Padres Go With Andy Green as Their New Manager

UPDATE 1:04 PM: Surprisingly, the Padres will be going with Andy Green as their manager.

Green was the third base coach for the Diamondbacks this year, and wasn’t named among the finalists last night. It appears that Green, and not Sofield, was actually a finalist, according to Dennis Lin.

I’m not sure if Sofield will get another opportunity this off-season, but I don’t think this will be the last Pirates coach or front office member who will be connected to a job opening, as that seems to be a growing trend the last two years.

1:05 AM: Rick Sofield has now had two interviews for the San Diego Padres open manager position, and according to Dennis Lin of the San Diego Union-Tribune, he’s one of two finalists for the position. Ron Gardenhire is another finalist, and is apparently the current favorite.

Last year the Pirates saw a member of the MLB coaching staff take a managerial position when Jeff Banister was hired by the Texas Rangers. They’ve since seen two front office members leave for the Miami Marlins in Marc DelPiano and Jim Benedict. And along with Sofield, they’ve seen Tyrone Brooks interview for another position, when he interviewed for the vacant Milwaukee Brewers GM position.

Whether Sofield gets the position or not, it appears that the Pirates success is putting their coaches and front office members in high demand. The decision from San Diego could come tomorrow, as it’s a travel day for the World Series, and MLB usually restricts teams from announcing news when there is a game, so as not to distract from the series.

  • OK so he’s going to retire. Life goes on. PBC should have enough talent in it’s coaching ranks that it should not be a problem. Maybe the new guy can teach Morton how to pitch.

  • I saw a story in Allied News that Searage has been telling his family that he wants to retire. Anything on that Tim?

    • link?

        • Wow! What if Ray goes after this season?

          One our most important pieces goes????

          For some time now, Pirates pitching coach Ray Searage has been telling family that he is thinking about retiring, perhaps as soon as this off-season. However, the departure of Jim Benedict to Florida is an indication that Searage is staying. Had the highly respected pitching coach decided to leave, the Pirates certainly would have done everything to keep Benedict in the fold.

          This is NOT good news at all. Maybe we should’ve kept Benedict?

          Double his salary!!!!!!

          • Not to throw all doubt on that article, but he gives no backing/source at all for that information. Its not widely known, so he’s either just throwing something at the wall or he has a source for that information and doesnt even care to say “according to a source close to him/the family”.

            I’d love to ask him how he knows enough to make that rather bold statement at this point. It may be true, but why exactly is he the only human reporting this in a city full of reporters/talk show hosts who like to spread some gossip.

            • I like your sane reasoning in the face of my hysteria. I hope that you are correct.

              • Well if another few people write that article/back up that rumor im going full on hysteria and sobbing.

                • I am old school. This has been going on for years, before many of you were born. It is called the winter ‘Hot Stove League’.

            • That does reek of a John Perrotto hot take, but at the same time, is that really any article journalists write? Maybe in Pittsburgh given Searage’s out-sized impact, but if Ray isn’t on record with any of it then there’s really nothing a reputable journalist should be rumor-mongering about.

              • My first reaction was very much the end of your post. If Ray isnt on record, anything you write is going to be perceived as pretty shaky (right or wrong). People have a dislike for “unnamed sources” in general.

              • He can retire when Glasnow, Yeudy Garcia, and Taillon are finished products…and hopefully they have won a World Series. Maybe after 2017 or 18.

          • I sold my company six months ago the people who bought said don’t let the door hit you in the arse! We are replaceable! Except maybe Clemente and Stargell