Byung-ho Park Gets a $12.85 M Posting Fee From Unknown Team

The posting process for Byung-ho Park has reached a close, with the Nexen Heroes accepting a $12.85 M posting fee, according to reports out of Korea.

No word yet on the team, although it appears that revelation could be delayed until Monday night.

As to why it takes this long:

We can already see the Kang effect here, as Park’s posting fee was more than double what Kang fetched ($5 M). Park’s fee was also more than what Kang was guaranteed in his four-year deal ($11 M).

We know that the Pirates had front office members watching Park in August, but it’s hard to say whether they’d go this aggressively for him with Josh Bell in Triple-A. Park will most likely get more than Kang’s four-year, $11 M, especially with this posting fee. If we assume the salary sees the same percentage increase as the posting fee, then Park would be looking at just over $28 M in a four-year deal, which would be about $7 M per year. When added to the posting fee, that would make him a $10 M per year player.

This is only speculation over his cost, but at that price, he pretty much has to be a starter at first base, worth about 1.7 WAR per season. At first base, that would mean about an .800 OPS with good defense.

I wouldn’t assume either way on whether the Pirates are involved here, but their aggressive plunge into the KBO hitter’s market last year makes this a situation to follow until we find out the team.

  • WE DID IT!!! Acording to CJ Nikowski (don’t know how to add a twitter post here) it was the PIRATES who won the BHP bidding!

    • Yeah, I’m seeing multiple sources on Twitter – although they could all have started from one source. If this is true, all sorts of things are possible… would Bucs trade an OF for middle IF/pitching and insert Bell there? Would they trade Bell?

      Of course they have to sign BHP first…

    • Looks like CJ may have got ahead of himself or went “first to report” shopping as Buster Olney and Rob Biertempfel report the Pirates did not win the bid.

      Astros and White Sox seems most likely at this point.

  • Just heard on 93.7 The Fan…Colin Dunlap reported that CJ Nitowski tweeted out that Pirates won the bid!

  • I just read that we won’t know until Tuesday KST, which is Monday night here. And also that Park took some reps at 3B last year.

  • The Pirates might have just pulled this off…more and more teams come off the list (reportedly)…I think it might come down to the Bucs and the Astros.

    • You could be right. MLBTR now has it down to 8 teams: Phillies, Brewers, Reds, Pirates, Cubs, White Sox, Twins and Astros. It makes no sense for the Reds (Votto), Cubs (Rizzo), White Sox (Abreu). So it’s probably more like five teams left.

      • I really feel it will be the Bucs, Astros, or Twins…1 out of 3 isn’t terrible. We might have just pulled this off…

  • The good news is that the Cards are out…

    Really thought they were.the high bid…

    Of the 11 or so teams left the Bucs, Brewers and Astros would seem to be the most likely spenders

  • Reportedly Mariners and DBACKS are out and Rockies not the winners either…there are lots of teams left but it is coming down to only a FEW who make actual sense…and the PIRATES are at the top of that list. Let’s hope tomorrow brings good news.

    • I’m actually starting to think it is the Bucs. That would be great.

      • Athletics, Marlins, Royals, Braves and Rays OUT (reportedly)….leaves Phils, Brewers, Bucs, Cubs, W Sox, Twins and Astros….basically Bucs, Twins, and Astros realistically

  • It appears 11 of the 20 teams scouting Byung Ho Park have been ruled as not posting the winning bid. These teams are:
    Oakland A’s
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Boston Red Sox
    New York Mets
    New York Yankees
    Texas Rangers
    Baltimore Orioles
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Los Angeles Angels
    San Diego Padres
    Cleveland Indians.

    We are one of 9 teams left to have scouted Byung Ho Park.

    Must say, I wouldn’t mind seeing this happen and glad the Cardinals did not post the winning bid.

    • I would honestly be really really impressed and happy if we were the winning bid. Then go get some pitching…

  • Park owes Kang part t of his paycheck!

  • Red Sox win


    Per MLBTR, the winning bid was not made by the following teams:
    Tigers, Indians, Rangers, Orioles, or Padres.

    That’s five out of 20 teams who scouted him. Haha.

  • If we win the bid, sign Park for 24 over 4.
    Trade Pedro and Bell to the Red Sox for Miley, Rutlidge and a prospect.

    • No thank you. Why the hell would we trade Bell for a package centered, basically, around Wade Miley who really isn’t that good and certainly is not much different than what you could simply buy for cash in FA?

  • Colorado (obviously my guess)

  • John Odermatt
    November 7, 2015 1:46 pm

    I have a feeling the Pirates got him. If so, they’ll be creating some depth at 1st. Pedro gone and can olay Bell 1st/of. The best of Bell and Park gets the most playing time. This is exactly what the bucs did with Harrison/Mercer/Kang.

  • I’m not as high as some of you guys are of Bell. His floor is James Looney with bad defense. What’s his ceiling? Read a rumor that PGH is in on Adam Lind, heard Milwaukee wants to build onto their farm which is ranked middle of the pack with a Catcher and infield prospects. If PGH doesn’t get Park, they will trade for something. No chance they go into 2016 with Morse and or Alvarez.

    • Hint: look at Linds numbers outside of MIL. He’s not good, he’s just the winner of the “the market for my position suuuuucks”.

    • Now that Lambo is gone they probably will go into 2016 with a Morse and Pedro platoon at 1B, unless they move Pedro and just go with Morse.

    • This seems right (as it relates to Bell at least).

  • Mat Latos could be this years reclamation project. Kind of reminds me of AJ Burnett in his younger years. Get Happ back and get Latos back on track and you have a pretty solid rotation

  • I highly doubt the mystery team is the Pirates but if it was it wouldn’t be a bad move. There are a number of reasons why the Pirates should do it. 1.McCutchen is most likely going to leave before his current deal is up. Bell could return to the OF pretty easily if you have to move Marte to CF.#2 Gregory Polanco has huge upside that may never be realized and Bell could take his place in RF. #3 Bell also has big upside that may never be realized and having Park would lessen that blow.#4 Depth.. Injuries can happen and be very damaging as we saw this year with the injury to Kang on a legal but reckless slide by Chris Coghlan. I can’t count the times I saw Gregory Polanco go into a bag awkwardly . As athletic as he is he sometimes reminds me of a donkey on ice skates out on the field. I can almost guarantee he is going to have leg problems. Polanco is fr from graceful. Hopefully as his body fills out he will become comfortable in his skin.

    • What the Pirates should do is one thing…the bid has already been accepted. It’s over. We will see if we were in or not

      • you think they won the bid? if not do you think they put in a serious bid?

        • Isnt it a bit odd to you to automatically assume we didnt “put in a serious bid”?

          So basically, the default is if we didnt win the bid we didnt take it seriously?

          • If they really wanted Park and the winning post was only $12.85 million, then suggesting they didn’t take it seriously has merit.

            • I “guessed” that the Pirates could afford to spend $12M on the Park bid and $28M on a 4 year deal (in the thread about our pitching)…I still think we could afford this and the number being close to that…I would hope we did put forth a serious effort.

              I do not know, though, if we know what the other bids are…or if it is a “closed” process where you have ONE opportunity to submit a bid and that’s it..if so then maybe we didnt go that high.

            • I find that insane. It ignores that it’s a blind auction and acts like to be serious they had to pay a high amount.

              They could have throw out a bid of 10, lost by 2 million, and fans go “not serious”. It’s fans assuming they are cheap and complaining accordingly. We simply don’t know enough to get mad/defend them either way. If it’s us, cool. If not, who knows what we bid.

              • That’s what I want to know…it is a completely blind, one bid and you’re done so make your best offer, kind of deal…right?

              • Again, it would be legit to suggest $10 million was not serious. That would be akin to Bucs having done as much research on the bid as anyone posting here, because $10 million was the consensus from pundits. Thus $10 mill could be considered the floor.

                • No, there was no clear consensus from pundits. In fact, you had multiple people saying 15+ was absolutely possible. There was in no way a clear consensus of “well, if you offer this much you got him”.

                  You are basically saying that since they bid 10, and not 12, they clearly werent serious. So they were so not serious the winning team and its seriousness only threw down 2 million more.

            • ” Only $12.85 mil. ” bid ? Do you relize that if accepted, that will be the second highest posting fee for a position player ?

        • I HOPE that they won the bid…I EXPECT (as a fan and as a knowledgeable baseball fan) that they put in a serious offer…not putting in at least a serious offer shows that we are a little clueless on how to fix our continually most glaring positional inadequacy. Putting all of our eggs in Bell’s basket is not the best way to get better production from 1B. At least with Park you’d give yourself another option for success (and at a relatively inexpensive price as well). So, yes, I hope that they won…and I expect that they at least bid. I will be disappointed at least if not the latter.

    • Austin Meadows will be in the Pirate OF before Bell ever is seen there.

  • No chance in heck this is the Pirates. I’m sure they bid but Teams saw what Kang did last year and this guy is said to be better and with teams like the Cardinals desperate for a 1st basemen I’m gonna say the Pirates aren’t going to be the highest bid especially with Josh Bell in the system. My guess is he will be in our division next year wearing a Cardinal uniform. They were very interested in Kang a year ago

    • Should have omitted that last sentence if the point was to prove that PGH never outbids teams like STL when they want something.

      PGH wont outbid STL, STL needs Park, STL liked Kang, but PGH got Kang.

  • Color me surprised if the mystery team is the Pirates.

    • Probably the Cards.

      • : Why do we think the Cards want to pay about $10 million a year for an unknown at 1B when they have Matt Adams? It would make no sense. I think it might be SEA or SD.

      • Scott Kliesen
        November 7, 2015 7:24 am

        The Cards have Matt Adams. Why would they pay premium $$$ for Park?

        • Because Matt Adams isn’t good and the Cardinals want to get better?

        • Because they are smart…Look at Matt Adams numbers and look at how many games he’s played…do they want to have a situation where they don’t have a viable 1B option again?

  • Sorry guys, no chance it was the Pirates

  • Keith Law called him a “boom or bust” player who will not hit for a high average and K a lot.

    • Not much different than Chris Davis who will get over double Park.

      • What, you don’t expect high floor, superstar upside at a third the cost of typical free agents?

        • I hope you meant this sarcastically, because I quite clearly am in agreement with you…that is why I pointed out that Park is not so much different from Davis except at at least 1/2 if not 1/3 of the price of Davis.

  • Please remind me. Bucs scouted him. Then the guy that did took a promotion elsewhere. Who is that guy and where did he go? I’ve kept it in my memory as the place Park would go to. Great memory, I know….

  • My guess is Seattle is the mystery team. Traded Morrison and need a 1B.

  • Interesting thing is that these are the exact numbers I sort of guessed at earlier when I was replying to NMR in the thread about our young pitchers. I hoped we could get Park for $12M and $28M for 4-years….we shall see now.

  • piraterican21
    November 6, 2015 8:09 pm

    With the money that the Pirates no longer spend on the draft this amount does not seem like much, I’m still not on board with getting him, but I want to believe that the team has the funds.

  • Bell is a singles-hitting first baseman with bad defense. If they think that Park could be better, then they should’ve put a bid on him

  • My gut is that this is the Cardinals – hope I am wrong!

  • I thought the posting fee might be higher because of all the interest Kang helped generate. But I’m guessing Park won’t get a similar salary increase because the team has exclusive rights. I expect his deal to be similar to Kang’s.

  • Christopher R
    November 6, 2015 7:26 pm

    10 mil a year for a potential legitimate 1b for the next four years is a small price to pay. Let’s us rotate Bell between 1b and the outfield when he comes up. Some outlets project Park’s bat to be ahead of Kangs.