Baseball America Ranks Austin Meadows Among Top AFL Prospects

Baseball America posted their top ten prospects list from the Arizona Fall League on Wednesday night. They have an interesting ranking for Pittsburgh Pirates’ outfielder Austin Meadows based on their own description and what we heard from others. BA ranks Meadows as the ninth best prospect in the AFL this year, and sixth best position player. On Tuesday, named Meadows the second best prospect in the league and others have said they thought he was the best prospect, despite putting up poor stats.

The interesting(possibly confusing) part about BA’s ranking is that they note that Meadows was “a favorite prospect of many scouts covering the AFL this year”. They also mention that it was a down year for talent and Meadows is one of the better prospects in the minors, so it’s hard to explain why he only ranked ninth.

BA also didn’t mention Reese McGuire, who ranked 13th on’s list. The BA list only ranked the top ten, but they also mentioned 14 other players of note in the article. Regardless of Meadows’ ranking, they have a scouting report and video for him in the article that are worth checking out.