Winter Leagues: Ortiz Reaches Base Four Times in One-Sided Win

In Venezuela on Saturday, there were two doubleheaders, each involving three players from the Pirates. Jose Osuna went 0-for-3 with a walk and run scored in game one, then went 1-for-3 with a double, run scored and an RBI in game two. He played left field in both games. Osuna is hitting .333/.398/.500 through 49 games.

Elias Diaz caught game two and went 1-for-3 with a single. His work on defense continues to impress, as he caught seven shutout innings and he’s still allowed just two steals(in six attempts) in 18 games. A week ago, a stat came out that when Diaz was behind the plate, his team’s ERA was nearly half(2.44 vs 4.86) of the other catchers on the team combined.

Gorkys Hernandez went 1-for-2 with a double, walk and run scored in game one, followed by an 0-for-2 with a walk in the second game. He also picked up an outfield assist.

Elvis Escobar got a rare start in game one of a doubleheader and went 0-for-3, reaching once on an error. In game two, he came on as a pinch-runner in the eighth inning. He did not remain in the game after the inning was over. In 19 games this winter, Escobar is 5-for-15 at the plate, with two doubles, a walk and two stolen bases.

Wilfredo Boscan pitched game one of the doubleheader against Escobar and got him to ground into a double play and pop out to shortstop. Boscan threw 5.2 shutout innings, allowing one hit and two walks. He struck out two and hit a batter. In his previous start, he threw seven scoreless innings, shutting down Elias Diaz and Jose Osuna that game.

Jhondaniel Medina lost game two of the doubleheader, allowing a hit and two walks, without recording an out. The winning run scored one batter after Medina left, when the reliever hit a batter with the bases loaded. The run was just the second earned run Medina has allowed this winter. The two teams combined to use 21 pitchers in game two of the doubleheader, which lasted ten innings and over four hours.

In the Dominican, Gustavo Nunez was the only player of note. He went 1-for-4 with a double and a walk. The double was his second extra-base hit in two days, after going 26 games without one to start the season.

In Puerto Rico, Danny Ortiz went 3-for-4, with two runs, two RBIs and a walk. It was his best game of the winter, though his team scored 15 runs and reached base 25 times, so almost everyone in the lineup did well. Ortiz is now hitting .195/.290/.218 in 27 games.

In Australia, Sam Kennelly started at shortstop and went 0-for-3 with a strikeout. He is hitting .196/.241/.235 through 14 games. Kennelly has started at shortstop, second base and third base this winter, after spending most of his time during the regular season at first base.

In Mexico, Carlos Munoz went 1-for-4 with a single and run scored. He is hitting .271/.374/.436 in 42 games and hasn’t had an extra-base hit in over two weeks.

Sebastian Valle entered the game in the eighth inning on defense and couldn’t drop down a sacrifice bunt in his only at-bat. He was facing Daniel Moskos…yes, that Daniel Moskos, who picked up his seventh save.

  • I love all the pitches Osuna is taking. The walks could be a sign of a guy blossoming into a valuable hitter.

  • A little off subject, but no love for Polanco making top 10 in a very deep position.

    • I’ll be honest, I didn’t even look for the article because most writers don’t release series articles like that on the weekend, it’s usually Monday-Friday. I’m surprised he did, Sundays are a bad time for baseball news in most cases, doesn’t get the attention weekdays do.

      • I thought maybe you wasn’t expecting him to make it. PP doesn’t miss much

        • Yeah, I assumed he wouldn’t put articles out like that on the weekend because that is almost always how it works. Even during the regular season, Sunday isn’t a busy day for articles(It’s even less during football season), so most people save stuff like that for Monday-Friday. If you didn’t say something I may not have noticed it until right about now

  • Wow, Danny Ortiz sure backed up that article about him!

  • Last year, Daniel Moskos, who is now 30, spent the season with Lancaster (45 minutes south of me) pitching for them in an Independent League. His WHIP was 1.56.

    I’d like to see him latch on with someone, but I think, as Chuck Noll so famously said “It’s time to get on with your life’s work, son”.

    • Wow a Chas Noll reference! Dayton Flyers!

    • I hope he invested his signing bonus well.

    • I’ve heard people question why certain players hang on and I always think, because he’s playing baseball for a living! Why wouldn’t you try to play as long as possible, especially if he was wise with his money, he may never actually have to work again. With a $2.475M bonus, a half year of MLB pay and a couple years on the 40-man in the minors, which is a higher pay rate, plus just regular pay over the years(which isn’t much obviously), he has made over $3M since leaving college. Winter ball pays better than minor league ball, though as an MILB free agent if he signs, he will make more than the players coming up the system. Some MILB free agents sign for over $100K per year.

      I assume some players “hang on” because the just want to play baseball and they are financially in a good enough place to do that. It should also be pointed out that he will get pension check every year from MLB in the future(plus healthcare), which is currently $34K a year, but will be higher by the time he starts getting it.

      • That’s true. I’d probably play till no one wanted me.

      • They have a very lucrative MLB pension that I believe kicks in with 3 seasons of service time.

        • 43 days of service time to received $34,000 a year. Ten years gets you $100K per year

      • I have a cousin who was drafted high in 2004 and then flamed out after parts of four years in the majors. He was frugal with his money and bought a Jetta with his bonus and gave the game up a year or so after shoulder surgery. He pitched a little in some independent summer league and said “I couldn’t get guys over 20 out anymore” so he quit before he was 30. Just those 4 years and the bonus and good money management and he was set up well pretty much for life.

  • Interesting ERA stat about Diaz also the Daniel Moskos sighting hurts because of what we could of had.

    • Reminds of Jake Taylor, in the beginning of Major League, with the sombrero on.

    • The best thing about Moskos, is that, by selecting him, Dave Littlefield ensured that he would get fired.

      Thank you Dave Littlefield. Temporary pain, for (so far) 3 years of good memories.

      • I agree…but I’ve always wondered whether that was totally his call.

        • If that wasnt totally his call, you can bet he was involved enough to go “yeah, lets do that” so he could go throw money at some really odd choice.

          And a big thanks to Matt Morris for being the nail in the DL coffin. DL goes for the easy sign cheap future relief pitcher so he can throw money at Morris. Classic.

    • we could have passed on that first round choice and saved 2.5M