Open Discussion: First Reactions to the Prospect Guide

The 2016 Prospect Guide was released today, including the eBook version. That means some of you have already started reading the book. I’m heading up to Tampa now to pick up the physical copies of the book, and will be shipping those out tomorrow. So anyone who has already purchased the book will be getting their copy early next week. That said, if you’re an Annual subscriber or higher, the eBook is available for $5 with the coupon code “EBOOK”.

Here are all of the details on purchasing the book, including all of the subscriber discounts.

As we saw yesterday, these “Open Discussion/Tim has other things going on today” threads inevitably lead to some sort of news or transaction. John Dreker will have you covered there. Meanwhile, my plans are to pick up a book, maybe stop by Cigar City for a beer (they still have Good Gourd on tap, which is the best pumpkin beer I’ve had), and then spending the rest of the night getting the books ready to ship out in the morning.

Use this thread for any discussion on the book, or any other topics.