Here is How to Redeem Your Pirates Prospects Gift Subscription

We had a lot of gift subscriptions that were bought this month and given out today, and just to help everyone along, here is a reminder of how to redeem your subscription.

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  • LLOYD just sat down with the Prospect Guide and came up with this in less than an hour:

    2019 Bucco Roster (only current prospects)
    1. Hanson 2B (S) 26
    2. Ramirez LF 24
    3. Meadows CF (L) 23
    4. Bell 1B (S) 26
    5. Hayes 3B 22
    6. W Garcia RF 26
    7. Newman 2B 25
    8. McGuire C (L) 24

    1. Diaz C 28
    2. Tucker IF (S) 22
    3. Moroff Util (S) 25
    4. Barnes OF 27
    5. Osuna 1B/OF 26

    1. Glasnow 25
    2. Tallion 27
    3. Brault (L) 27
    4. Kingham 27
    5. Tarpley (L) 26

    1. Eppler 9th 26
    2. Y Garcia 8th 26
    3. Dickson 7th (L) 27
    4. Holmes 6th 26
    5. Waddell lefty (L) 24
    6. Kuhl long 26
    7. Williams swingman 27


    • I like how you factored in the Pirates tendency to shift by including two second baseman in the starting lineup. It could work

      • HAHAHAHA.
        Mistake by LLOYD…….
        Newman is the SS.

        Thank you Sir John for the catch.


  • This is a re-post from a previous night:

    Wouldn’t these stats look nice:

    1. Polanco .280/.340/.410 30-10-15 (dubs-trips-HR) 35SB
    2. Jaso .280/.360/.420 20-0-12 0SB
    3. Cutch .300/.400/.500 40-5-25 15SB
    4. Marte .280/.340/.450 35-7-22 30SB
    5. Kang .280/.350/.450 25-2-18 5SB
    6. Cervelli .280/.350/.420 25-2-10 0SB
    7. J-Hay .280/.320/.400 32-5-12 15SB
    8. Mercer .250/.300/.380 25-3-10 5SB

    Morse .250/.320/.440 12-0-10 5SB
    Rogers .280/.330/.430 10-1-8 2SB
    Stewy .250/.320/.350 10-0-2 0SB
    SRod .240/.290/.350 6-2-6 5SB
    Florimon .200/.250/.250 5-3-1 15SB

    Cole 20-7 200K 1.05WHIP
    Liriano 16-9 185 1.20
    Niese 14-10 145 1.30
    Vogelsong 6-9 90 1.40
    Locke 10-10 90 1.35
    Tallion 7-5 90K 1.30
    Glasnow 5-3 65K 1.30

    LLOYD wants Latos and can see a 12-8 150K 1.30

    PEN of:

    1. SHARK
    2. Watson
    3. Nicasio
    4. Hughes
    5. Caminero
    6. Medina
    7. Lefty



    pss……….LLOYD now sees the lineup being:

    1. Polanco
    2. Marte
    3. Cutch
    4. Jaso (due to his RiSP prowess)
    5. Kang
    6. Cervelli
    7. Jay-Hay
    8. Mercer

  • Oh Christmas Tree
    Oh Christmas Tree
    Pirates Prospects Guide was under LLOYD’s Christmas Tree
    …………Thanks to LLOYD’s 3-year subscription and Ms LLOYD’s hi-jacking of the Book from the Mail.


    ps………the cover is even more beautiful in person than on le computeer

    pss…….LLOYD had a moment today realizing and appreciating that his other favo teams, the Steelers, Pens, PITT football and PITT hoops don’t have sites like this dedicated to them as do our Buccos. And also LLOYD summizes that there aren’t many MLB baseball squads that have a dedicated prospect website as awesome as this

    psss……….Gracias Tim, Johnny and NotCool

    • I’ll second that as my 3 Prospect Guides arrived in time for stocking stuffers for my two sons on Christmas Eve. Living in East TN I get to rub shoulders with many Reds, Braves, and Cubs fans (AA Smokies in Sevierville, TN), and I have shared the prospect guides with them in previous years. Their responses are always very positive, wishing that their favorite teams had such a quality publication (or any publication), and being blown away with the amount of positive information shared about these young prospects.

      I did not get a chance to look last time through Bradenton for ST – do they carry copies of the book in the gift shops at McKechnie Field? A great keepsake especially for families of the players, and for any fan of the Pirates.

      Again, very well written and presented Tim. Thank you

      • The Smokies have a beautiful park, a tremendous upgrade from the old dump in Knoxville. On a side note I took in the Christmas light show there for the first time last week. The whole experience with the Smokies should be a model for orgs.

        • Bill Meyers Stadium in East Knoxville was a real treat – I saw the USA vs Cuba there years ago. They were the K-Jays (Knoxville Bluejays) back then, and then after they moved up to Sevierville (maybe mid-90’s), Bill Meyers was given for use by the Summer League 17-18 Connie Mack League, and the 18 and older Stan Musial League. I coached a 17-18 team there and if you think the stadium was bad, you should have visited the dugouts.

          Me and the BW plan to get up to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg before they take down the lights, and also to take in Dollywood while the unseasonably warm weather continues.