Pirates Set Their Wild Card Game Roster

The Pirates have set their Wild Card game rosters this morning. The list can be seen below.

Pitchers (9)

Antonio Bastardo

Joe Blanton

Arquimedes Caminero

Gerrit Cole

Jared Hughes

Francisco Liriano

Mark Melancon

Joakim Soria

Tony Watson

Analysis: The Pirates once again carry an emergency starter in Francisco Liriano, who will only come into play if the game goes really long, or if something happens to Gerrit Cole early. Joe Blanton is a strong candidate for extended innings if the Pirates need that.

Catchers (3)

Francisco Cervelli

Elias Diaz

Chris Stewart

Analysis: No surprise here, as it was pretty obvious yesterday that Elias Diaz would be on the roster as the third catcher, allowing Chris Stewart to serve in a pinch hitting role.

Infielders (8)

Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Florimon

Josh Harrison

Jordy Mercer

Michael Morse

Aramis Ramirez

Sean Rodriguez

Neil Walker

Analysis: I’m guessing the starters will be Alvarez, Walker, Mercer, and Harrison, which gives a pretty strong bench.

Outfielders (5)

Keon Broxton

Starling Marte

Andrew McCutchen

Gregory Polanco

Travis Snider

Analysis: The Pirates were able to get Snider and Broxton on the roster, despite not being on the 40-man on August 31st, because of flex spots due to guys who are on the 60-day DL.

  • Hope they follow through and keep Morton and Locke off their 2016 roster, too.

    Hmm, three biggest games of the year–at the end of the season–and the Bucs get shut out in all three; coincidence or problem?

    Their hitters betrayed them against good pitching.

  • I just heard Serpico is starting at 1st base, please tell me this is a joke. He starts & Bucco’s lose Hurdle should be fired Thursday morning.

  • Where’s AJ???

    • Not sure why you expect him here. He’s our #4 pitcher and it’s a one game playoff.

  • The problem is IMO Cervelli will not be lifted for a pinch hitter and Diaz bat doesn’t play as a PH. Decker made more sense but I am about as qualified in this instance as Jackson Pollock.

    • That’s not the point. It’s just so the Pirates can pinch hit Chris Stewart for anyone (IE: the pitcher). Diaz won’t be used unless Stewart has been used and Cervelli gets hurt

  • I would have taken Decker or Ishikawa over Diaz.

  • I’m guessing that Diaz has had an opportunity to catch the pitchers since getting called up. I know he is the emergency backup so not worried about him having to come in to the game. Just wondering how familiar he is with everyone at this point.

    • Teacher_in_Tejas
      October 7, 2015 12:09 pm

      I was thinking that same thing. Just had nightmares of a “passed ball” in the top of the 12th in a 2-2 game.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. Just had night mare visions of a passed ball with a guy on second and no outs in the top of the 12th in a 2-2 game.

    • He’s spent his entire time in the majors so far working in the bullpen sessions and learning every pitcher. He’s also been learning a lot from Cervelli. So he should be good to go at this point. One advantage here is that he’s a very smart defensive catcher who works well with pitchers and picks up on them quickly. After throwing to him a few times in Spring Training, Chris Volstad talked about how he was one of the best catchers he ever threw to. I wouldn’t be worried about a lack of prep or adjustment to the pitchers from Diaz.

      • 2 career ABs? I hope he’s either the hero or doesn’t see the field Tim. Any other scenario doesn’t bode well.

        • What does that have to do with anything? He hasn’t gotten into games, but he’s spent a month working with pitchers everyday.

          • Oh boy now I feel so much better about the thought of a guy who’s never played a Major League game being used in the wild card.