Pirates Hire Mike Mangan as Assistant Scouting Director

Bob Elliott from the Toronto Sun reports that the Pittsburgh Pirates have hired Mike Mangan as an assistant scouting director. Mangan was hired as a National Crosschecker with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2000 and has held that position until now. Before that, he was a scout for the Cincinnati Reds from 1994 until 1998 and he also served as the Blue Jay’s Eastern Regional Scouting Supervisor in 1999-2000 before being promoted to National Crosschecker.

  • Really like this move. The club was smart to take advantage of Front Office turnover around the league and grab a good baseball man to fill in for their own big losses.

    Just this decade the Jays have drafted Sanchez, Syndergaard, Nicolino, Kris Bryant(as a high schooler), Norris, Descalfani, Stroman, Alford, Graveman, and Max Pentecost *outside* of their first round picks. As a National Crosschecker, Mangan’s fingerprint should be on all these kids.

  • This guy has been rechecking for 15 years- I hope he found a couple of anomalies.

  • Elliott has covered the Expos and Blue Hays since 1978.
    If he says “big loss” Manganese must be a good man.

  • I have followed baseball, and particularly the Pirates for more than 70 years, but never before heard the term Crosschecker. Will someone please fill me in? Thanks.

  • Sounds like an experienced guy. I heard the Astros released Robbie grossman. Will we see him at Indy in ’16? The A’s probably already called his agent

  • After losing a couple front office people like Benedict I am glad they are bringing in some outside people to evaluate prospects.