Open Discussion: Day Two of the Winter Meetings

Yesterday was a busy day for news and rumors, not just for the Pirates but for all of baseball. And then at the end of the day I thought about it and realized that nothing actually happened. There was an Aroldis Chapman trade that never went through after it was later revealed that there was a crazy story involving Chapman choking someone and firing a gun in his house eight times. Then there was a late trade rumor that discussed the Cubs getting Shelby Miller, which was almost immediately shot down.

There has been some action in the last day, and things started up this morning with the Cardinals acquiring Jedd Gyorko for Jon Jay. On that last one, it’s hard to say if the move helps or hurts the Cardinals. Gyorko is a bad player with a big contract, but at the same time it is the Cardinals, so he’ll somehow become the biggest breakout star in baseball next year.

There was a small rumor that the Pirates are one of the teams interested in Mark Reynolds.

Yesterday they were connected to Jeff Francoeur. The connection to Reynolds could either be a cheap addition at first base to pair with Michael Morse, or it could be the team looking for a veteran bench bat in the Francoeur category. Neither player is hugely appealing, but they both had decent numbers last year that you would take off the bench.

As usual, we will have updates throughout the day on all of the latest news and rumors. Feel free to use this thread for discussion on any other topic that isn’t covered.

  • Cubs sign Lackey and Zobrist and trade Castro to Yanks for Adam Warren. Not a great pitcher but useful. Bucs after Rodriquez and Kendricks. We are in trouble if that is indeed what we are going to get. Huntington has done a great job since being here. I hope he can get more than that.

    • The Cubs are killing it right now and are now looking for an outfielder! They are getting one of the top guys so NH needs to step it up! At least the Cardinals arent looking good either!

  • This is my debut people! This whole Ben Zobrist situation has held everything up and now I regret the impatience because now he is officially a Chicago Cub. Good grief! On a positive note for me and maybe a few on here, his signing opens up the door to Neil Walkers fate as a Pirate. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the Mets now.

  • As it’s an open discussion…

    Pascal Dupuis just retired due to the blood clots. Sad to see him go and hope the best for his future health.

  • In case we all forgot, Dusty Baker is an idiot. And now, a racist! Fun times.

  • Kendricks, Reynolds, etc. In the movie Get Shorty, Ray Bones comes into the barber shop to meet Chili Palmer and brings his bodyguard (Big Daddy Wayne). So, Chili Palmer turns and looks at the bodyguard and says, “C’mon, you can do better than him!”

  • So I assume they didn’t learn their lesson from the Corey Hart experiment

  • They are not going to sign any legitimate free agents. The only way they get a guy who is not a bench player or should be a bench player is via trade. It’s unfortunate and they certainly could afford a decent player not named greinke, cueto etc but they won’t do it. They don’t allocate enough funds to the team. They have been really smart getting cheap production like cervelli and some reclamation guys but eventually some of those reclamation guys don’t work and a move won’t pan out. They are contenders and are now to the point where they need to spend a little bit more to fill a hole. It is sad that we won 98 games and people have to make comments about bringing up minor league guys who are not ready because we can’t (WONT) spend 13 to 16 on a free agent.

  • I think the first baseman spot gets solved with Dae Ho Lee. Wont have to trade anybody, wont have to pay a ton to him…tops 6 million I’d guess. He has significant power. Probably could get him on a 2-3 year deal given his age. He wants to be on a contender. We already have one successful case of a Korean on our team doing well. He actually in some ways has a better record than Kang does given his time spent in Japan (which is a better league, closer to majors than KBO) and he has international experience. He hits for average and power. I could totally see him producing what Kang did…280 avg…ops around 800 with 15-20 homers. He’s a lefty, so pair him with Morse and that could be a really good platoon. Even when Josh Bell comes up, he can function in a platoon or backup capacity for a couple years. Bell is going to need atleast a year+ to adapt and really develop. Look at Polanco. I just think it makes too much sense and NH doesnt have to give up anything to get him.

  • Prince Fielder is a low cost trade candidate for anyone willing to pick up 5/90. If he can be kept away from the buffet table, I’d rather take the risk on him and trade Bell for pitching help than to keep scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    • I actually was thinking about him and Texas is shopping him. Get them to eat $20m and you’ve got a bull in the lineup through 2020. I easily give up Diaz and hope cervelli signs extension. I don’t give up Bell though. Morse can go as part of the money ball.

      • Prince Fielder actually stepped aside and let Mitch Moreland play first base last season for the good of the team. Yeah, he has great ” foot movement “. Besides that, he is terrible defensively.

    • Prince does move well for a big man. Nice foot movement.

    • Prince does move well for a big man. Nice foot movement.

    • That body type doesnt exactly show any signs of aging well on offense. He could easily end up being Walker-like on offense in a few years if playing at PNC.

      He’ll always be not great on defense, and the length of that deal may see him end up as a fringe starter when its nearing its end. Id bet money Prince Fielder is untradable by age 35 because he’s a 115-120 wRC+ hitter with nothing else.

      • What? Are you crazy? There are plenty of athletes with that body type that have progressed well.

        Shamu, for example, was an elite swimmer and had the same proportions as Prince.

        On a serious note, I don’t disagree with you…excuse the pun, but Fielder will be dead weight before the end of his contract…the question is, how long before the end? If he can be highly productive for three seasons, good for one, then go in the tank at his age 35/36 season. I think that would be worth it.

        However, I wasn’t advocating acquiring Fielder, I was just saying that…if the Pirates are going to try to fill the hole at first, I’d much rather go with Prince than sign a Mark Reynolds.

        I’m still in the camp that Bell isn’t going to light up the world when he gets here. According to what I’ve read, his fielding is worse than Pedro’s and he’s going to struggle against lefties. I think he’s got the talent to come around, but I don’t see him being a major contributor in 2016.

  • Mark Reynolds? Are you #$%^’ing kidding me?

  • There is really going to be some tears shed here when Elias Diaz is dealt, huh?

    • What? Please tell me there isn’t serious rumor he’s on the block

      • Thats what the Rangers want for Moreland apparently.

        • Eric Marshall
          December 8, 2015 1:37 pm

          no way they give up all those years of control in Diaz for 1 year of so so Moreland.

          • But if you sign Cervelli, Diaz becomes “extra” right? And you still have Mcguire.

            • Eric Marshall
              December 8, 2015 1:44 pm

              why would we spend 10M+ per year on Cervelli. Is he 9M better than Diaz per year? Diaz is killing it from a defensive catcher and game caller. Money better spent elsewhere.

              • Cervelli is worth 10 million? Thats news to me.

                • If cervelli duplicates his 2015 season he will get a 4year/$50M deal easy.

                  I think we should go up to 3/22M

                • Eric Marshall
                  December 8, 2015 1:55 pm

                  just ranked below Martin recently. Martin makes far north of 10M. Cervelli wouldn’t trade one year of ownership for less than a multi-year 10+M per deal. If we can get him for 6M per for three years great.

                • He’ll get paid more than that on the open market unless he sucks this year. A healthy, 2-3 WAR year makes him the 2nd best C of the market next year.

        • Especially since he would be a half season stop gap until Bell is up presumably…

          • I gave up man.

            I’m the only guy on this blog that thinks Diaz won’t be in @#$ing Cooperstown.

    • What would we do for a catcher in 2017?

      Of course I would be disappointed.
      He is quite an athlete.

      • Pay Cervelli. Go with him until Reese is ready.

        But then again, this is what normal clubs do.

        • Reese’s bat may never be ready. Yes I know catchers take longer to develop etc, etc. but that bad has a LONGGGG way to go regardless of how good his defense is.

        • Normal clubs give extensions to BABIP-fueled breakout players? Right, because that’s worked out so well for the Pirates and Josh Harrison thus far…

          • Holy Christ. You damn well know he isn’t gonna hit for shit for two years. By then, Mcguires close.

            He’s a year older than Luke.

            • No one damn well knows that. You made that up off how you feel about what might happen maybe.

              Its not like Cervelli is a sure thing to be a decent hitter. A whopping 1 full year worth of signs suggest that.

              • .686 OPS!!!

                • Eric Marshall
                  December 8, 2015 3:21 pm

                  Not to mention Cervelli couldn’t stay on the field prior to last year. I would prefer to use the 10+M we would be saving on a real hitting infielder to make up the potential difference between what Cervelli can actually do vs. what we get with Diaz. Can’t invest 10+M in a catcher.

                  • When the Pirates invest 10 million into anything let me know.

                    I am not impressed by Hanson and Diaz offensively at all. They have prospects of similar if not superior skill sets behind them.

                    Depth. For the love of god, trade your freaking depth.

                    • Eric Marshall
                      December 8, 2015 3:28 pm

                      i would prefer to trade expensive aging parts and bring up the prospects. Walker outside of some power hasn’t hit well in a few years. He has terrible range and no speed. If Hanson could come up and hit 270, steal a bunch of bases and provide superior defense we win. Not to mention saving 10M to spend on a pitcher. If Hanson stuggles we have Kang coming back and would be set.

        • Is normal the same as stupid?

          Yeah just pay Cervelli, over 4 years since it might actually take 3 before Reese is ML ready. Just give that 30 year old guy a 4 year deal and hope he doesnt get hurt or see BABIP regression. He’s been healthy a lot, right?

          Trading 6 years of young for 1 year of average is the type of move normal teams should avoid. Particularly if the easy solution is “just pay that one guy, easy”.

          • Lot of people high on a guy they’ve never seen swing a bat. Let alone see him play well over a period of time.

            Unbelievable. I’m not even that high on Cervelli, but letting him walk for nothing and going with Diaz and not expecting a drop in production at catcher is sheer lunacy.

            • Much like offering a 4 year deal and expecting good production and health each year is lunacy with Cervelli.

              You are paying 10 million at least per year over 4 years to say you watched Mitch Moreland at 1B for 1 year. Terrible use of resources.

              • I. Dont. Think.He. Gets. 10.

                But again. Hang on to all these prospects to the bitter end.

                • You not thinking he will get 10 doesnt make that a market reality.

                  If he’s healthy and 2 WAR productive, he doesnt sign any deal under 10. Thats just throwing out a low number to satisfy your argument.

                  He gets 10 easily with another decent year, because average catchers with average hitting at age 30 arent cheap on the market.

                  • Make up your mind. Is Cervelli good or bad?

                    • Eric Marshall
                      December 8, 2015 3:30 pm

                      you obviously don’t believe he is good given you DONT BELIEVE HE WILL GET 10. 🙂 Cervelli had his best year last year. Best in number of games and offensive performance. Will he repeat that over the next 3 or 4 years? I think he currently would be looking for 10 or more over a 3 or 4 year contract to sign. Maybe i am wrong. I hope i am wrong.

                    • Are you a 3rd grader?

                      Cervelli producing well will gain him 10 AAV for some team. I pity that team, because he’s not all that great an option to keep producing 2-3 WAR due to a high BABIP and serious injury issues.

                      Cervelli can play well, be worth more than your made up figure, and be a bad fit longterm.

                • Eric Marshall
                  December 8, 2015 3:24 pm

                  if we can sign him to 3/21 great. I just don’t see that happening. In that case i could see trading Diaz and waiting on McGuire.

            • Eric Marshall
              December 8, 2015 3:23 pm

              Diaz has been very highly praised for some time now for his defense. More so than Cervelli ever was. Cervelli had a record year at the plate this past year. How did it compare to what Diaz did two years ago when he broke out. Had an adjustment in AAA and will get better.

              • This has a lot to do with Rene Gayo. That’s what this is.

                He’s a backup catcher in my opinion. If he turns out to be something better, I will admit I was wrong.

                Hansons a backup too, fwiw.

                • Cervelli was a career .689 OPS hitter in AA and .651 OPS hitter in AAA. Diaz is a better athlete with more arm strength, and his bat is far superior at the same stage of development.

                  Helps to see a kid play before forming an opinion.

                  • No. It would help if Diaz could hit well before Cutch and Cole are gone.

                    • You are allllll over the place here. We should probably just move on.

                    • I feel you and Luke are too. One minute Cervelli sucks, he’s BABIP lucky. Next minute he’s worth 10 million a year.

                    • I won’t speak for Luke, but I absolutely *would not* extend Cervelli and have said that from day 1 when this topic has come up.

                    • But I promise to give Diaz several hundred ABs before I call you and Luke out on him.

                  • Uh uh uh NMR…..stop bringing facts into this discussion, it will just bust up someone’s narrative. Someone who has obviously never even seen the one guy play.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    December 8, 2015 1:06 pm

    Reynolds is garbage – way too many Ks and very low BA are his traits.
    Francoeur is not a bad player, but is he really that much better than say Broxton or Bell at this stage of his career and worth the higher payroll hit that the younger player would not represent?

    • No MLB player is ” garbage ” as people like you have a habit of saying. That tells me a lot about your character and thought process, when you obviously couldn’t get a swing on a professional if your life depended on it.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    December 8, 2015 1:03 pm

    One way to reduce payroll is to do what most successful small to mid market teams do – use young prospects to fill out some of the roster spots – and stop giving multiple year deals to aging journeyman players with very limited upside (Stewart for example). Players like Bell, Glasnow, Hansen, and Diaz could all be on the 25 man in 2016, if they are not blocked by a large guaranteed contract to someone else.

    • Chris Stewart? He’s a solid backup catcher and is worthy of a roster spot.

    • Hold that thought until summer.

    • I get what you are saying, but the problem with it is that the Pirates are a contending team. They cannot wait for young players to develop at the major league level. if 3-5 players make the jump this year and are all seeing major playing time then I don’t think the Pirates will be contending. And more importantly they will have wasted another year of Cole and Cutch. Clock is ticking…. Make sure the AAA are more than ready.

    • Most players also require significant development time at MLB even if they ARE killing it at AAA. Guys like Bryant and Trout are the exception. So you need to get them as ready as you can at AAA to make sure the MLB development time is as short as possible.

      And as many players will be gone after 6 years, you also have to keep in mind that calling them up before they are ready means you are getting an extra season of AAA level play now and giving up a season of a 6th year player in his prime layer. (Cry “cheap!” if you want about the six year thing, but that is the constraint that they are working under.)

  • Dodgers want RP help and need a second baseman. Just sayin’.

  • I wanna know what causes teams like STL, SFG, and PGH to all have interest. Its not like just 1 of those teams and some random PHI types.

    What exactly do those seemingly well run teams see to go “yup, Reynolds might fit”.

  • Steamer doesn’t project Gyorko as a bad player. Over 1 WAR which depending upon how much cash the Cards received likely makes this an attractive deal from their perspective.

    • 1 WAR if he gets 500 at bats.

      He aint getting 500 at bats in STL unless Matheny suddenly decides he likes splitting time for his starters.

      • A ballplayer projected at 1 WAR over 500 at bats isn’t a “bad” ballplayer, that’s my point. And with cash coming back the contract is less prohibitive. Gyorko is very good insurance policy and may provide surplus value if he gets anywhere near his 2013 levels. Even if he doesn’t, Steamer clearly doesn’t feel he is a “bad” ballplayer.

        • Not being bad doesnt really hit my criteria for trading for a player.

          And plenty of 1 WAR guys can actually be rather bad in many areas.

    • The guy is a WVU grad that is an automatic 2 WAR!

  • At least Reynolds can play third.

  • “Decent numbers you would take off the bench”? Um Fracoeur hasn’t been above replacement since 2011 and was -0.7 WAR last year. Reynold is a righty who I’m guessing has more serious splits than Morse does so he looks slightly redundant. Neither of these names make a damn bit of sense to me. Which is fine because there a lot of false rumors. But I sure hope we are aiming higher for guys coming off the bench.

  • It is scary to see middle innings bullpen pieces getting 4-6MM per year on the open market

    • Really, reeeaaaalllyy stresses the problem with Pirates futile internal drafting and development of pitching thus far. Failure to even get relievers out of those early drafts has caught up to them in the past two years and will continue into 2016.

    • A year from now, we could right back here with ” Trade Watson and Harrison”

      Totally get what you are saying.

      • I won’t go there yet; 2016 is a massively important year for the system. We could just as easily be here a year from now looking at 2-3 new quality starters and at least as many arms ready to step into middle relief action. Far from out of the question.

        But if we don’t end up there, hoooo boy will that be damning.

        • Thank you Déjan.

          • Not even close.

            Unless Dejan has changed his tune since this summer when I stopped reading him, I would’ve had to say something like “No Major Leaguers RIGHT NOW therefor every draft dollar has been a waste, Huntington can’t draft nor ever will be able to, and Rene Gayo should be crowned King of Western Pennsylvania”.

            Seriously, he’s wrong, but if you can’t objectively look at the production from within the system *to date* and agree that it’s been poor, particularly on the pitching end, then you literally have no standard for what “good” actually looks like.

  • I can see SF and WAS moving closer to a Neil Walker deal if Zobrist goes to NY. Keeping the Andrew Heaney deal in mind, how about AJ Cole from Washington or Kyle Crick from SF?

  • Reynolds is basically a worse version of Pedro. A joke to discuss his name IMO. Better to discuss Ishikawa or Davis again.

    Perhaps the most obvious move of the week should be the Pirates bidding on Kenta Maeda. $20 mil posting fee is returned if you don’t sign him – so really a no risk deal there. Signing is expected to be 5-6 years at $12-15 mil per year. So if you can get a two year cy young award winning pitcher for 6 years at $100 -110 mil total? That’s a very reasonable deal in today’s market. With no draft pick lost as well. Easy choice I think to be in heavy on Kenta.

  • Approach the White Sox about Sale and Abreu. Why it
    works for both sides.

    The White Sox have to rebuild or go ALL-IN. For
    starters, they are so far behind the other teams in that division in talent
    they’ll be wasting the prime years of their best players. The North side team
    is getting all the hype and glory. The Cubs will be competitive for the
    foreseeable future unless something crazy happens. We could offer a very
    competitive package including Glasnow, Taillon, Bell, Meadows and either Diaz
    or Ramirez and other minor pieces for Sale and Abréu. This would get
    their rebuild off the ground in a hurry. Add that to Carlos Rondon
    (sp). That’s a really nice 1st step to a young productive exciting

    For the Pirates, we’re delusional if we think in any way
    shape or form the Pirates can resign either Cole and/or Cutch. So that means
    we have a 3-4 year window to succeed as much and as often as we can. The
    Cubs, as we speak, have a rotation of Arrieta, Lester, Lackey and Hammel and
    are seriously pursuing Shelby Miller (probably dangling Jorge Soler).
    Cubs are also meeting with Jason Heyward. And let’s not forget that impressive young and cost controlled lineup they have.

    The Cards are getting the Pirate Killer back in
    Wainwright and still have Wacha Matt Carpenter and Martinez. Yadier Molina, MattAdams, Matt Holiday and Randall Grichuk come back healthy and I would expect them to start making serious in free agency.
    So where does that leavethe Pirates??? Pedro gone and Burnett retired. Starting rotation of Cole, Liriano, Locke and Morton. No league average
    1st baseman baseman to speak of with a converted OF prospect taking
    over 1st base or a below average Micheal Morse, a 3rd baseman coming off a pretty serious injury, a 2nd baseman going into his walk year and a closer who is set to make 10 million a year which equates to roughly 10% of the Pirates estimated payroll for 2016. Trade Melancon and Walker for future pitching prospects. Make a run at Sale and Abreu. You have the next 3-4 years of a core including Cutch, Marté, Polanco, Kang, Mercer, Cole, Liriano (2 years), Sale, and Abréu. Extend Cervelli and Watson. You still have Locke for at least 2 years. In June of next year, its’s conceivable that the Pirates have 2 picks in the MLB entry draft within the top 25.
    Draft well and replenish the farm system. That would be my plan of attack. Win as often as you can for the next 3 years.

    • I think that deal would cost Glasnow, Tarpley, Bell, Meadows, Diaz and plus maybe a Kevin Newman. I just don’t see Chicago trading Sale, not with his contract

    • You’re new here aren’t you?

    • I am glad you are not our general manager you would leave our farm system in worse shape than Littlefield did

      • Enjoy 3rd place!

        • What a refreshing hot take.

        • I think Huntington plans on being competitive for years to come mainly because of the prospects you want to throw away On two players

          • The Pirates are about contending annually, hoping to eventually win a championship. Not going for broke and rebuilding. They want to avoid being the Brewers, and become the Cardinals. They are more likely to trade Cole in two years than to sign a pitcher over 30 to a 6 year deal.

            • It’s not going for broke. It gives them a 3-4 year window of legitimately winning a championship while they still have Cutch and Cole. They have 3-4 years of drafts ahead of them before that time to incorporate more prospects into their system. Going for broke implies 1 year or go bust. . I believe Sale and Abreu’s contracts are controlled for 3 years. Those deals would correspond perfectly with Cutch and Cole, our 2 best players who will leave when they’re deals are up.

              The brewers analogy is like apples and oranges.

              • Not really, you are just saying that they extra year or two window makes it better. Its a fair analogy because its risky.

                In that, whoever we trade a giant amount to might end up using 2 of those prospects to win a World Series with on the strength of that trade while we are real good for 2 years but dont win a WS.

                • And even in your scenario, the failure would not be trading those prospects in the first place but *failing to replace them* after they were dealt.

                  If we’re going to have an honest conversation about how the Brewers failed, stopping the analysis at the big trades is completely flawed. In fact, only one of those players even turned out to be a Major Leaguer. Their failure was an overall awful system.

              • I don’t understand why you don’t think we are already set up to have a legit shot at winning championships for the next 3-4 years. 98 games is no joke. And the way they’re set up now we can be competitve for years after that. If we trade all of those prospects you’re pretty much guaranteeing a rebuild in the near future.

                • I agree, the window closes even quicker on a small market team when they lose all their prospects. The prospects (though a crap shoot), are the life blood to the Pirates competitive longevity.

                  • Did I miss a rule change that says you’re not allowed to continue drafting and developing prospects after trading a few?

                    • A few is one thing, dcm wants to sell the farm.

                      We’ve been rebuilding since 2007 and we’re finally to the point where the farm is spilling over into the majors. In my opinion they should stick with what’s working.

                      You can trade one or two pieces and back fill. You can’t trade em all.

                    • If one trade literally destroys your farm system you never had a good one in the first place.

                    • I don’t agree with DCM’s proposal, mind you, but this “sell the farm” fear mongering is misplaced.

                    • Yes, you missed that rule change apparently. You are no longer allowed to replace lost prospects.

                      I think it’s obvious you can replace a few, but dcm mentioned 5 of our top prospects. That can not be replaced or developed quickly. Especially the development part.

              • And then in three years the whole team blows up. Simply unsustainable.

      • I agree with everything DCM said EXCEPT the Sale and Abreu part…we can “approach” the White Sox all we want for those 2 guys- there’s not a team in baseball that wouldn’t kill to get those guys. WE can’t afford the players they’d need to make that even worth talking about- those are 2 of the most talented players in baseball…not to mention, still on team friendly deals- why in the world would the Sox ever part with those 2 dudes? I agree we could afford to make some big plays- but we have to be realistic.

    • I dont trust Chris Sale’s throwing motion. At all.

      • I live in Illinois. Had my boys in a pitching camp, they said do not watch or mimic Sale.

        • yet he is a top5 pitcher in all of baseball! Further, he provides one of the team friendliest valuable contracts in all of baseball!

    • My advice to you is : get a large glass of ice water. Take a long slow drink, then take a big, deeeep breath, and relax. Your anxiety will pass in no time.

      • Foo’s got something stronger in the medicine cabinet. 😉

      • You have Taillon Glasgow coming this year and the overwhelming majority of scouts and GMs consider them future top of the rotation guys
        Trade 2 pitchers for 1 ????
        Meadows is one of the top prospects in all of baseball and mccutchens replacement
        Bell is probably our starting 1st baseman later this year
        This guy says he has been reading Tims articles for a few years?
        He obviously doesn’t get them because Tims philosophy goes 100% against a stupid trade like that.

  • I believe that Shelby Miller would be a great fit in our rotation, does anyone else see the fit? I think we could package 3 prospects together to land him now that it seems the Cubs and Arizona might be falling back on him and reports say he could be traded today. How about
    OF Harold Ramirez, 2B Hanson and C Reese McGuire? Reese wouldn’t be easy to trade but we could get 3 years of Miller…

    • Way too much to give up for him

    • I think Meadows, being from just outside Atlanta and a top 50 prospect, would be the guy to get Atlanta interested. Who says no if it’s Meadows for Miller straight up? I think Atlanta, but then we’d just need to balance things by trading prospects for prospects, as in the Adam LaRoche deal years ago.

      • ATL likely laughs at that. They can sell high on him due to his big year and them having no real rush to move him.

        • Probably. But it depends how they view Meadows, and whether they believe they are trading high on Miller. I’m thinking more along the lines that Meadows for Miller would initiate conversations with pieces to be filled in.

          I’m not that big on Miller, but we need a solid #3 from somewhere and I’m very skeptical as to whether we can sign one through FA.

        • Aren’t they trying to get Jorge Soler from the Cubs; Meadows would be a hell of a starting point if that’s the value they’re looking for.

    • I agree, with KS…this is an INSANE trade…I know Miller has lots of potential- but also has potential to fail- we’ve LIT HIM UP the last couple of years- we would be giving up 3 top 10 prospects on that dude? No way.

    • Did you just see what Miller got in the trade? Yikes

  • I don’t really see how Gyorko fits on the Cardinals except as a backup. Don’t really understand this move much but I hope it ends up biting the Cardinals. Also, do they have anyone besides Grichuk who can play center field now?

  • It’s a little surprising the PBC has done nothing on the surface so far. Thought maybe some type of action for the BP, at least.
    There was a lot of cash involved with Gyorko. What’s up with that.

  • All the rumors much to do about nothing….

    Not going to give Kasmir that kinda money or years….Pirates level of spending for SP is 1 year and 5 mil or less…
    Do not need Moreland or Lind or Reynolds at any price….unless the Pirates plan on keeping Bell at AAA all year..if they go with Moreland or Lind then bye bye Morse….can’t afford both….

    • I hope they do trade for the LH bat at 1st and it works out, so they don’t need Bell this year. Bell is another “?” this year. Id rather see him get too many AAA at bats, than not enough.

    • You mean like the 1 year/$5 mil contract they currently have Francisco Liriano signed to?

    • That’s not exactly true- we’d be willing to go 3-35 for the right pitcher, I don’t see us spending more than that

  • Hey, watch what you say about Gyorko.
    He’s a good West Virginia guy.

    Then again, maybe he should have stuck with football.

  • I don’t understand the upside of a guy like Mark Reynolds. His DWAR last year was -1.0, and overall was a -0.6. He’s essentially been replacement level since 2009.

  • Just heard the Pirates are going through the garbage cans of other teams GM’s to see if they can get something for nothing.

    • Searage needs his own show on HGTV.

      “Two months ago Ray found this antique Justin Masterson at a flea market and after two coats of paint he’s a beautiful coat rack”