AFL: Two Hits For Reese McGuire, Trevor Williams Perfect Again

In the Arizona Fall League on Tuesday afternoon, Reese McGuire and Austin Meadows were in the lineup for Glendale. Meadows batted fifth and played right field, while McGuire batted seventh and caught. Newly-acquired Tevor Williams made his third appearance since coming to the Pirates from the Marlins. Glendale lost 6-2 to Salt River, dropping them to 8-8 on the season after a strong start.

In his first at-bat, Meadows grounded out to second base. He didn’t bat again until the fifth inning, flying out to left field for the first out. In the seventh, he popped out to shortstop. In the ninth, Meadows grounded out back to the pitcher on the first pitch, finishing his day 0-for-4 and giving him a .133 average in 11 games.

McGuire came into the game with a .333 average and singled in his first at-bat. In the fifth inning, he doubled in his second at-bat. In the seventh, he lined out to center field for the final out of the inning. In the ninth, McGuire came up with two outs, a 6-2 score and a man on first. On the fourth pitch of the at-bat, he popped out to third base for the final out of the game. On defense, he allowed two stolen bases on two attempts. Glendale catchers as a group haven’t had much success throwing out base runners.

Trevor Williams came out of the bullpen with a man on third base in the sixth, two outs and the score was 6-1. He recorded the final out of the inning, them came out for the seventh. In his only full inning of work, he recorded three ground outs to three different infielders. He threw 17 pitches in his 1.1 innings, ten for strikes. It was the third appearance for Williams since joining the Pirates and he has retired all ten batters he has faced during that time.

  • Reese McGuire IMO will be a guy this franchise will look and love! Three years he will be the Posey of the Pirates.

    • That is a HUGE, HUGE comparison…especially since he has yet to hit anywhere close to Posey.

      • Ill see you in three years at some bar of your choice for a drink of my choice.

        • I absolutely love the upside of Reese McGuire…but I just do not see how a guy with a career .648 OPS compares in any way to Buster Posey. It also should be noted that his OPS hasn’t gone up as he’s progressed up the minors…his OPS was higher in 13 than 14 and higher in 14 than 15.

          • McGuire is a very good defensive catcher and should hit well enough to be a solid starter. But there is ZERO chance he will ever hit like Buster Posey. ZERO!

      • He’s is like 13 when he was drafted. Give this kid another year to grow.

    • BuccosFanStuckinMD
      November 3, 2015 9:35 pm

      Maybe defensively, but it is highly unlikely he will ever hit anything remotely close to Posey’s level. Posey has power and drives in a lot of runs, McGuire is largely a line drive singles hitter.

      • I see McGuire as a fit version of mike lavalliere honestly- i think that’s what we should be expecting mostly

        • Not everyone’s Posey, but your comparison . . ., I am expecting more.

          • Why? Lavalliere was a strong throwing catcher, a lefty, with no power but good contact skills. McGuire is a more atheletic version of the same player OR maybe a lefty version of Cervelli with a better arm- best case scenario

      • Good defense and line drive singles. He will mature.