Pirates Release 2016 Spring Training Schedule

The Pittsburgh Pirates released their 2016 Spring Training schedule on Tuesday. It begins with the annual Black & Gold game at McKechnie Field on February 29th and wraps up with a game against the Cincinnati Reds on April 2nd at Victory Field, which is the home field of the Indianapolis Indians.

The Pirates first official Spring Training games will be back-to-back dates against the Detroit Tigers, with March 1st being a road game and March 2nd in Bradenton. The Pirates will also play the Blue Jays, Twins, Astros, Phillies, Rays, Yankees, Red Sox and Orioles at home. The road schedule includes a game against the Braves, plus all of those same teams listed above, except the Astros. There are three days off on the schedule and on March 26th, they will play two split-squad games.

The full schedule can be seen below. Click on the image to make it larger.


News and Notes

  • I will love living in Bradenton for my first spring training…I can guarantee it. Lol

  • Hopefully, this is the year I finally make it down.

  • Is there any chance the Pirates would add Lincecum as a project for cheap? He has a minus WAR the last 4 years combined so there is no way someone severely overpays for his name is there? Maybe even add him as a potential bullpen/swing guy. The only thing is his velocity has seen a horrific drop over those same years down to an unbelievable 87.2 last year. Still, his FIP remained solid throughout these years so he knows how to get guys out. Maybe with health and a few tweaks and a few more ticks on the fastball he could be a nice guy to get. Or is he just done? He’s always been a favorite of mine and I wanted the Pirates to take him instead of Lincoln in that incredible pitching draft where aces seemingly went left and right just after the Pirates picked Lincoln.

    • I just think that weird delivery is starting to take its toll. He may give you some decent starts from time to time, but I think he’s a real risk to break down.

      • Well, the delivery is one thing but he is small and had a few 250 K, 80BB 220 IP seasons. That will fry a 170 pound guy quickly.

    • His velo looks like its gone, way too far down to entertain thoughts of him starting. Best case you bring him in as a reliever, turn him into a pitch to contact guy, and hope his walk rate goes way down.

      Too many variables unless he’s basically free. His FIP the last 2 years followed the velo down the drain.

      • Agreed. Yeah, he would have to be cheap…I just want to be able to say Big Time Timmy Jim all year.

  • Do we know when pitchers and catchers report in February?