Get Your Last Minute Pirates Prospects Gift Subscriptions and eBooks

Christmas is tomorrow, and at this point most of the stores are closed, and it’s way beyond time to get anything shipped. If you’re looking for a perfect last-minute gift for a friend or family member that is a huge Pirates fan, we’ve got plenty of gift subscription options available. Each gift subscription comes with a custom gift card that you can print out, including the name of the recipient, and a coupon code that they can redeem to set up their account. The card looks similar to the card below (with the name and subscription details included on the final version):


We offer a one year gift subscription and a three-year gift subscription (with the latter including a free copy of the 2016 Prospect Guide, which ships after Christmas). We also have gift packages available, where you can buy a one year subscription and a Prospect Guide. We now offer this in eBook form as well, so you can give a gift card on Christmas morning for the subscription and the eBook.

We will be processing gift subscriptions through Christmas morning, really driving home the definition of the term “last-minute”. You can purchase any of the options here.

Of course, if you’re just buying a Prospect Guide or a subscription for yourself, you can do that too. The subscription options are available on our subscription page. The three-year Top Prospect Plan comes with a free book, while the Annual plan receives $10 off the book. Each subscription plan receives $10 off the eBook. Your discount codes will be e-mailed to you shortly after you subscribe.

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