Winter Leagues: Luis Heredia Bounces Back Nicely From Poor Outings

In Mexico on Friday night, Luis Heredia rebounded from a pair of poor outings to have his best performance of the winter. In his previous two games combined, Heredia faced six batters, walking five and hitting the other. Five of those runners came around to score. He turned things around on Friday though, throwing three scoreless innings. He allowed two hits, didn’t walk anyone and struck out four batters. That last part is made even more impressive by the fact he had just two strikeouts through 9.2 innings coming into the game. Heredia threw 41 pitches total, 28 for strikes. He was putting up decent results over the winter before those last two outings, but nothing like he did in this last game.

Carlos Munoz went 1-for-4 with an RBI. His average is at .300 through 27 games.

In the Dominican on Friday night, Alen Hanson went 1-for-4 with a single in his team’s 4-3 loss. After not starting a game in 11 days, Hanson has gone 3-for-12 in three games since returning to the lineup. He’s hitting .246 in 17 games.

Andy Vasquez grounded out as a pinch-hitter in the ninth, one day after hitting a home run and driving in three runs in his winter debut.

Mel Rojas Jr. went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts, dropping his average down to .217 through 16 games.

Gustavo Nunez went 1-for-4, starting at shortstop in place of Pedro Florimon, who is hitting .111 in his first seven games. The single by Nunez was his first hit since October 30th.

Wilkin Castillo went 0-for-3 and he’s now 1-for-16 on the season.

In Venezuela, Jose Osuna went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts in a rare hitless game for him. He’s batting .349 in 106 at-bats over 29 games.

Junior Sosa struck out as a pinch-hitter in his team’s 5-2 loss. He’s hitting .170 through 16 games, and prior to this game, had not played since Halloween.

A.J. Morris retired the only batter he faced on a ground ball. It came in a big spot, with his team up 3-1, two outs in the eighth and a man on base. He has a 3.72 ERA in 19.1 innings over eight appearances.

Gorkys Hernandez went 3-for-4 with a walk. He was caught stealing for the fifth time in nine attempts. He has a .321/.406/.366 slash line in 30 games.

In Australia, Sam Kennelly went 0-for-2 with a walk. He is 4-for-15, with two walks, through five games.

Winter ball began in Colombia on Friday night. The league usually takes a little while to upload the boxscores, so expect them a day later if they’re on the same schedule they’ve been on the last three years. Harold Ramirez was in the starting lineup for Tigres de Cartagena , hitting fifth and serving as the DH.

  • Good article John and also the commentary about the rating of Alen Hanson by BA. I have been a subscriber to BA for 30 years, but they definitely blew this one.

    I like Hanson a lot and have since his breakout season in 2012. He is a talent and we just do not seem to know what to do with him. It may be on him, but we either need him as a natural leadoff hitter who can play very well at 2B, or we need to package him up in a trade before we find even more ways to lower his relative value as a prospect.

  • John, Tim: A weekly Q&A like the one John Perotto just had for BA would be a great addition to the site. I would much rather listen to your insights about the Baby Bucs than Mr Perotto and it would be a way for the subscribers to be more actively involved.

  • John Perotto, who does the BA prospect writeups says that most of the scouts he talked to thought that Hanson profiles now as a utility infielder. That is why he dropped out of the Top 10.

    Here is the entire chat. Some good stuff. I liked the Shelby Miller for Meadows trade suggestion. 🙂

    • I saw that explanation, but it still doesn’t make sense from their perspective. How do they rank him fourth overall in July, then he can’t even make the top ten with JaCoby Jones leaving the system and Kingham also dropping out of the top ten? Hanson had a strong month of July as well. His .716 OPS wasn’t great(not bad either), but he went 7-for-7 in steals and it was the middle of a long stretch in which he was flashing terrific defense, making just two errors over a 50 game time frame.

      If they had him around 7-10 range back in July, well then you could say they were already down on him. They had him ahead of Taillon and then somehow he dropped out of the top ten based solely on his poor August? Here is something to think about for his August. That is when the Pirates started giving him extra practice at third base and shortstop, so he was putting in extra work before games. We talked to Indy’s hitting coach in early August and he said that Hanson felt tired and he was battling through the end of the season. So maybe all the extra fielding practice in the middle of summer he was putting in before games, took a toll.

      Basically, at the top of the prospect rankings, you try to find more consistency. A player can’t go from #4 to the 11-20 range in two months, especially when he does well in one of those months. The bottom of their list can change a lot because the further you get away from the top, there is obviously a lot less certainty. I personally think they made a mistake on both lists with his ranking and I think many would agree.

      • 1) I am not a fan of Perotto’s.

        2) I hope that you are right about Hanson. I am, unfortunately, in Perotto’s corner on Hanson, but since I am rarely right…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        3) NOBODY can touch how you guys (incl WTM) rank our prospects.

        The Perotto chat was just good Hot Stove chatter, sorely needed on a blustery 40 degree day here in SC Pa. 🙂

        I really liked his comments on Yeudy and Luplow. They echoed yours and Tim’s.

      • Not a fan of Perotto either. If Hanson is a plus fielder that can hit .260 with 10+ HR and near 20 SB along with a good amount of doubles and triples than that is a pretty decent middle infielder in today’s game. It probably doesn’t make him a starter for a top team but I think he has a good chance of being in some team’s lineup a lot. His walks could be higher but despite always being young for his level he has never been overmatched. I don’t know how they can have Taillon #4 after two years of inactivity. He still has enormous potential but being out for two years is grounds for a large drop in status. You can’t grade on potential alone.

        • Because Taillon hasn’t been “inactive” for two years. Tim’s done a great job of showing the improvements made in the meantime, and I doubt he’s the only one to notice.

          If Taillon had blown out his elbow again or had lingering arm trouble like Bundy then yeah, you’d see him fall. But knocking him further for unrelated injury seems too much to me.

          • NMR, thanks for telling us all something we know. Guys pitch in unofficial games. A guy who can’t get into a real game has to put enough question in your head to move him down to 6 or 7. All the side work is great but multiple injuries has to hurt your status.

            • Your last line, ” you can’t grade on potential alone”. These are ALL prospects, Freddy! They’re ALL graded on potential.

              If you saw Taillon come back from Tommy John showing about the same stuff with a better delivery, what does a hernia have to do with his potential? Injury lowered Taillon’s ranking, but I don’t see a good argument for dropping him even lower.

              • It means that he can’t keep himself on the field. That’s is the only point I am making. There have been a ton of guys like this throughout history and it can be a sign of things ahead. Hopefully it is not.

      • I don’t think you’re considering that they may have simply overranked him in July. 4th was a good bit higher than consensus at that point in time, if I’m remembering the others correctly.

        I agree with Leo from the other thread that Tucker probably isn’t a top ten prospect at this point until the uncertainty around his injury is cleared up, and Hanson’s probably the next guy in. Otherwise, which top ten prospect is less deserving than Hanson? I can’t think of a strong argument for any of them.

    • thanks for the link. great Q&A

  • Heredia: Acorn meet blind squirrel? 🙂