano and then ????. We’re seeing right now with the Mets what strong pitching can achieve! It didn’t take them 20 years to get there, either! Time for the Pirates to get on their horse and find some arms they can rely on until Glasnow/Taillon/Kingham/Yeudys Garcia are ready!!! Also off topic, but how did the Cubs find so many bats seemingly overnight? I personally hope they have Keon Broxton or Willy Garcia up at some point in 2015 to give them some speed, Hanson too – as KC shows, “speed kills”!

    • R21: Worley helped when we needed it. Pairing Morton-Locke together because they are #4 and #5 in the Rotation is OK, but keep in mind we are paying one of these guys $8 mil and the other right around minimum of about $500K. Regardless, I think they will both be out of the Pirate Rotation sometime in 2016.

      Yeudy Garcia? From Lo A to the majors? Taillon needs to be in the majors ASAP in 2016 – If we can sign Happ, he stays in AAA until June. Have not heard much about Kingham’s rehab from TJ, but he is a strong possibility sometime in 2016. Glasnow probably in June 2016, and my sleeper is Chad Kuhl who is a GB pitcher with mid to upper 90’s velocity, very good Command, and just turned 23 a few weeks ago. I think he is 24-10 the past few years – 28 starts at Hi A in 2014 and 26 starts in AA in 2015.

  • The timing of this seems odd. Must have been some discord between Worley & the brass.

    • Was he the guy who openly stated that he should be called up from AAA if the FO had any smarts?

      • Basically, what a poster said when he was at Indy.
        Don’t the Pirates have something like an exit interview with all their ML players at season’s end? If so, maybe there was a mutual agreement to let him seek another opportunity.

  • did not miss a lot of bats – and with the Pirates C- defense he had very little value.

  • Any chance of doing a Morton-Worley trade with Baltimore?

    We can throw in Snider if they want to add a couple of A-ball arms.

  • Well hell, I didn’t even know he was put on waivers. Must have missed that somehow!

  • Here’s Tony Sanchez as a parting gift, Vance.

  • Call me petty, but I always resented him a bit for the nickname. Breaking 90mph with your fastball should be a requirement before being tagged the “Vanimal”.

    • I thought it was because the show manimal was out in the 80’s and that is mainly where Vance works.

  • Like with Snider the Bucs will get him back for free at the trade deadline. I wish him well. Only in sports can you be no good and make millions of dollars doing it.

    • joe: I doubt we will ever see him again in Pittsburgh unless it is with another team visiting PNC.

  • Maybe they can salvage the Snider trade by taking Worley. At least they are not empty handed!

  • It is a shame Worley didn’t work out, I thought the Pirates worked some magic in 2014 and found a reiable 4th or 5th starter but it never carried thru in 2015.