Andrew McCutchen Wins Fourth Straight Silver Slugger Award

Andrew McCutchen won his fourth consecutive Silver Slugger award on Thursday night, becoming the first Pittsburgh Pirates’ player to win the award four times. McCutchen hit .292/.401/.488 with 36 doubles, three triples and 23 homers in 2015. From May until August, he put up an OPS over .900 each month, topping out at 1.079 in August when he won the NL Player of the Month award.

The Silver Slugger award has been given away since 1980. Pitcher Don Robinson in 1982 was the first Pittsburgh Pirates’ player to win the award. He was followed by second baseman Johnny Ray in 1983 and pitcher Rick Rhoden was the lone representative from 1984 until 1986, winning three consecutive. In 1988, Andy Van Slyke and Bobby Bonilla became the first teammates for the Pirates to win the award in the same season.

Barry Bonds and Bonilla both won in 1990 and 1991, while Bonds and Van Slyke won in 1992. Jay Bell picked up the award in 1993. Jack Wilson ended an 11-year drought for the Pirates in 2004, and now McCutchen has won from 2012-15, joined by Pedro Alvarez in 2013 and Neil Walker last year.

  • Congratulations to Cutch, a true class act on and off the field. The Pirates and their loyal fans are all so fortunate to have him!! This is the kind of player that you’d want to keep for his whole career – leaving financial considerations aside. At the moment he is terribly underpaid, believe it or not, compared to his peers!

  • Oh yea, remember when we had pitchers who could really hit?

  • When would be the best time to deal Cutch? Got to admit it’s been crossing my mind lately. Optimum time, maybe after next year?

    • Not a fan of the idea. We get an all-star a bargain prices.

      • The idea is to trade the all-star the year before he’s not an all-star any more. It ain’t gonna last forever…

    • Trade him after next year with still two more years of control at a cheap price? Won’t happen.

      If Cutch gets traded, it will be after ’17 or mid-year ’18. But I don’t see it happening at all. 2018 figures to be right in the sweet spot for contention due to age and experience of both staff and lineup.

      Personally hoping for DH to NL since it is best chance for Pirates to extend him.

    • Certainly not now……this is a big year for Bell and Meadows to keep progressing. If they prove out, at least consider it…….if a ridiculous package is the return. He is the face of the franchise.

  • Congratulations Cutch!! Well deserved award.

  • The Braves have officially traded Andrelton Simmons to the Halos…Erick Aybar, 2.5M, Jose Briceno, Sean Newcomb, and Chris Ellis. Not as much as I thought it would be, honestly. Newcomb is a great piece. Aybar is likely trade bait now too.

  • Trade him and Melancon for a bunch of prospects!

    • That column is coming one day, Bill.

    • Yep, let’s load up on soft toss AA pitchers and singles hitting middle infielder prospects. WE HAVE TO SUSTAIN A COMPETITIVE TEAM FOR OUR CHILDREN!

      • Yep – settling for getting to the play in game – I refuse to call it the post season or playoffs is what this team wants to do – make those lemmings buy tickets into September – and if you are competitive you can get idiot like DJK to wine about empty seats and how Pittsburgh fans don’t deserve a World Series competitor unless every friggin seat is filled from July 4 to the last game – make money – who gives a crap about winning WS…

  • Not bad for what was a down season for Cutch.