Pirates Have Reportedly Made an Offer to 1B/OF Hyun-Soo Kim

According to Korean Baseball News, the Pittsburgh Pirates have reportedly made an offer to 1B/OF Hyun-Soo Kim. The offer is supposedly for approximately $3M per year, though it doesn’t mention whether it was one year or a multi-year deal. The Baltimore Orioles supposedly have a two-year offer on the table for $6-8M total. According to Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun, scouts say that Kim projects to hit 15 homers a season and get on base. He plays first base, but his best position is left field. Kim was looking for more money, but he also has a desire to play Major League Baseball.

The 27-year-old has played ten seasons for the Doosan Bears of the KBO.  He hit .326/.438/.541 in 2015, hitting a career high 28 homers, while posting a 101/63 BB/SO ratio. He played in a very hitter-friendly ballpark. While a .979 OPS sounds very high, he finished 11th in the league in that category. He has a career .895 OPS. I’ve included a video below of a couple homers he hit.




Update 9:30pm: Kim has signed with the Orioles according to Dan Connolly. It’s a two-year deal worth $3.5M per season. The deal is pending a physical.

  • I hate to confirm Mark Maddens take, but he’s been repeatedly saying the team is bidding everyone just lower than what they’re worth to make it look like they are trying, but that they really aren’t trying.
    To sign SRod to 2.5 mil, and to lowball this guy who is a career OBP machine is almost insanity, isn’t it??? I mean WTF is going on this year?

  • Dae-ho Lee is the last option here in my opinion.

    Hyun-Soo Kim woud have been the better investment I believe because they could have had him for cheap for 2-3years even if he’s coming off the bench. He hits for a better BA/OBP than Lee and he’s younger and also plays outfield. The Pirates nickle and dimed that offer. I’m very confused by the direction of this team atm.

  • I was wondering if the Bucs would consider John Jaso as a left handed first baseman? His number translate to decent numbers over a year….260….15 hr….80 RBI’s. He has played first and can hit. Just wondering….

  • Bye bye Bastardo…NH is not paying 18 mil for him.

    • HartHighPirate
      December 17, 2015 4:10 pm

      With regards to Jung Ho Kang its never over until it is over.
      ………..it is over,,,,,, Camden Yards is a stone’s throw from downtown Baltimore. Ouch!.

  • “El Nîno have a good two seamer by any chance?”
    – Neal Huntington

  • This offseason feels very disjointed and lacking a plan. Unless the plan was to not improve our team. This move feels like another miss, even if he wasn’t all that great…they clearly valued him as an addition and to lose out for 1M just doesn’t make sense. This whole offseason feels like that…

    • I doesn’t make any sense. It’s like they wanted him but not really. Even if he goes to the bench when Bell arrives, he’s still a reasonable investment as a backup 1B/OF. Do you think they are saving their money for something more significant?

      • Do I think that? No. I thought the Pirates plan for this year was to add to the team they had and hopefully go further in the playoffs this coming year. I think what the actual plan is is to bring up the prospects to “see what we have” and maybe compete next year. Personally, I expect one more move. I think they will dump Melanceon’s salary for prospects. In other words, they are not “all in” for 2016. Not what I would have done but I suppose it makes sense.

        • Kim to me seemed like an obvious, buy low, high ceiling type of move that the Pirates love. The Korean position player market is the new cost efficient way to find value. Kang is a prime example. I’m shocked NH hasnt been moving more aggressively to take advantage of this market while the prices are cheap.

          Imagine if they invested in Park and Kim…how much would that have costed? Putting aside the 12 mil in the positing fee for Park. It would be 6.5 mil. 6.5 mil for two players who are probably going to at least hit 25+ homers minimum combined. And that’s probably a conservative estimate.

          How many position players are cost controlled at 6.5 mil and can hit 25+ homers minimum. Mitch Moreland? I think he’s around 5. Pedro will be making 6-8 mil with his bad defense and all. But there arent many seasoned players who can hit for power making 6-7 mil per year.

          And theyre paying Srod 2.5+ mil.. I still have faith, but I’m wavering a little. Guys like Park and Kim are the types of moves NH should be making given his cost constraints. I’m not convinced Josh Bell is going to be Anthony Rizzo in 2016 or even 2017. Even Anthony Rizzo took a couple years to become Anthony Rizzo. It takes years for players to become who they can be in the majors. NH needs to acquire depth and find other solutions in addition to Bell.

        • Rev up for the next wave of your Pittsburgh Pirates. Hence the remarks our goal is always remain competitive. If we never make it to the dance, that’s fine cuz we’re always teetering on playoff contention. We’ll gladly reap the benefits of attendance and TV contracts. If we make it to the World Series, that’s great too, SCORE!!
          I just think if they are seemingly willing to give up on 1 year of Cole and Cutch, that they should trade Cutch now for a king’s ransom. 3 years of an MVP candidate would require a significant bounty in prospect or young player control. See above deal with the Indians.
          I would also make a play for Joey Votto if the Reds would pay a significant portion of his salary. Put Bell in LF.

    • Now you are seeing “the Plan” Jared. But, we are saving BN money, which can be deployed at Seven Springs or at Ogden Press.

      Look at the bright side, snow groomers are expensive and have you checked the cost of a barrel of printers’ ink??

      But, the PBC will have fireworks and bobbleheads nights.

  • The more I think about it the more i get frustrated Hyun-Soo Kim…. I’m not saying this guy is an all-star or even Jung ho Kang’s potential but MAN! He hit .326/.438/.541 with 28HRs . That’s a good ball player, I don’t care what league he’s in and we wouldn’t throw in a little extra and try and win this guy. Not to mention it would have been a great fit with Jung Ho Kang here. They could have spoke Korean to each other picking on Hurdle’s big Double Bubble tummy. Plus he’s a lefty who can play and average 1B or an above average OF.

  • Well there goes that.

  • Would any of you have any interest in trading for a significantly reduced rate on Joey Votto since the Reds are in full re-build?? Probably a pipe dream but I wonder how much salary relief the Reds would chip in for someone to take Joey Votto and his contract off their hands????
    And let me also say this, and it may come out sounding taboo, but if the Pirates are considering taking a step back this year to push for 2017 and 2018 NOW is the time to trade Cutch for a king’s ransom. There is no sense keeping him here if you’re not seriously interested in competing each of the last 3 years of his contract. Cutch to the Indians for Salazar, Carrasco, Frazier + ??

    • I don’t think they are considering that. I don’t think they would have traded Morton if they weren’t going to be make a few moves. It maybe a lot of little moves and they weren’t real serious about spending even a little to get Kim . There has to be a major shake up coming. This off season has been too weird , something is going to happen

      • I agree something biggish needs to happen or else you’re wasting 1 good year of both Cole and Cutch.

    • Cutch is great but they won’t get that kind of return. Ain’t gonna trade any of their top prospects for an impact guy either. But I agree if they don’t plan on being competitive, they should def consider trading cutch.

      • 3 years of control an MVP candidate is not worth that??? WOW. I think they would and I would make that trade.

        • I’d make that trade to but that’s alot I think. Those guys ur getting back would have alot of control too.

  • Wow looks like we lost out on at least the best option the Pirates have at this point because they weren’t willing to pay a 1/2 more than their offer All I have to say i there better be something significant coming to explain why they are pinching coppers now.

    • Nutting’s team is pinching coppers because holiday ski season has been completely wiped out. Heavy rain here today, forecast of rain and temperature in the 50’s and 60’s through New Years day. He is losing millions in budgeted revenue. The deconstruction of a damn good team over, they can’t even make a market offer for a speculative replacement. I wonder what Cole and Cutch are thinking today.

  • I’m staŕting to lose some faith in NH. No Moreland, no Kim, no Napoli…he keeps missing. Here’s hoping it’s Lee. Morneau is last resort. Any other option is sub par. Loney is not worth it. Ike Davis is not very good.

    • Don’t Forget the Happ miss. It appears the Pirates this year underestimate the market

    • I would rather have seen us pay Happ to come back and keep Walker than trade Walker for Niese…

      • Absolutely right, but the reality of the situation is that the Bucs decided to move Walker. The organization and Walker had deep differences, as Walker detailed in the post-trade interviews. Happ is healthy, provides stability, and was very effective here. Losing out on him was a poor decision.

  • Looks like Loney is the next man standing. If they end up paying him over 8 million it will turn out Walker-Morton would be cheaper than Niese-Looney. Assuming Walker could have been a decent defensive 1st baseman his bat is better than Looney’s. 1 year of Walker is better timing to transition to Bell or Hanson. This would have made much more sense if they had traded Morton for a 1st baseman.

    • Interesting point with the salary comparison

      • They also would b paying loney the same amount as pedro. Lonely can’t hit or field anymore. At least pedro could occasionally hit

    • Loney not worth 9.7m he is owed by Tampa. Good BA and SO rate. No power. His SLG is lower than Srod.

      • I agree. That’s why talk of Loney seems to be completely counter productive if that’s the route they take.

    • That would be a disastrous trade…Morton-Walker+ for Loney-Niese….terrible if that’s what happens.

      • And at this point to make the Morton-Walker for Loney-Niese happen we would have to give up even more players. It would end up Morton-Walker and prospects for Loney-Niese and a C prospect pitcher. and cost the Pirates more

  • Reading more about this guy, this could turn out to be a pretty big miss. This guy knows how to take a pitch. May put up some nice numbers in that yard.

  • I guess Chris Davis is our backfill candidate.

  • One after the next is anything positive gonna come out of this offseason.

  • Kim allegedly agrees to sign with Orioles … heading from Korea to Baltimore for physical.

  • ….signed with Orioles.

  • So much for that. Next?

  • Kim signs for $3.5M AAV? The Bucs have S. Rod at $2.5M…value!

  • Stunning he took the deal with more $$$$. We’re just doing a bang up job this offseason. What were they thinking, he’ll take less and have someone to talk too?? smh

  • According to MLBTraderumors Kim just signed with BMore for 2/7M. Wish we had got that deal but it’s done apparently. Certainly rather take that risk with possible big upside than collect a relic like Loney, who is Barmes with the bat. Me Sad

    Rajai, Mark Reynolds & Nava signed today for a lot less so the market for end of benchers is below Kim’s take but he has sooooooooo much more upside than that class of clowns.

    • Ugh, a 2/8 was too much for the Bucs? Jesus….

      • Yeah, I feel the same way. Maybe they didn’t want to pay him more than Kang is going to make this year but you can figure a way around that with club options down the road… bummed…

        • I think they are committed to Josh Bell and don’t want to commit 2 years to a 1B.

          • Not disagreeing, but…if you pay him $4M/yr…the cost for Kim/Bell < $5M/yr…if you can get a 1B'man for that…you're doing alright.

            • It’s all sad and truly disappointing at this rate Bell could still start and you have Kim as 4th OF and backup 1b for 4 mil especially if that bum SRod is getting 2.5 which is an utter joke. This offseason is a complete failure thus far. Grade F all the way

          • Which is bizarre. Look at how it’s taking Polanco to develop. I don’t think it’s fair to expect him to come up immediately and make an impact. They need other options till he gets up to speed.

            • Good point, as the “power tool” is nowhere near developed with just 7 knocks in the minors last year.

          • But he could be a solid 4th outfielder and split time with bell when he arrives. He wouldn’t have been a savior but def could’ve been a good get.

      • Hell, anyone who needed a 4th OFer should have been that level of interested. Upgrades a good number of benches for 3.5 million.

  • It really won’t make sense if the Pirates end up paying James Loney 10 million per year when he will probably want more than one year and they could of had Walker for 1 year for that much. Walker would be the better hitter of the two. With one more year they would have a better idea if Hanson is going to work our or Kang is going to fully recover.

  • If you don’t buy a ticket…

  • That is a world class bat flip, may have to tone that down just a bit in MLB.

  • Is there any chance the Pirates sign Travis Snider for the bench ?He’s a solid bench player . Also I think it’s time to move on from Stewart and get Diaz in the mix. start priming him up for when Cervelli hits FA

    • Yes to Diaz.

    • No to Travis Snider. People get hung up over the four magical weeks he had in the summer of 2014 and are totally ok with ignoring his otherwise thoroughly uninspiring body of work. Sub-.700 OPS in 300+ games as a Pirate. It was a nice ride, Adam Hyzdu.

    • Snider’s main value would be putting the bear hug on Serpico again while he lunges at the opposition during the bench clearing pushing and pointing scrum. He also has shown he can take a punch.

  • The Pirates have some work to do. As is this team cannot compete with the Cubs.The Cardinals haven’t really done anything yet but they haven’t really lost anything besides Heyward . The Cubs are the team to beat they are loaded on paper. The Pirates can’t do anything to make themselves as good as the Cubs on paper but if the Pirates can get more SP /bullpen/and 1 significant bat and improve their infield defense I think they can contend for a division title but, they have to get some things done first. Any rumors about starting pitching? I would really really like to see them spend on a true #2 or #3 starter like Chen or Leake. A rotation of Cole/Liriano/Chen/Niese/Locke or Webster would look real good.Especially with Taillon and Glasnow on the way

    • The Cards lost Heyward, Jay, Lackey and Lynn. They have a platoon bat at 1B with no RH complement and a suddenly thin OF anchored by an aging Matt Holliday. And their Gold Glove C just had a second thumb surgery that will keep him out for most of Spring Training. Even with the holes at #3 SP and 1B, I would still put the Pirates and Cardinals on the same level.

      That said, what the Cubs are building is just unfair. Short of injury, regression and clubhouse implosion (a la Washington), it’s hard to see them as anything but the odds on favorite to win the pennant.

      BTW don’t bother with either Chen or Leake. Cost the draft pick, not worth the cash – especially Leake. Kazmir or Latos will get you the same production for less, and no loss of draft pick.

      • I wonder if Yadi will still win the gold glove if he’s out for the season…

      • Leake won’t cost a pick, just money.

      • Good point bout cards but remember wainwright returns plus their promising rookie hurler that got.hurt last year too. Adams was bad last year but wasn’t before that. And although this isn’t a valid argument whenever they need to plug a hole they always call someone up and they play great which is so frustrating.
        Lyons/rookie I believe Gonzales
        Thats a heck of alot better then us. And prob a top 5 rotation without Lynn or lackey

    • Chen has a comp pick attached. They aren’t giving up their first Rd pick to sign anyone and they def are not paying enough for Leake who may b a bit overrated numbers wise

  • If it’s known there’s a known offer on the table, don’t make a smaller offer. #how-to-win-a-bidding-war

    • If the Pirates scouts think this guy can hit in MLB it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give Kim a 3 year deal worth around 9-10 million. He could bridge the gap at 1st to Josh Bell then serve as a nice bench option for 1B/OF after this year. 3-4 million per isn’t a bad price to pay for a power hitting lefty who is an on base guy

      • Add a “1” in front of that 3-4 million and it’s *still* not a bad price to pay for a “power hitting lefty who is an on base guy”.

        Honestly, what is the percent likelihood he *actually* turns out to be both of those things? 5%? Less?

        • He already is those things. Granted he won’t put up the same numbers in this league but an on base guy is an on base guy, he has a good awareness of the strike zone. A power guy is a power guy . No he’s not going to be a 25 HR guy in MLB but 15 ish is reasonable. Kang is a better player but in about 200+ AB’s less than what would have been a full seasons worth of PA’s he hit 15 Hrs. Kang is probably a 20-25 Hr hitter So it’s reasonable to say Kim can hit 10-15 and get on base a lot

          • Yup…and that’s worth more than a low ball offer.

            • Absolutely. If the Orioles offer is 2 years 6-8 million the Pirates would have to offer a 3rd year to get him at 3 million per

              • Or offer 3/12.

                If I’m him, I take 2/8 all day long…if I don’t stick, I go back to Korea and get more than enough to make up for the million I left on the table with the Pirates.

                • eh there’s no way I’d give him 12 million before he’s proven he can hit ML pitching. Remember only 1 hitter has been a ML’er from there. Not enough sample size to go off of

                • Seems like he’ll sign for a relative small amount, but not so small that he ignores a better offer from a team in Japan.

                  Think it’ll take 5 AAV over 2 years to get him. Which a team should jump at doing since it means he could only be a decent 4th OFer and make that value per year.

                  • Agreed. Korean hitters haven’t fully swayed MLB yet. If Park takes off in Minnesota and Kang returns to form, there won’t be many opportunities to sign promising FA’s for the Pirates.

                    I’m all for sneaking in while you can.

          • Just not true, Chris.

            You know who was also a fantastic on base guy? Robbie Grossman. Against lesser competition, he was able to draw walks. Against Major League competition, his bat was too light to make pitchers get out of the zone. Takes four balls to draw a walk, after all. High contact hitters like Kim projects to be also don’t tend to work deep counts.

        • Thing is…maybe not to you and me, but $3M is chump change in MLB.

          I don’t so much mind S-Rod or Corey getting $2.5M, but what does irritate me not being able to come up a million or two to grab an attainable guy.

          • Good point. The Pirates are starving for offense right now they are also starving for left handed hitters. If this doesn’t happen I don’t have a clue where they are going to find a reasonable left handed 1st basemen which is absolutely a must have. So I’m kind of confused they aren’t going after him more aggressively. I could see Morse having a bounce back year and having a season like he did in 2014 but that’s a big risk to just hope for that. Sometimes it’s frustrating being a Pirate fan.

            • Morse can definitely bounce back…and I’m not as low on him as most folks are. However, he’s a righty. He’ll be the minor player in a platoon. So, even if he does rebound, it’s going to be in limited role unless the Pirates add absolutely no left-handed quality at first base.

              • Actually i just looked up his career Splits vs LHP/RHP
                vs RHP .278/332/.456/.787
                vs LHP .273/.335/.472/.808
                They are very comparable. He’s only a year removed from a .279/.336/.475/.811 16 HR season with the Giants

                • Ah, you are correct. Not too shabby.

                  As I said…I’m not down on him…the biggest knock is that he just hasn’t played enough. But is that because of circumstance or talent? Honestly, no idea…but, at the rate the Pirates are going and finding a more promising 1B candidate, I’m guessing this question is going to be answered in 2016

            • And Morse is righty

      • I don’t disagree at all, but, if you know there’s a 2/6-8M already made, you might want to come up a bit.

        If S-Rod is worth 2.5-3, a guy who’s never played in the majors is probably worth 4 🙂

      • I think he’d be a fine gamble for a team in need of a left fielder, FWIW.

        The Pirates are not one of them.

    • They actually may have matched the BAL offer. We know BAL offered somewhere from 6-8 over 2 years. We know PGH offered 3 million per year.

      No report was able to figure out how many years PGH offered, so PGH may have basically matched BAL’s offer of roughly 6 million over 2 years. At this point, his AAV is 3-4 million offered by multiple teams in varying/unknown lengths.

  • I hear Napoli signed for $7MM plus incentives. That tells me that Boras is looking for 10 or more per for Pedro. I think Indians sign Pedro if dollars are the same

    • Nah. Pedro’s father in law is now the bench coach in Milwaukee. Thats where he is headed and its probably for less than 7. And fwiw, the Indians wanted Napoli so they could move Santana to DH.

      Pedro’s father in law was a great college coach. Im really interested how that experiment will go.

      • Coach Murphy: Son when they throw the ball to you use your glove.
        Pedro: Why?
        Coach Murphy: Because.
        Pedro: Ok

        All kidding aside I agree with your assessment of Pat Murphy. I seen him in action when he was at ND. He developed the domer’s into a decent program. I just can’t see Pedro staying in the NL. Cleveland would be a better fit.

        • Oh, I dont get it either, defensively. But Murphy must have talked Counsell and them into it.

          I do wonder if Pedro might have had a problem with someone or something with Pittsburgh and Im curious if the change of scenery brings some focus.

          • Counsell played for him. I just realized that.

            • And their GM worked for NH. Dots connecting.

              • If he goes to the Brewers and bats regularly he is going to hit 30-35 homers. Probably 20 against us.

                • Funny story. I went to Miller Park during Collapse I, I believe. It was either right before Pedro was optioned down or brought back up. Anyway, he had an atrocious series at the plate.

                  But I read a Brewers Blog earlier and for some reason they are all about him. Thinks Murphy and Counsell can fix the D.

                  • I would give it a shot especially if the money is low.

                  • Guarantee if Pedro played for another team guys on this blog would be slobbing all over him as a great bounce back candidate with upside.

                    • But ill tell you NMR, looking at what he has done against Milwaukee, especially there?

                      They know something.

                    • I think he’d be crazy to turn them down if they did offer. His only chance, in my opinion, at a reasonably successful long term career in Major League Baseball is if he convinces the league he can at least fake it at first base, and there’s gotta be few clubs who will suck so bad that *planning* to use him there to start 2016 makes sense.

                  • That was such a quintessential Pedro anecdote. I laughed.

                    Pretty much any Pedro story likely sums to “Anyway, he had an atrocious series at the plate.”

                    • I cant remember who pitched all three games, but Gallardo was one. He didnt see a FB. Which is how I would pitch Pedro.

                      Literally, they were bouncing balls in front of the plate.

                    • Except for those of us who made the trip up to Cleveland in 2012 and watched Toro hit 4 homers in 2 games.

                      Or, you know, the 2013 NLDS.

                • On the plus side, it’d mean he can continue being a huge thorn in the Cardinals side.

      • What position?
        What are they going to fix?
        First or Third?

  • So it seems like this- more money, less opportunity at Baltimore. If he wants to increase his value, he can come to the buccos and play well- slightly more guaranteed- dh and sit the bench in Baltimore?

    • He wont sit the bench in Baltimore, they’d actually offer him an easier chance to start over his entire contract that PGH.

      At worst they’d DH him full time, and more likely they’d DH Trumbo and play Kim at 1B. BAL actually offers him a better chance of starting over a 2 year period full time than PGH, unless we trade Bell before next June.

      Seems like PGH offers a better team, plenty of chance to play until roughly next June, and a neat environment that already has Kang.

      • playing time and more money is going to win everytime- no way he signs with us unless he’s silly if those contract and roster situations are accurate

  • I’d do 3 years $9m with an team option for 4.

  • So is this the big surprise that we have been waiting for?

  • Would of been nice if we draped the Reds for Todd Frazier.

  • They end paying a lot just to develop prospects in the draft that may never work out.

    • Lotta FA signings never work out. Failing is part of many facets of baseball. Gotta have a good process and evaluation methods in either situation.

  • I’m not thrilled about this guy but what else can they do? Napoli is going to the Indians so Moreland isn’t happening The Pirates currently have 1 left handed hitter in a home park that favors left handed hitters.

    • PNC park only favors left handed power because it is a graveyard for right handed power. Relative to other parks in ranks in the bottom third.

      • Regardless of power, we still only have one LH bat, which will render Polanco ineffective from 7th inning on, as he will be the lone target of every team’s lefty specialist.

  • They blocked the video. Spotv that is

  • Wrong market and position, should set sights on the NPB, I forget the pitchers, Maeda?

    • Maeda the guy that likely will command a huge haul and have a ton of suitors?

      PGH is interested in this guy because he isnt the sexy pick. Id love Maeda, but so will LAD/NYY etc etc.

  • I don’t know how Tim & John are keeping up with all this action and money flying around this offseason! This is incredi…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………

  • From what I read…Padres, O’s and maybe the A’s are interested. If the Pirates get him, it wont be from a lack of suitors.

  • I like this move, if they can make it happen.

  • Sweet swinging lefty with a great OBP. At 28 might be coming into the best power of his career. Defensively is pegged as a good LF but he has played a lot of innings at 1B. Aside from the fact that he has never faced MLB pitching he is the perfect signing. Guarantee 2 years at $3M per and add two options worth $5M each so he can brag about having a $16M deal without the risk. He certainly is not the player Kang was in the KBO but it’s s good gamble with very high upside. His versatility means he wouldn’t have to be a starter at 1B to be valuable.

    BTW, remember when so many wanted us to sign Loney? He has been crap on a stick since then and will make $9.7 M this year. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Are there any Koreans on the O’s? Maybe playing with a fellow Korean and an open position for him would tip the scales. Hopefully Kang puts in a good word for the Buccos.

    • HartHighPirate
      December 16, 2015 1:54 pm

      Bucs need only one interpreter. An interpreter would be added cost to Orioles. Its the language factor 🙂

      • HartHighPirate
        December 16, 2015 2:00 pm

        The more Korean players the Pirates get it boosts the international status and recruiting. South Korean fans much better than Cuban fans.

  • Indians just signed Napoli.

  • It’s a shame the Bucs couldn’t have traded for Frazier. The return the Reds got for him seems a little light, IMO. He could have manned 3rd until Kang was ready and slid over to 1b afterward – end of problem.

    • JoseGuillensArm
      December 16, 2015 1:18 pm

      a trade within the division would certainly have cost more

      • Its also really difficult to compare a 3 team deal with a 2 team deal. It may have taken that 3rd team to get a deal done on the same level.

    • I look at what the White Sox gave up, and the answer is not much. I really don’t think the Reds would care if it was in division, since he’d have been gone by the time they compete again. Shame we were busy signing 32 year old minor league players instead of working on getting a real star caliber player.

    • Just having him out of division is worth 3 wins for Pirates.

  • I wonder if he has the confidence to play well enough and parlay the 2016 season into a better future contract rather than sign the better deal with Balitmore

  • I like the idea of this better then the rumors of trading for James Loney…

  • I would support this signing. Maybe Jung-ho being on the team would entice him more.

    • Given his age, why not offer him roughly what theyre paying Kang…if you believe in him enough to make an offer, do enough to actually get him.

      Maybe 4 years/11 + a team option year. I think that would be very fair for both sides.

  • Why not?

    • Is the goal to field *good* players or *inexpensive* players?

      • Well scouting reports have Kim as both, so idk why they wouldnt be interested.

        • Haha, well that’s infallible logic since every scouting report is correct.

          This obviously sets up to be an addition to the long, long line of cheap first basemen that have failed under Huntington. Penny wise, pound foolish.

          • Idk why you have become the guy who pisses and moans about every move. This isnt a move to hate as a rumor. A year ago you’d have said this was a non-terrible idea.

            He’s a capable 1Bmen who can play the OF with solid OBP skills and interesting power. Apparently now you are the authority on laughing off scouting reports and acting like anyone not making a certain amount is a sucky move.

            This is an upgrade at 1B on a guy who may be undervalued for stupid reasons like his age and not having played in Japan or the US.

            You reflexively hated this move.

            • I think it is more about the fact that they only offered him $3M.

              • Im somewhat surprised no one has offered much more than that period. Cant believe a team hasnt thrown out a 2 year deal at 5-6 AAV. Still low risk in years and price.

                His power isnt great, but that OBP and hitting profile is solid. Anyone needing a 4th OFer would nab a solid upgrade over many 4th OF options.

              • well we dont know the full details, but I’d certainly extend/up the offer.

            • I swear Bruce Humbert swiped his screen name !

            • It’s the hangover from the Rodriguez deal. Turned NMR to the dark side.

            • Now that you called him out on it, he’ll deny. Just like it wasn’t him who was so certain that Niese will be crap despite their history of making crap pitchers better.

              • I’ll defend him on Niese. Totally valid to think that Niese wont get back to mid rotation levels. I disagreed with him on that, but that was valid.

                You can look at Niese and think him for Walker straight up was bad and that Niese only has #4 like numbers left in him. I think he’s got more, but thats reasoned disagreement.

                • I didn’t actually call him out for not thinking that Niese will be ok. I’m not sure what to expect from him really. I called him out for being so damn sure of himself about it. They’ve fixed enough guys now that no one should be so positive that they won’t be able to get more out of anyone that comes in. The day of the trade it was mentioned about how Niese doesn’t have the “plus curve ball that he used to have”. Anyone that’s been paying attention read that and though “I bet Searage is already working on trying to find out if they can bring that back”. There’s obviously no guarantee that it’ll happen but, to be so sure that it wont….that doesn’t jive with reality.

                • He (and i) seem to have been right (at least do far) in the Melancon front…and I don’t see anyone rushing to backtrack…

                  • Well actually most were proudly saying Melancon was all but gone this offseason since no way they have 10% of payroll in a closer. Which i think was always a bit aggressive since they could have offloaded Walker+Pedro and felt like 1 year of a closer at 10 million isnt insane.

                    His market isnt large, and i think thats a large reason why he isnt getting moved. They wont purely salary dump him.

            • NRM is pissed because he rented a condo for the week of Christmas at Seven Springs to ski.

            • Yes, I do “reflexively” hate this move because I know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

              I’ve stuck behind failed platoon after failed platoon for the last four years. Folks called me the president of the Gaby Sanchez fan club, for christ sake. I’ve supported the acquisition of some truly awful baseball players by teasing out some part of a scouting report or stat split and fooling myself into thinking that made Player X a viable candidate.

              And guess what?

              I’ve been wrong. Every. Single. Time.

              Every time! Not *one* single platoon set has come close to whatever pipe dream was pitched they could do.

              And all the sudden I’m the crazy one? Because I have the audacity to think the 3rd best Korean hitter in this market maybe just maybe isn’t going to be the guy to actually work out?

              Give me a freaking break. Pass whatever you’re smoking.

              • You are the only person who thinks he is a platoon player. His stats dont back that up, scouts dont back you, i dont think anyone here sees that.

                So screaming about platoon players makes no sense in this discussion.

            • And FWIW, I’ve been as much if not more complimentary about the club’s bullpen additions thus far than anyone on this blog. I was one of the few to actually correctly call that they’d non-tender Alvarez, with just cause.

              You act like disagreeing with the Walker trade and signing Sean Freaking Rodriguez qualifies me as a regular old “anti”. What else have they even done to get upset about?

              • I actually dont hold those two things against you. I disagree with the level of hate for the Walker thing, but i got that.

                What i dont get is trashing scouts and acting like its stupid to see value in this move. It absolutely borders on the level of just reflexively hating a move because its not big money or big name.

                A guy with great OBP ability, solid average, and interesting pop for pennies that covers a need short term. Not massive upside, but high floor unless you just assume he wont translate based on assumption. There isnt a reason to hate this rumor.

                • I wasn’t trashing scouts. I was trashing *you* for using the appeal to authority logical fallacy.

          • Funny thing. Scout’s logic is bad, but you are sure you are correct….SMH.

          • Good to know you can predict the future.

            • As I said to Luke, I *can* learn from the past.

              And the past has been nothing but a failed string of crappy players being passed off as quality platoon mates. That’s simply inarguable.

              I hope just as much as anyone that *this* time around is different, but if I’m supposed to “trust” the Pirates acquiring and developing pitchers then the same and inverse logic sure as hell is in play for first basemen.

              Show me they know what they’re doing *then* I’ll trust.

              • Distrust is fine, hating every rumor that involves any non high priced option is useless.

                You can doubt they’ll make the move or that he might stick, but you didnt really do that or even support it beyond “yeah, scouts are always right” and platitudes. Give me some stats or reasons why he doesnt profile as a fine option for PGH at 1B for 2016.

                • High priced? When did I *ever* specify high price as a plus? I’m the one saying it would be dumb if they got themselves into a position where paying for four years of Scott Kazmir would be a mistake.

                  You want reasons?! Reasons why the third best hitter *this year* from a market that has produced exactly one quality Major League position player maybe, just maybe, won’t translate? My goodness.

                  • You’ve offered nothing but screaming and “third best in the market.”

                    You scream about logical fallacies, and then act like a given market not having proceed a ton of talent=this guy cant be a fine producer of talent. Thats full of nothing but fallacies.

                    No one argued he is a lock to translate, but that of the given options left he’s a fine option at a fraction of a price. You came in and screamed about how dumb it is and how they cant be trusted.

                    You’ve yet to say why, statistically, you doubt his ability to translate. Which is odd for a person who normally does go off more than what amounts to a hot take reaction. You doubt his ability to get on base translates? Or his average can translate? Fair enough….actually say why.

                    • Luke, you’re smarter than this. You know the difficulty in translating KBO>MLB stats. You know about Yamaico Navarro. You know about Eric Thames. I don’t need to tell you about any of this.

                      Looking at his swing, compared to the great work Farnsworth did analyzing Jung-ho, Kim is far more linear, like most players in that market. Watch how far his front side leaks. He doesn’t get near the same kind of rotational force and leverage that generates power.

                      We know that pitchers will attack him in the zone, as they did with Kang until he gave them a reason not to. If Kim doesn’t have the power to make pitchers throw him balls, his OBP skills quickly erode. Low power, high walk players don’t exist in Major League Baseball.

                      Kim could very well be a league average hitter. That’s an optimistic projection, from what I read. And as as left fielder/4th outfielder, that’s good! But as a first baseman, that’s replacement level. Which has been my point from the very beginning.

                      People like this rumor because he’s cheap, not because he’s good. At least not in the role the Pirates need.

              • I do think it’s fair to come to the conclusion that NH’s — to borrow from Billy Beane – “sh*t” doesn’t work ALL the time. His track record of building bullpens, finding legitimate talent in the darnedest places (Korea, independent leagues, waiver wire) and coaxing superior performance out of rotation castoffs is almost unassailable. He builds teams optimized to the home ballpark. And he’s managed to make meaningful additions at each of the last 5 trade deadlines without depleting the farm. And frankly, I think he’s done a good job this offseason in restocking the bullpen and acquiring a couple of interesting arms in Webster and Nicasio who could do well in the rotation. I’d still like to see Kazmir or Latos to solidify the #3, but there’s time yet.

                But honestly the next 1B, veteran futility infielder or LH bench bat to work out will be the first. And anyone who responds with Travis freaking Snider has a pretty selective memory.

                That said…in this situation, REALISTICALLY, the Pirates’ options are…what (since NO, they’re not signing Chris Davis or getting Freddie Freeman in a trade, nor should they)?

                – trade something decent for Mitch Moreland, whose upside is average.

                – trade something decent-er, within the division, for Brandon Moss, who could be above average if his hips are good.

                – offer Tampa a U-Haul for James Loney, who is, um…a person.

                – sign John Jaso and hope he can Hatteberg it.

                – sign the remains of Justin Morneau or Ike Davis.

                – sign Kim and hope he gives you a Casey Kotchman-type season (one of the good ones).

                If you don’t want to give up talent or risk Pedro Part Deux, Kim is at least moderately defensible. At least there’s upside that you clearly don’t have with Loney, Ike or Morneau.

                • Very, very well said…but you’ve hit exactly on my point.

                  You’re presenting a false choice. One they’ve backed themselves into time and time again. Fail to make a meaningful move for a quality player and get left picking over shitty options, then throw up their hands like nothing could’ve been done. That’s a false choice.

                  My preference for the position *this* winter was to make a play for Byung-ho Park, the guy that Luke’s favorite “scouts” unanimously agree is the better hitter. They scared themselves away from his market just like the scared themselves away from Jose Abreu’s market. And I defended them for that at the time!

                  • OK, but now what do you do about Josh Bell. If you make a serious play for Park, you’re committing multiple years to a guy who can only play 1B, effectively blocking Bell. Not to mention the posting fee is non-negligible for a team down to its last $10-$15M and still needing to fill out the rotation.

                    For all his warts, Lee is playable in the OF, and since the rumored offer was chicken feed ($3M) and required no posting fee, you can stash him at the end of the bench without feeling guilty.

                    Of course, they could have filled that role with Andrew Lambo, but apparently it was more important to protect Jaff Decker before non-tendering him. But that’s another rant.

                    • I’m a very, very firm believer in never having too many good baseball players, Stephen. Josh Bell is a fine prospect, but he’s not close to the kind of kid you shut the book and completely quit thinking about the position for the next seven years. Bringing in Park would give Bell another full season to become a playable infielder, thereby providing depth in case Park himself doesn’t work out *or* making Bell himself into an even better trade asset if Park excels.

                      Bell’s better, more valuable, natural position is and always will be the outfield. At least in his 20s.

                  • Maybe they put in a decent bid on the posting fee for Park and came in 2nd place? How do you know they didn’t?

              • Hard to argue with you on this, other than to say they’re bound to get 1B right eventually. Certainly understand the pessimism though. It’s well deserved.

      • Sign this guy it’s only money. They aren’t trading anyone and if he does work out they can replace Kang’s interpreter with him.

      • Sometimes I wonder. Financial flexibility is going to be the words of the offseason the next few years.

    • See what you did? You got NMR calling the Pirates cheap.

      60 degrees at Seven Springs, snowing in hell. I’m scared.

      • 70 in NYC over the weekend.

        But i mostly just wanted to point that out and wonder how fucking awful February will be.

        • True. I’m enjoying it, and it won’t last unfortunately.

          • I fully expect to come back to NYC after a holiday vacation away and have it snow every weekend for 6 weeks. Yay

            • Weather forecast says February highs in low 40s, lows mid 20s because of El Nino. Next winter will return “normal” with a vengeance and a lot of snow.

        • Christmas day 1932 – Average temp on from Ohio to NY was 60’s.1932 Lake Placid Olympics had to be postponed weather was in the 50′.

      • Living in Erie,PA, the longer the lake stays thawed, the worse the winter will be later in the year. Bring on the Lake Effect!

        • Yes. The last El Nino was like this. Warm for awhile, then once the temperature dropped, all the moisture- snowed everyday.

          I hope its snows everyday in Leo walters driveway.

        • the better the steelie fishing too!

      • The Pirates have spent more than $32m on first basemen since 2012 and have gotten more than half a win in value out of the position as a whole just once.

        That’s halfway to Jose Abreu, for the production he’d provide in about a third of one season.

        Somebody run the $/WAR on that.

  • These guys are crazy…no way he deserves to be earning Sean Rodriguez-type money!

  • I would sign him based on that bat flip alone!!

  • I heard he may stay in Korea given the offers coming from the Orioles, a couple days ago. I’m glad the Pirates atleast were interested in him enough to make an offer. Lee has more power, but Kim has more youth on his side, probably could make a longer offer to 3-4 years. He’s only 27-28. I will be surprised given the news coming out, that the Pirates lose out on both Kim and Lee. I think they will get one of them. I thought they should get both of them. Solves 1B and bench spots, not to mention probably adds back in a decent amount of homers.

    • he not staying in Korea, you don’t turn down millions to play for thousands.

      • He’ll likely get a larger offer to play in Japan.

        • ok. that’s sounds more likely.

          • well I think for many of them, the goal of playing in MLB is important for them. They know theyre good in their respective leagues, but besides the allure of MLB money, I do think the challenge to prove that they really are good at the highest level is important to them.

  • I like Dae Ho Lee better, has their been any word on him yet?

  • Lefthanded anyway.

  • If they land him, I hope his defense is as good as his bat flip.

  • he seems to hit a hr in every at bat.but the pirates might have to offer more than 3 million a year.

  • Bucs are getting cocky. They’re feeling that they can take any Korean player and make them into the next superstar.