Pirates Claim RHP Guido Knudson Off Waivers From the Tigers

The Pirates have claimed right-handed pitcher Guido (pronounced Geedo) Knudson off waivers from the Detroit Tigers. Knudson spent most of his time in 2015 in Triple-A, putting up a 2.34 ERA in 42.1 innings, with a 9.4 K/9 and a 4.5 BB/9. He pitched briefly in the majors, with some pretty horrible results, allowing ten runs on 13 hits in five innings, while striking out six and walking three.

Pitch f/x had him 92-95 MPH in his short time in the majors, and other reports had him in the 94-95 MPH range most of the time in the minors. He mostly relies on a slider as his off-speed pitch, sitting in the low 80s, but touching mid-80s.

Knudson has two option years remaining, although he seems like a great candidate to claim, and then waive later in the off-season. The fact that he made it to the Pirates in the first place means that every American League team passed on him, and almost all of the National League teams passed on him. The Pirates took the same approach when they claimed Jorge Rondon a few weeks ago from the Orioles. Both are hard throwing relievers with control problems. If you get enough of those guys, one might turn into Arquimedes Caminero. My guess is that this practice will continue going forward, with guys like Knudson and Rondon being placed on waivers later in the off-season, with the hope that they can be outrighted to Triple-A.

  • Well that escalated quickly.

    • I know at least one guy on this chat got done here and then went outside and argued with a stop sign…then he probably screamed at a cloud…that man may or may not have been me.

  • Maybe we should all consider the facts about Park.
    1. He’s a RH hitting 1B.
    2. The Pirates were scouting him in July.
    3. The Pirates traded for Mike Morse in August.

    Do the math.

  • Interesting note: The Pirates had the 4th best attendence in the NL Central, despite the record setting year. Market despairities are real, as much as we might not want to admit it. Our team doesn’t draw enough and we don’t make enough via TV deal. We NEED more fans and a better TV deal and then hopefully could see increased payroll. We should be able to get into the $120-125 range with current income estimates…

  • Woohoo

  • Guido Knudson, eh? Who’s the next signing, Javier Leibowitz or Soon-Kim Jefferson?

  • Wow, can’t believe how upset people are about a waiver claim. They got a guy for nothing, so obviously the pirates are cheap and don’t care about winning.

  • Dumpster diving has started!

    • Oh Andrew…you’re better than that. 🙂

      Every team does this. Look at our ‘garbage’ that gets snapped up.

      Lombardozzi was a free agent for about 24 hours.

      • He was being sarcastic. He and NMR abhor the term, as I’m sure Luke and Darkstone do as well.

        Me, on the Dark Side, I’ve learned there is value out there. I just think every once in awhile you have to get nice things.

        • Dark Side talk again huh? We’ve devolved into 2008?

          • No. The evil of trading prospects, pushing payrolls in the upper half of baseball, and keeping James Andrews away from your prospects elbows.

            If you only knew the power, Jared…

  • Maybe it is just me – but I find it sad that we come up short on Park then resume the great BMTIBB tradition of dumpster diving. At some point the wonderful farm system the FO has developed should allow us to pass on adding this kind of trash – sorry – but I am a frustrated fan who will soon turn 69 who would like to watch one more Pirate World Series. 27 teams are stupid – the Pirates are brilliant

    • I was listening to you until you went abbreviated best management team in baseball. Have you ever scouted the Korean first baseman? Or even Guido from the Tigers?

      • It is done intentionally and reflects my lack of appreciation for a front office the does well managing a budget and not so well in winning in the post season.

        The difference between playing the winner of the Cards-Cubs play in game and have to face Arrieata in a play in game was probably $10M in payroll – what Edison Volquez cost the Royals.

        i frankly think that it was a stupid move to not sign Volquez and thought and said so at the time. Heck, I bet he would have stayed to pitch with his buddy Frankie for a couple M less then he got from KC.

        And just think – we would be looking forward to a rotation of Cole Liriano and Volquez plus whomever to start next year – not looking around for a quality starter or having to pay $35M or more to sign Happ for 3 years

        • Would you prefer the front office when you were 59 years old Bruce?

          • Probably – the “long term” might make more sense then.

            And I will concede that if I was in my mid 40s and had been living through 30+ years of the Pirate sucking then having a team that wins more than it loses and should be able to do that in the near term would probably feel pretty good. Lots of time to get back to the WS.

            • NO- I meant would you prefer to have the front office that we had 10 years ago, in power today

        • And you place that onus on the front office, when it should be placed on the field personnel. If the team on the field executes when it counts, then maybe they go further.

          • like the manager – who took credit for creating the MVP level Josh Hamilton when he was the hitting coach at Texas – but can’t help the Mercers and Pedros to get better in Pittsburgh

            • Yeah, they won 98 games but he’s done a horrible job. Not to mention, when Mercer and Alvarez were in the box last year, they looked just like Hurdle. I don’t understand the bitterness from fans like you. No matter what they do you expect more. Those goal posts you’re moving must be getting heavy.

              For me it’s as simple as this. My team puts a competitive team on the field every year. I’m rooting for the guys they have and I’m not going to bang my head against the wall over moves they didn’t make.

    • Cant let every waiver wire addition early in the offseason get you this mad or being a fan would be insanely stressful.

      Its about the least deserving thing you could get mad at any team about. He aint gonna be given the closer role.

      • Is the Tigers bullpen the best place to be looking for diamonds in the rough, though? Honestly.

        Big difference between these guys and everybody’s new favorite example Cameniro.

        • Hey if you wanna make vast assumptions about what every waiver move means for the team and FO go for it.

          I was just saying that its rather stressful as a fan to get worked up in any way by this move. Really, who cares about this move.

          • Your right of course. But the man has a point. Something I’ve tried get through to you and Tim awhile.

            You gotta win while you got cheap control of guys like Cole and Polanco. Keep passing around playing Frankenstein with run of the mill 5.00 ERA relievers your gonna get burned.

            It’s arrogance. Almost.

          • Exactly, it’s not like every move has to be the missing piece. They have a lot of spots to fill organization wide. Soon they’ll sign minor league free agents and we’ll get to hear how the Pirates never do anything but dumpster dive.

          • Somewhere in Oakland, some fan is bitching about Billy Beane dumpster diving for Lambo!

        • The problem with that thinking is that picking Knudson up doesn’t cost a thing and doesn’t prevent anything else from happening. If they saw something in video with him and they think they can make a change, how could you go wrong with a free warm body? They put an extra player in the system who may never even play a game with the team. Not sure how there can be anything bad with a waiver claim like this at this point.

          • I didn’t say it was bad. I understand he’s filler. I just think some of the thinking out there now is every guy they bring in is going to be Holdzkom or Cameniro. That’s simply not the case. At the end if the day, you still gotta make your swaps for your Blantons and Sorias?

            • It’s the same thing we deal with every off-season. They claim a player, people overthink the move and it turns out to be nothing. If he works out, great. If he doesn’t, oh well, it cost nothing to find out. He might be put through waivers when they finalize the 40-man roster and end up clearing and going to Indianapolis and then he is no different than a regular minor league signing. I’m just saying there is no reason to look at this claim as anything more than what it is, just a claim not associated with any other move.

              • I would probably not have reacted the way I did if they had done this any other day. I want to see one more Pirate WS…

                I hope Park is a disaster and does nothing for the Twins – it is probably the only way I will feel good about the BMTIBB deciding to low ball that bid.

                • How about if the guys they end up with at 1B are just better than Park. Would that make you feel good?

            • I don’t think every guy coming in will be Holdzkom or Caminero. I do think that if they bring in enough of these hard throwing guys with control problems, one of them could be Holdzkom or Caminero.

          • John,

            I love you guys and the site – but EVERYTHING has a cost – resources are limited – let me know when the Cardinals start doing this sort of thing and I will think it is OK.

            This is the sort of thing the Pirates of 2012 needed to do – not a team trying to win the WS IMHO.

            And doing it on the day we lear that the Twins – the friggin twins outbid us for a guy who actually could have been the long term solution to our first base problem is frankly an insult to loyal fans.

            • I’m fine with them doing it, as long as you cover your bases and bring back Blanton or bring in another solid setup man. Don’t bring in a half dozen of these guys in every year and expect 1 or 2 to pan out. Doesn’t always work that way.

            • The Blue Jays do this kind of thing but to the nth degree. Do you have a problem with how they approached their contention this year?

            • Bruce- you make an excellent point here. They only let Lambo go if they think that Plantar faciatus has killed the value he had- or if they already had another plan for first base which took away any value he had. Either way, I don’t think they thought someone was actually going to claim lambo after missing a whole year with injury

            • It did have a cost because it costs a minimal amount to make a claim, but you could make 100 claims in a year and it wouldn’t amount to anything significant. This claim had zero to do with Lambo or Park, who 28 other teams “lost” out on. The Cardinals do make waiver claims, just like the other 29 teams. Don’t overthink something that might end up being a move you forget next week. It has that potential.

              • It has other costs I would think – somebody has to look at tape on this guy – somebody has to spend some minimal time working with him to try and fix whatever problem the Pirates think the can fix. That time reduces the amount available to coach/fix Heredia or some other low level pitcher who might have more upside than a guy who 26 teams passed on,

                • You’re describing the process that leads to every single reclamation project ever. The thing is, you don’t know ahead of time which player is going to break out and have his problems fixed. So you have to scout a large group of people, sign or acquire a large group, and hope that a few work out.

                  They’ve got minor league coaches who can work with Heredia and guys like him. Knudson won’t be taking away development time from anyone.

            • “let me know when the Cardinals start doing this sort of thing and I may think it is OK”

              Every team does this sort of thing.

              Last year the Cardinals started the off-season by signing Dean Anna and Miguel Socolovich to MLB deals. Anna was a minor league free agent from the Pirates. Socolovich spent the 2014 season in Triple-A at the age of 27. He actually produced good results for them in 2015.

              “And doing it on the day we hear that the Twins – the friggin Twins outbid us for a guy who actually could have been the long term solution to our first base problem is frankly an insult to loyal fans.”

              Waiver claims are made days in advance, and the results are made known much later. It seems like you’re thinking they found out they lost the bidding on Park, then went out and picked up this guy on waivers. The reality is that they probably put in the claim for Knudson last week. And they probably knew about Park before yesterday. And it was only coincidental that both were announced the same day. But it really doesn’t matter, because they shouldn’t be restricted from normal baseball moves just because they didn’t land another player.

              • Also, didn’t the Cards claim Kyle Waldron or whatever his name was rule 5 from the Pirates last year? This isn’t some crazy, desperate, hail marry thing that only the Pirates do. I am dumber for reading this argument that Bruce “Bah” Humbert started, complaining about something teams have been doing in the offseason since, I don’t know, the advent of free agency?

    • If 27 teams are stupid and the Pirates are brilliant, what about the other two teams?

    • So you’d prefer to spend millions on potential middle relievers to fill our AAA roster and the 24th spot on the MLB roster? This is exactly the right approach to building a winning team. Can you name me the last team that won the world series paying middle relievers multi-year multi-million dollar contracts?

      • That is such an unfair comment. That’s not what he was insinuating at all.

        By all means add a couple guys like this. But don’t expect every year for 1 or 2 guys to come out of a pack of half a dozen 5.00 ERA guys- and give you 70 appearances of sub 3 FIP ball every year.

      • SF Giants.

        • Whom are the relievers?

        • The Giants had a payroll of 154 million dollars in 2014. I don’t see how using their strategy will help. And they had 1 middle reliever on a multi year contract. 1. 154 million dollars and 1 middle reliever javier lopez on a 3 year deal. You really aren’t selling your point here…..

  • Actually having both worked and lived in Italy and having relatives in the country the pronunciation is GEEDO. Tim is also always right.

  • *tigers bullpen joke*

  • Ha ragione! (translated into English) – He’s right!

  • From someone who is 100% Italian I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced Gweedo, Tim.