Winter Leagues: Jose Osuna Ejected After Ugly Incident

In Venezuela on Saturday, Jose Osuna went 1-for-3 with a double and run scored on his 23rd birthday. The double was his 12th of the season. He was ejected in the seventh inning after being hit by a pitch and will likely be suspended for throwing his helmet at Bruce Rondon during a fight. As you can see in the video, immediately after being hit, Osuna objected to Rondon making a pick-off throw and then that’s when things got out of hand. He is hitting .330/.393/.503 in 53 games. Osuna ranks fifth in the league in OPS.

Elias Diaz went 0-for-2 with two walks and a run scored. He is hitting .233/.313/.411 in 21 games. He is 4-for-25 in his last eight games.

A.J. Morris allowed one run on three hits, while recording two outs. He allowed the double that Osuna hit. Morris has a 3.72 ERA in 29 innings.

In Mexico, Sebastian Valle went 1-for-3 with a solo homer, his second of the year. I’ve included two videos below because this article is a little light due to no games in the Dominican or Puerto Rico. The first is Friday’s home run from Carlos Munoz. The second is Valle’s homer, which got out of the park in about two seconds.

Carlos Munoz grounded out in his only at-bat on Saturday, pinch-hitting in the eighth inning. He is hitting .260/.362/.433 in 48 games.

In Australia on Saturday, Sam Kennelly went 1-for-2 with a walk and his third double of the season. On Sunday, he went 2-for-4 with two singles and an RBI. He played shortstop one day and third base the next. Kennelly isn’t hitting much, but it should be noted that he has improved on his previous seasons in the ABL. He has already set career bests in hits and extra-base hits with six more weekends of games left.

One of the good things about following winter ball, is that you can use it to track progress with a player. Gregory Polanco’s big season in the Dominican came right before he made his Major League debut and dominated AAA. Elias Diaz had a strong winter ball for the first time in 2013-14, then had his breakout year. Harold Ramirez and Tito Polo are both in their third year in Colombia and each keeps moving up in the system and doing better each winter. That could mean good things for Jose Osuna in 2016 and maybe down the road with someone like Kennelly.

On Sunday, Sam Street gave up a run on two hits and a walk in 1.1 innings, taking the loss. This was his second appearance of the winter. He threw two shutout innings in his debut.

Carlos Munoz’s fifth home run

Sebastian Valle’s second homer


  • Robert Leventry
    December 14, 2015 9:04 pm

    Osuna and Munoz. Likely too overweight for MLB. Nice bats. Can’t run or play D. Can they throw anything more than a plate of food in their mouth?

  • Was this the same team that Osuna hit the HR that still hasn’t landed against? I know that teams dugout was getting on him about showboating as he rounded third. I have no idea if it is the same team, but if it is, it would give some more insight into the HBP and the entire chain of events.

  • Bruce Rondon is a whale. If he came at me I would use a weapon too.

    • “It’s not so much what Rondon did in the game over the weekend as it is about what else happened while he was on the field. After hitting the first batter he faced, Rondon had a significant role in instigating a benches-clearing brawl. For a player with immense talent that was sent home by the Tigers at the end of the season because of a lack of effort, you would think the off-season league would be an opportunity to right the ship and prove he and his 100-mph heat belong in the big leagues. Instead, Rondon continues a disturbing trend that dates back to his minor league days when he was sent back to Venezuela for disciplinary reasons for the first time. Million-dollar arm, 10-cent head.”

      Ironically, I thought about Bull Durham when I first read your post. “From what I hear, you couldn’t hit water if you fell out of a f*cking boat.”

  • Tim,
    LLOYD is curious as to why your current 2016 payroll projection is almost $10 million less than the Trib’s. 100% sure that you are correct but curious as to the discrepancy.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    December 13, 2015 7:06 pm

    Too bad Osuna wasn’t in Pittsburgh and playing for the Pirates the day Coughlin cheap shotted Kang with that dirty slide into second base…..I think he may have done something about it…

  • Cardinal fans are livid. They didn’t even lose a yinzer.

  • Also. I would not call the incident “ugly.” Now, I am not a Spanish speaker, so the language had to be really bad and probably had to do with each of their respective moms, so… okay, maybe that got a bit ugly.

    I can hear it now:
    “Your mom is so fat she has her own zip code.”
    “Oh, yeah? Your mom is so fat when she sits around the house she sits “around the house!”
    Oh, the humanity.


    • The ugly incident would be using his helmet as a weapon, not just the brawl itself. I’m sure there will be a suspension of some sort. I can’t imagine that Venezuelan baseball rules allow you to bludgeon someone with an object hard enough to protect you against a 100+ mph fastball. If it was just a normal brawl, I wouldn’t have used that wording. There are fights all the time in winter ball, so sometimes they get out of hand. I’ve probably seen 8-10 worse overall that this one just this year alone, but can’t recall someone using a helmet as a weapon

      • I believe that. They swing bats at people down there. Can’t remember the former MLBer that got busted for that. But you occasionally see some real aggravated assault down there.

        Not Sean Rodriguez getting hard with 40 people in between him and someone else.

        • It’s strange if you think about it, because we heard this year a lot about Latin players showboating/disrespecting the game and people were either on the old school or new school side. The truth is, they hate showboating down there(Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican) more than anyone. There are fights at a drop of a hat.

          So when you hear people say “that’s how they play”, what it really means is that’s what leads to the benches emptying down there, so either empty the benches or move on.

      • Meh. Rondon came in with a flying knee. I’d whack the prick in the head with my helmet too if I was half his size.

        *Note: Not giving Jose a pass for it, but I get it. Obviously don’t know what was said down there, but Rondon was definitely the aggressor.

        • I think that Osuna getting hit was what started it and he was still mad while complaining about a pick-off throw of all things. Also, I assume if you were half his size, you wouldn’t complain about a pick-off throw. There could be a history beyond the HBP though

          • Complaining and being pissed do not warrant someone charging with a flying knee. It doesn’t matter what Jose said to him.

            • I didn’t say it did, but when have you ever seen someone complain about a pick-off throw? Rondon wasn’t just looking for a fight when he made a pick-off throw, plus he stopped walking over, so obviously Osuna has to take the blame too. Since Osuna wasn’t on camera at that point, you have to assume he was doing his share of talking/gesturing. It’s highly unlikely he just turned his back and Rondon came after him. Both of them are going to get suspended I assume, but I can see Osuna getting hit harder because he used his helmet as a weapon

              • BuccosFanStuckinMD
                December 13, 2015 7:09 pm

                Unless you were present and heard every word spoken throughout the game, its hard to come to any conclusion. More than likely, there were previous things said and done that led up to the blow up on the pick off move. I’m sure Osuna didn’t blow up because someone tried to pick him off at first base.

              • It was a weird pick off throw, Osuna got back in standing up.

      • He was just doffing his cap.

  • It appears Osuna’s biggest gaffe wasn’t throwing his batting helmet, it was talking junk to the pitcher then failing to back it up when called on it.

  • You can only hit the pitches you get, but it would be nice to see Munoz hit something other than a mistake fastball over the inner half of the plate. That swing looks awful geared toward yanking the ball to his pull side…but it sure is fun to watch.

  • That could mean good things for Jose Osuna in 2016 and maybe down the road with someone like Kennelly.

    I sure hope that comes true.

  • I’m gonna miss the Gorkys updates. 🙂

  • Sometimes you just gotta throw down.

    GO BUCS.

  • Should feel in nicely for S-Rod in 2017 keeping those Gatorade containers in line.

  • I guess there is not a food shortage in Venzuela! The Chavez revolution is still providing food for the the masses. Both teams looked like bloated toads in the video. But need I digress Cueto was seen on his cell talking to NH.