Winter Leagues: More Control Issues For Heredia, Osuna Continues to Hit

In Mexico on Saturday night, Luis Heredia had a disastrous outing, walking all three batters he faced. He was coming off a game in which he walked two batters and hit another, without recording an out. In those two games combined, he threw just four strikes out of 25 pitches. All three runners ended up scoring on Saturday, leaving Heredia with five earned runs and no outs in the last two games. He has a 10:2 BB/SO ratio in 9.2 innings this winter.

Felipe Gonzalez, who was one of 19 Pirates’ players who became minor league free agents on Friday, had a tough outing before Heredia came out for Mazatlan. Gonzalez was on the reserve roster the last week, getting activated for this game. He allowed three runs on two hits and one walk, while recording just one out.

Carlos Munoz went 1-for-4 with a single. He’s hitting .295 through 22 games, with a 1.015 OPS.

In Venezuela, Jose Osuna went 2-for-3 with a walk and run scored. He raised his average to .371 through 26 games. His winter is showing the progress he has made since last year. In Venezuela last off-season, Osuna went 3-for-26, barely playing in the second half. He was young for the league and over-matched. This season he is one of the best players in the league, yet he is still young for the league.

Julio Vivas had some control issues too. He faced two batters and walked one, hit the other, while also throwing a wild pitch. It’s his second straight tough outing. He gave up four runs on four hits in his last appearance.

Gorkys Hernandez went 3-for-4 with three singles and a walk. He was caught stealing for the fourth time. Hernandez is hitting .302 in 25 games.

All three games in the Dominican on Saturday were rained out.

  • Saw Heredia when he was with the Spikes in State College, Pa.

    I thought that day we were looking pretty much at fastball and change up and he was very effective. His change of speed was too much for the competition there. Several batters left the box shaking their heads.

    Between when I saw him and now who knows what happened? I suggest to the wise assembled that taking a child and trying to develop a major league pitcher is a crap shoot. And I am sure by now that the Pirates have tried everything. Every big projectable frame with downhill plane does not become Gerrit Cole.

    And that’s all Forest has to say about that.


  • CJ Nitkowski is reporting Bucco’s won the bid for Park. I hope it’s true, we need PP to confirm.

  • I’m not kidding when I say this: I would put him in the bullpen as the closer and give him two pitches and ask for max velocity. 4 seam, and change.
    He would have nothing more to do than work on throwing hard. He may not be able to do more than that at this point. Your out of development time, so just see what the arm is capable of.

  • Heredia is controllable for one more season, correct?

    I assume, since he’s already bought and paid for, the plan is to send him back to A+ and hope something clicks?

  • When it’s going this poorly for a guy it’s almost not even worth talking about. P2 should put out a report saying “More of the same” and not mention any stats. Still, if they are redoing his mechanics or something this is the time and place to do it. He needs to come into one spring in shape and feeling good about his delivery and stuff and just hope it all clicks. I think at this point anyone would be happy if he ends up as a decent middle reliever. If a big money signing at least becomes a usable piece it is not a fail when it comes to the difficult art of player development.

    • I don’t know. There should have been some thought put into giving a 16 year old kid, 2 and a half million dollars. To me he was not giving proper guidance. Upgrade facilities all you want, you still have to motivate the kids to use them, and use them properly. Hopefully they learn from this.

      • Pretty giant assumption that his failure=lack of guidance.

        Hopefully they dont overreact to 1 kid busting and take a full and broad look at their processes when evaluating themselves.

        • Yes, because the organization is doing a tremendous job with the health of the young pitchers.

        • Allie has been the greater bust. Heredia was young enough that he was mostly a project. Allie had obvious tools, but either couldn’t or wouldn’t refine them. Reports had Allie throwing strikes during ST workouts. But he’d then fall apart during games. A million dollar arm guided by a ten cent head? Probably.

          It’s difficult to identify Heredia’s key problem. There have been fat pitchers who have succeeded. There have been tall pitchers who have succeeded. Reports had Heredia touching 98 mph and striking out batters with his curveball. The tools were in there, but….

  • How does a player come to us as a 16 year old throwing high 90s fastball and 6 different curves (that were suppose to be plus pitches) and become a low 90s pitcher with no curve and zero control? It would be one thing if we could attribute his issues to injuries but as far as I know he has been healthy ( all be it fat). If I had to guess I would think Heredia has been the Pirates greatest failure in the Huntington era.

    • Here is his original scouting report, which is much different than most people remember. Copied from the 2011 prospect guide, which was info direct from the sources before the threw a pitch as a pro:


      The filling out referenced in that would be adding muscle, not what he actually added

    • Heredia and Tony Sanchez…they all can’t be zingers.

  • This off-season, I’ve much more enjoyed the Gorkys Hernandez updates over those of Heredia.

  • Remember he’s only 12 years old.

  • Oh well…might as well keep Heredia until he, too, becomes a minor league free agent. Maybe something will click, but Luis looks lost…fooever!

  • Who’s the coach that’s been primarily instructing Heredia?

    • probably the same ones who have been instructing guys like JT, Glasnow, Eppler, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      Some players can execute what they’re taught and some can’t. I hope Luis invested his bonus wisely.

      • Yea, but this wasn’t 26k or 260k, this was 2.6M.

        They got to stop wasting assets, Lee. This is how they got in trouble before.

        • I disagree with calling Heredia a waste of money. He was legitimately the best pitcher in that international class and in 2012, I had three scouts tell me how good he was, basically drooling over the kid. He started going downhill after that and conditioning has been an issue.

          If the bonus cap wasn’t in place, I don’t think they would pass on a similar pitcher for the same cost if they had the chance. You can’t measure the future desire of a 16-year-old and how money may change him, but you also don’t see pitchers that good at 15 that often and they followed him for awhile leading up to his signing.

      • He will probably be making decent money in Mexico in a few years, pitching summer and winter ball. He’s very popular there, at least he was before he started pitching for his team, not sure now. He didn’t exactly end up with a ton of money from his bonus, but he has future earning power in his home country because of his status there, so he should be fine.

    • Being in the system five years and all five of those years he spent some time in extended spring training, he has been with a lot of pitching coaches and instructors. I don’t think you can blame the coaches for him though