Starling Marte Wins First Gold Glove

The Rawlings Gold Glove awards were announced on Tuesday night and Starling Marte won his first Gold Glove, taking home the award for NL left fielders. He was one of the best defensive players at any position this season and he led all NL outfielders with 16 assists. He made two errors all season, with one of them coming while he was in center field. According to Fangraphs, Marte led all NL outfielders with 24 defensive runs saved.

Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole were both among the three finalists at their position, but Marte ended up as the only winner from the Pirates.

MLB and the BBWAA also announced the three finalists for all the major awards on Tuesday night. Jung Ho Kang is one of the finalists for the National League Rookie of the Year. The winner will be announced next Monday. Kris Bryant of the Cubs and Matt Duffy of the Giants are also up for the award, with Bryant looking like the favorite.

Clint Hurdle was left out of the Manager of the Year top three finalists, falling somewhere behind Matt Matheny, Terry Collins and Joe Maddon.

  • Very well deserved for Marte!

  • While I am happy Starling won it, way too often Gold Gloves are won by reputation and the player’s offense carrying way too much weight.

    Hopefully with all these defensive metrics out there, true Gold Glovers will be rewarded.

    On second thought, according to those metrics Cutch, however much I love him, was NOT the 2nd best fielding CF. So, I guess they haven’t changed much.

    • Yes, Marte’s selection suggests we’re moving into a new era where objective metrics guide the GG voting. But Cutch making the final three suggests the opposite. Perhaps Marte won it based on his highlight reel throws more than his consistent excellence.

  • Starling Marte deserved to win the Gold Glove. Hopefully it is one of many. As Clint Hurdle put it, he plays left field as if he invented the position. He’s a delight to watch play! And he is just starting to come into his own at the plate. The Pirates are very fortunate to have him on the team – and to have this outfield trio of Starling, El Coffee, and of course, Cutch!

  • He’s all about that base, ’bout the base, baserunner.

  • Congratulations Marte!! Hope this becomes a yearly award. And soon to be part of the best outfield in baseball. Each capable of being a gold glove award winner. Thanks Starling for a great year! A lot of fun watching you play.

  • Congrats Starling! Well deserved indeed.

  • Well earned by Mr. Marte! First of many, hopefully.

    • Hopefully the future gold gloves will be for CF.

      • Amen

      • You in favor of trading away Cutch already? If not, you must think he’s getting hurt, because Pirates aren’t switching their respective positions.

        • We can hope for the DH (although I would hate that honestly).

        • I’d like to see them try him at 1B myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the only one.

          • As long as Cutch remains healthy and is wearing Pirates uniform, he will be playing CF. Like it, love it, or hate it, matters not.

            The Pirates are smart enough to know this is not a good enough reason to upset the franchise player. They are in the business of encouraging great performance out of their best player.

        • Of course, and the way PNC plays it works well for Marte to be in LF. It’s just interesting to me that defensive metrics have Cutch as one of the worst CF’s in the NL (see Fangraphs article from last week). What we might miss is that Statcast shows him as having one of the worst first step times–that would be really hard to determine by the “eye test.”

          I’d also love to see runners trying to go 1st-3rd on balls to CF if Marte was out there. But no, you don’t move your star. And instead of trading him, he’s the rare case where I’d try to extend him despite an expected decline.

      • When I’m old and bitter I hope my memory of Andrew McCutchen isn’t that he should have played left field.

      • Considering how well Marte plays LF and PNC LF, id actually hope they keep Marte where he is and just have Meadows take over at CF once Cutch leaves.

        Marte plays PNC LF, and the bounces off the foul area wall, insanely well.

        • Yes, I think I agree with this. I’d like to see a distribution of balls to the OF, though. If Marte was in CF we’d see fewer runners going from 1st to 3rd on singles but we might also see more runners getting doubles on balls to LF. And with Polanco helping cover balls in the RF-CF gap, Marte might be most valuable in LF.

          • Ironically Meadows looks a bit like a Cutch type on defense. Good range thanks to good speed and what appears to be able to stick at CF…..but with a slightly below average arm. That might be a bit of an improvement over Cutch, but one thing we may have to get used to (if we stick with the corner guys where they are) is our CFer having the worst arm of the bunch.

            Not sure i mind that so long as Meadows learns to hit the cutoff man and doesnt take Cutch’s likeness for thinking his arm is way better than it is.

  • Hooray!

  • Very, VERY well deserved. One of the top overall outfielders in the game and should only get better. Take home that gold, Starling…you deserve it!