Tim Neverett Takes Position With Red Sox

Almost seven years to the day the Pittsburgh Pirates hired Tim Neverett to be their play-by-play man, he has moved on to the same position with the Boston Red Sox on WEEI. Neverett grew up in the New England area in Nashua, New Hampshire, so this is a homecoming for him. The Pirates will obviously be looking for a new play-by-play man to fill his role.

Pirates president Frank Coonelly issued the following statement:

“Tim has been a consummate professional and a passionate ambassador of Pirates baseball for the last seven years. During that time, Tim has called many great Pirates moments and has been an important part of a team that brings Pirates baseball to our fans with heart and genuine passion. “We thank Tim for his many contributions to the Pirates organization and our community and wish Tim the very best as he begins a new chapter in his career with the Red Sox. “We have already begun what will be an extensive search to find a new play-by-play broadcaster who brings a high-level of energy and passion for the game of baseball, the Pirates organization and making a difference in the lives of those in our community.”

  • If you’re interested in taking over Neverett’s job, here’s the Indeed post:


  • Tim was ok, but not great. He did a workmanlike job and never intruded on the game. And Bob Walk and Steve Blass are fine as color guys, especially since both pitched for the Pirates bringing their knowledge to the microphone. Greg Brown is a minor version of Bob Prince, carving out a nice niche for himself.

    But please Pirates! No more Lanny Frattares. he was SO bland and his voice was mildly irritating.

    What is needed is a bold move to bring in a Bob Prince type such as Doc Emrick (if he’d even consider). Prince DID intrude on the game, but knew how to do it with style. You’d tune in just to see what he might say next! Hope Pirates will hire someone like this, who will root for our Pirates, blame the umpires for everything and keep things interesting.

    Another bland Lanny or Tim is not what the Pirates need in a city where fans take their baseball, football and hockey seriously.

  • Bring that Lacey chick back!

  • No More of Neverette faking us out when he reacts to a routine flyball. Can’t Greg Brown just do all the games?

  • As long as they don’t bring back John Saunders, I’ll be fine. I never had a problem with Kent Derdivanis.

    Years ago I really liked Lanny Frattare but it seemed that towards the end of his tenure the passion simply wasn’t there in his voice. I actually met Frattare at a Pirates game back in August, 2001 against the Padres, about a month before the 9/11 attacks. I worked for a local radio station and we were one of the affiliates that carried the Pirates on the radio. My boss approached me one day and asked if I would like 2 tickets to a Pirates game. We were seated with other local radio affiliates people from across western PA and elsewhere up in one of the boxes along the left field line. Due to a rain delay at the start of the game, Frattare came over and met some of the people from the local radio affiliates. I got my picture taken with him as well. The only other things I remember about the game is that Aramis Ramirez hit the game winning home run, “MAZ” was cut into the outfield grass due to Mazeroski getting into the Hall of Fame that summer and the game was the final time Tony Gwynn appeared as a player with the Padres in a game against the Pirates. There was some sort of pre-game ceremony to honor Gwynn. After Frattare retired, I believe he gave all of his scorecards to his son to put up for sale from every year he was a broadcaster. I ended up buying Frattare’s scorecard from that game and another game I had gone to many years earlier at Three Rivers Stadium against the Expos.

    I get the feeling Frattare was more or less forced out. I’ve read some stories that suggested as much. I believe Frattare teaches broadcast journalism at Waynesburg University.I know that during some of the Steeler games on the radio they usually play a commercial for Waynesburg University in which Frattare does the voice over work. I don’t know the reason why Derdivanis was let go. If any one has any factual basis as to what really happened with Frattare or Derdivanis, as far as why they were let go or retired, I’d like to hear it.

    • Lanny as developed an alcohol problem. He is sober now. I’d love, love, love to have him back.

      • But was the alcohol problem there when he was still a Pirates broadcaster or did that surface after he retired. The stories that I’ve read seem to make it feel like it was something that surfaced after he retired. But you may be right. It might have been something that became an issue while still with the Pirates and the Pirates brass knew about it and rather than fire him outright, he was offered the opportunity to retire. I know Frattare has gone on record saying he doesn’t follow the team any more and has no desire to go back to PNC Park. I believe Frank Coonelly offered to have a pre-game ceremony for Frattare but Frattare declined the offer.

  • Thank God. Couldn’t stand listening to him…great move by the Bucs…if they influenced Little Timmy to go home

  • Bring back
    Kent Derdivanis. 3 division championships during his tenure. 20 straight losing seasons after he was forced out.

  • Thank god…i, for one, really did not like Neverett.

  • Best news of the winter

  • Neither Tim nor Greg is very good on the radio, IMO. Hopefully they will get someone who describes what is actually going on instead of leaving us to guess.

    Still, as he is a member of the Pieates family, I wish him well.

  • I liked Neverett and was hoping they would go after Blass who is a homer to anything New England. If I have to hear him talk about Brady and the Patriots one more time, I think I might go mad.

  • Good luck Tim. Enjoyed your professionalism.

  • todd kalas would be a nice pickup.

  • Best move of the off season. Now I don’t have to listen to his descriptions of Pedro errors leading to Morton meltdowns. He was like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard

  • Good luck to him, hard to believe it was 7 years.

    Bring back Lanny.

  • Best Christmas gift as I could not stand listening to him

  • Real nice guy but I never liked his style

  • Best of luck to him, and my condolences to Boston fans for any fly ball hit to left field with Tim trying to figure out if its hammered and gone or hammered and an out in shallow left.

    • I wish I could upvote this a thousand times.

    • TurnerWardHitsTheWall
      December 28, 2015 10:08 pm

      So true! Tim is a nice guy though and he gets to call for his home town team now, great for him. And Ortiz fly balls are less likely to be questionable than most.

  • Throw the rest of the budget at Doc Emrick

  • I always chose the audio option of whichever feed Greg was calling the games. I wonder how the new guy will be. I used to love #ElToroStrikesAgain but now that Pete has moved on, probably good Tim does too. It’s a hometown gig for him, he’s a good guy and I’m happy for him.

    The #TNDP will probably work out better for him in Boston with the wall and all..,

  • Oh man, I really like Tim

  • Let mike Lange call the pirate game. Mark madden be the color man.

  • Coachschuck1402
    December 28, 2015 2:35 pm

    Neverett and Blass were my favorite pairing. Wish him the best and hope we find a good replacement. Go Bucs!!!

  • Honestly, I’m still getting over Mike Lange being ‘demoted’.

  • I know this is far fetched but it would be cool to see Andy Van Slyke take the job. One of my all time favorite players

    • Did you see his comments about Cano, imagine his comments about some of the Pirates players….

    • Are you serious? After his drunken interview he will never work in baseball again

    • He has a lisp. But then again, so does Michael Strahan, and somebody thinks he’s worthy of two tv shows!

    • I grew up with him as my favorite player and guy i looked up to.

      Bummer when you grow up and read many accounts of him being kinda an azzhat of a person.

    • Van Slyke has zero experience as a play by play guy.. As a color guy, I would love that.. Need another play by play guy.. I hope they bring in a good one

  • Hope this will result in greg brown calling more TV games, wasn’t a huge neverrett fan personally.