Buster Olney Names Gerrit Cole as Ninth Best Starting Pitcher

Buster Olney named his top ten starting pitchers in the majors(subscription required) on Monday morning and Gerrit Cole came in ninth place on the list. The list is heavy with NL pitchers, as they took the top five spots and also 8-10. Olney points out that Cole was very consistent during the 2015 season and that he also likes how he handles in-game adversity. Olney ranked him right between Max Scherzer and Matt Harvey in the top ten.

Cole finished with a 2.60 ERA in 208 innings, with 202 strikeouts and a 1.09 WHIP. Those numbers are career bests in all four categories for the 25-year-old. He finished fourth in the NL Cy Young voting and 19th in the MVP voting, plus he was named to his first All-Star team.

  • Any reason why you don’t tell us the other names since most of us don’t have a subscription?

    • Seems to be an unwritten rule…don’t give away content for free.

      • I mean we are already paying for a subscription to this site, I’m sure as hell not going to get something else so I can read articles elsewhere. In fact, it aggrevates me that a site I’m already paying for will even acknowledge another site’s article unless it actually gives me the information from it that is valuable. Feedback- either give us the whole story or just don’t mention it at all.

        • Sorry, I meant giving away *someone else’s* free content. I doubt Tim would appreciate if Dejan copied and pasted his articles, for instance.

        • But you’re not paying for us to relay all of the information you want from other paid sites. You’re paying for our coverage of the Pirates, which includes any relevant information we can find elsewhere. We’re not going to take the traditional media route of acting like no other outlet covers the team. If there’s interesting information out there, we’ll relay it. Only the stuff relevant to the Pirates though.

          • As someone who pays both sites, I completely respect that decision. And frankly, if you can’t guess who the top 7 would be, given that you’ve already been told the names of 8-10 and the leagues of 1-7 (and Kershaw’s name at #1 is before the paywall), I’m not sure why the information would be of use to you. Tim gave all the information that is “valuable”, here.

  • The Pirates will lose Gerrit Cole. They will have to trade him before his last year of arbitration . It stinks but The upside to it is you should bring back a major haul for him .

    • or hold onto him and get the draft pick plus another year of his services.

    • And, I think the ability of the Pirates to possibly control the “when” of losing a guy like Cole and getting the absolute maximum in return, will depend a lot on the development of Taillon and Glasnow in 2016/2017. One of them needs to become our Ace in waiting, and if we get a 1 and 1a, so much the better.

      Boras will deal, but if he had to advise Cole tomorrow, he would be looking between $35 and $40 mil/yr figuring that the $25 mil of 2016 will be the $35 mil/yr of 2020. And, I may be conservative on those estimates.

  • If a player has Scott Boras as his agent, I always expect them to pursue the highest contract possible. There have been a few exceptions. For Boras and his clients, money generally = god. On the other hand, it does sound like Boras is a pretty good agent overall.

  • Cole is eventually going to the Yankees along with Harvey.

  • I’d love to see an extension, but am afraid it might already be too late.

    • Big draft signing bonus helps allow Cole to be patient with extension negotiations. Could have tried last offseason, but I dont see a scenario where Cole is jumping to sign a deal after just 250 innings thrown.

      I’d bet he’s more willing to get into serious talks now than a year ago, thanks to him creating a much higher actual baseline for his stats and “upside”.

      • Boras client- there is no extension talks

        • As already stated, thats not a firm rule. He allows his clients to get into extension talks and, if they press, allows them to sign them.

          He’s an agent, he pushes for the most money possible for his client, but he absolutely listens to any client asking him to discuss an extension. Hell, if Cole really does want to stay in PGH he can pull a Weaver and demand Boras get into extension talks even if Boras doesnt like it.

          Its unlikely Boras says “staying in PGH gets you the most money, do that” but that doesnt 100% rule it out as many are claiming 4 years out.

        • Cole is a starting pitcher who throws near 100 mph. His potential for injury is higher than most. Therefore signing an extension should be a good possibility. Waiting through the Arbitration process to sign a big FA deal may not happen. Might as well take the guaranteed money up front.

    • SufferinBuccotash
      November 23, 2015 11:05 am

      Isn’t Scott Boras his agent? If so, you can forget that. Boras wants his clients to get to FA as soon as possible,

      • Boras is infact his agent. We most likely have no shot to sign him, unless Gerrit really starts to like it here.

        • The last time I saw any information on Agents and Agencies, they work for the player, not the other way around.

          • As much as I dislike the impact Boras has had on the game, he’s going to do what he feels is going to be best for his client. And he’s got a track record long enough that I think most players will defer to his advice.

          • But the players know how Boras works. They don’t pick him unless they want what he offers.

            • Exactly. You know where your priorities lie the minute you hire Boras.

              • Cole has a near 0.0% chance of pitching for Pirates past 2019. Realistically, he could be traded before his last year of arbitration.

                • There should be little doubt whatsoever that Cole will be traded before his last year of arbitration.

                  • Certainly the smart move, but it won’t be a popular strategy. If he remains healthy and continues to improve, Pirates will be able to name their price in a trade.

                • can you say Dodgers or LAA? He’s a Southern California boy. Pitching in front of his family and friends would be important.

        • If I were a star baseball player, I would probably hire Boras as my agent.

      • Thats not a perfect universal truth, Boras has had more than a few clients sign deals that extended them with the current team.

        It wont be a huge sweetheart deal, but Boras isnt immune to extensions. He doesnt always get his client to get to FA ASAP.

        • True, but this is disingenuous without pointing out the clients he *doesn’t* get to FA as fast as possible are barely in the same league as what Gerrit Cole figures to be.