Winter Leagues: Good Reports Out of Mexico Regarding Carlos Munoz

In Mexico on Sunday, Carlos Munoz had a big day, collecting three hits and driving in three runs. He picked up his fifth double. Munoz gave an interview to the local paper(link is in Spanish) that had some good news for his biggest issue, his conditioning. Munoz said that his coach Mark Weidemaier told him that he is a future Major League player and that has really motivated him to work harder this winter. Weidemaier has been scouting, managing and coaching in baseball since 1982, so he has a good idea of what a Major League bat looks like after 33 years.

The Pirates also have him on a strict workout program to lose weight and be more athletic. You have to take it with a grain of salt still, because this is something that has gone on with him since he signed in 2011, but maybe it’s finally dawning on him that he needs to get serious.

In the Dominican, weather played havoc with the schedule again. Just one game has been played over the last two days. On Sunday, Willy Garcia went 0-for-4 with a strikeout. He’s had a very poor winter so far, with a .147 average and high strikeout rate, plus a minor injury that cost him three games. Just for an interesting note, the opposing pitcher was former Pirates’ farmhand Joely Rodriguez, who threw 4.1 shutout innings with seven strikeouts.

In Venezuela, Jose Osuna went 2-for-5 with a run scored and an RBI. In 26 games, he has a .372/.417/.511 slash line. He’s hitting well off lefty pitchers in limited time, going 9-for-17 with two homers. Osuna is second in Venezuela in batting and fifth in OPS. He is younger than the four players ahead of him in OPS and also the five player behind him in the top ten OPS.

Francisco Diaz went 2-for-3 with a walk and run scored. He was one of 19 Pirates’ minor league players who became a free agent on Friday, but last year he was one of the free agents who re-signed with the Pirates during the off-season. Diaz works well with young catchers and pitchers, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see them sign him again.

Another recent free agent made his debut on Sunday. Wilfredo Boscan was called up three times by the Pirates this season and yet he still hasn’t made his Major League debut. He had no trouble making his debut in Venezuela though, allowing one hit over three shutout innings, with no walks and three strikeouts.

Gorkys Hernandez went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts and a sacrifice bunt.

  • Seems like Trevor Plouffe may have just gone on the trade block. Twins reportedly win the bid.

    • I would JUMP at that.

      • If they moved Walker it might make sense (but that’d likely be 2 trades since MIN wont be looking for a 2Bmen), but it makes our need for a backup SS pretty strong. We’d have plenty of depth at 3B/2B but really just Mercer at SS.

        Not sure what the team would do playing time wise with Kang+Harrison+Plouffe+Hanson all not able to play SS beyond emergency needs. Assuming the team is truly content with Kang at 3B as NH has alluded to.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    November 9, 2015 10:06 am

    He needs to start 2016 for WV Power and see how he handles that level…

  • Looks like Phillies and White Sox are out, if this whirlwind of reports are accurate. Looking a lot like MIN may have pulled it off.

  • NHL and NFL free agency’s are Skyfall and MLB’s free agency is Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Two are immediately exciting and the other is a slow burn.

    • Good, true analogy. I think because the MLB players and agents talk to each other and set the market.

    • I would like your comment but I have no idea what you are talking about. Shit, I’ll like it anyways. Likes are free!

      • What I mean is a soon as NFL and NHL free agencies start the action is fast & furious and signings are immediate. In the MLB, free agency started saturday and nothing has happened. Skyfall started off with a great action sequence and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was a masterpiece but was slow to develop.

  • Park’s agent says he doesn’t know who it is. I haven’t lost hope yet.

  • If the Pirates did not sign Park. Which it looks like they didn’t. This is the way I look at it. The combination of $12.85 million posting fee + the possible salary on an unknown player is better allocated to pitching. The move also blocks Josh Bell. And if the Pirates had any chance to trade Pedro Alvarez, that chance would be gone if they signed Park. They may non tender Pedro anyway. Sometimes the best deals is the deal not made. Nice start to the off season.

  • Tim does Munoz need to be added to 40 man roster this month in order to be protected from rule 5 draft in december

    • I may be able to answer for Tim. He’s been around for five seasons now, so he is Rule 5 eligible, but I can’t imagine they protect a guy with no experience above short-season ball, especially not a first baseman who right now, profiles better as a DH. They have made some surprise additions before, but he would be up there with the most surprising

  • On the bright side….does this mean the Hot Stove League has officially started? Going to be a fun off-season.


  • I guess CJ is a Nit Wit?

  • Jon Heyman ✔ @JonHeymanCBS
    Pirates did not win bidding for Park, sources say

  • Olney is now saying that the Yankees won the bidding. If so, I hope Park is a bust….lol

    • That, makes little sense to me. You have A Rod, Texiera (i refuse to try to spell his name right) for 1B and DH, Headley at 3B, and Baird who they have been rather high on.

      I dont see room for another 1B/DH type with their current roster. Cant imagine they’ll get anything near what they want in a trade for A Rod or Tex.

      • Are you refusing to spell Bird’s name correctly as well?

        • Ha, well played and good catch. Apparently i just refuse to spell anything Yankee related well.

          As a side note, autocorrect goes with Baird and not Bird when i misspell it and thats curious.

      • ARod and Tex both are only under contract for 2016 and their combined chances of staying healthy are somewhere between Mike Morse and Corey Hart on the injury spectrum.

        They’d be dumb to hold off targeting a 4-5 year player because of marginal options during 2016.

        Bird, like Josh Bell, is a good-not-great option but not the kind of kid you plan your next six years around.

  • If we did not win this bidding process Nutting is a cheapo and I’m never rooting for them again. I am also cancelling my subscription to PP. OH THE HUMANITY!

  • Guess we’ll find out who has the better source(s). Rooting for CJ…….

    • Beertemple of the Trib also says the Bucs have not won the bidding.

      • Saw that too…thus is stupid as hell btw. Just announce it…it’s not government secrets

        • Beertemple did say “industry sources” so its possible he is using Olney as his source.

          Having said that, i trust Olney+Beer a bit more than CJ right now. Id love to change my opinion of that with a CJ win here.

  • John Dreker @JohnDreker
    Buster Olney says #Pirates didn’t win Byung-ho Park bid. C.J. Nitkowski says they did win. They need to thumb wrestle to see who is right!

    • As a lefty, I’m rooting for the lefty. Of course, as Craig C says:

      Calcaterra ✔ @craigcalcaterra
      Why would the Pirates pay tens of millions to bid for and then sign Park when they have Josh Bell? I guess defense is an issue, but still.

      • I remain unimpressed with Bell – just don’t like the idea of giving first base to a guy who will hit about 10 HR a year and can’t play defense.

        I’d rather resign Steve Pearce

  • PBC is going to be like a KIA dealership.

  • Buster Olney ✔ @Buster_ESPN
    Heard this morning that the Pirates did NOT win the bidding for Byung-ho Park. Developing…

  • Munoz is great…but Byung Ho Park is even better…and, according to CJ Nitkowski, we jwon the bidding!!!

  • Park to Pgh?
    CJ Nitkowski reporting it

    • Isn’t it incredible? What a huge huge move…and the income potential from Jersey etc sales from Kang and Park in Korea could be huge for us too…