Winter Leagues: Osuna Breaks Boscan’s Shutout Streak With Home Run

The Pirates added 1B/3B Jason Rogers to their roster on Thursday, acquiring him from the Brewers in a trade. He has been playing for Tigres del Licey this winter, where he is hitting .272/.316/.388 in 38 games. Rogers has six doubles, a triple and three homers. He has been on base in each of his last ten games, which seems like a good stretch, yet his OBP actually dropped during that time.

In Venezuela, Jose Osuna continues to play on while he appeals his suspension and Wilfredo Boscan wished that he just accepted his punishment. Boscan came into Thursday with 18.2 shutout innings over his last three starts. That streak was quickly ended with Osuna batting with two outs in the first inning. He connected on his eighth homer of the winter(see video below). Boscan ended up allowing three runs on seven hits and four walks in six innings. Osuna had a strong game, going 3-for-4 with a walk. He now has a .922 OPS, which ranks fourth in the league.

Elias Diaz went 1-for-4 with a strikeout, while committing his second error. He is hitting .247/.319/.407 in 23 games.

Elvis Escobar flew out as a pinch-hitter in the ninth inning. He isn’t getting a lot of at-bats(5-for-18, one walk), but he has played in 24 games this winter after getting into 15 total during his first two seasons in Venezuela.

Jorge Rondon made his third appearance and gave up a hit and a walk, while throwing a shutout inning. He threw 1.2 perfect innings over his first two games.

In Mexico, Carlos Munoz went 0-for-3 with a strikeout. He is hitting .250/.349/.409 in 52 games.

  • Looks like A’s are signing Henderson Alvarez…damn!

  • The interesting read on Jason Rodgers is that he can’t make a throw from Third and doesn’t catch the ball particularly well at 1b…. but he’s got a decent bat.
    I can’t argue the move from a bench point, the guy seems like a good bench bat with some history of being able to perform in that role… but you give up an equal player basically in Broxton… so why give up the 2nd rounder? It just stumps me to see that add for a bench guy.
    I doubt he’s much more than that at 27, unless he’s another GI Jones. But even still do you give up a 19 year old kid who hits mid 90’s for that chance?
    NH – I’m having a hard time understanding the value of the moves this offseason… I’m trying to be patient, but why is it that it seems other teams are scoring big on every trade, and we always have to overpay and never exceed value… see Morton trade for point.
    I like this kid Rodgers, has a Bill Madlock feel to him (minus defense), but still difficult to see the picture coming together.

    • You lost me with the Morton trade point. What were you expecting in return for an $8 mil #5 starter?

  • Good riddance, never connected with him.

    • Worst depth perception of any announcer I’ve ever heard. Can of corn fly balls sounded like no doubt homers off the bat.

      • JoseGuillensArm
        December 18, 2015 12:50 pm

        Just a boring announcer altogether. The drop off from Greg Brown to Neverett is intolerable, I have often listened to the radio when Tim was on TV coverage.

        • The wife and I have gone as far as timing our game attendance with series where he’s in the booth.

  • Tim Neverett offered BOSOX radio gig. Curious if he accepts it.

  • Been saying this since I saw him play last summer. Osuna is one to watch.

    Recognizing that his way to Pittsburgh is complicated at best, I wonder when the P2 staff thinks the Pirates will come to the place where they have to protect him. Would someone have to get injured or before next winter’s Rule 5? Or are the Bucs so stacked that he’ll just wind up elsewhere?


    • The club just gave up a million dollar high school arm for a 28 year old right handed backup corner IF/OF because they apparently completely lacked such a prestigious asset.

      Osuna’s window couldn’t be wider.

    • As mentioned in the Rule 5 preview, 1B make up 2% of Rule 5 picks over the years and only 1/3 of Rule 5 picks actually make the team. That leaves out the fact that there were better first base options available this year. The Pirates really weren’t taking much of a chance leaving him unprotected. If he has success in AAA, they will probably add him to the 40-man next year, but he doesn’t need to be protected in the Rule 5 again. Next year if they don’t add him, he becomes a minor league free agent.

  • That was quite a hammering against a same-handed AAAA pitcher.

    Curious to see if he gets the bump to AAA when Bell gets promoted.

    • If I had to guess, I’d say that is the plan. The outfield in Indy seems pretty crowded right now and Bell will be playing everyday at first base, so it looks like Osuna will start with Altoona. I could see him splitting 1B/DH with Edwin Espinal, while also getting some OF time. Then once Bell moves up, that will open up 1B for him.

  • quick hands. big body. .922 OPS. looks like osuna could have been a rule 5 sleeper for a team like the brewers…

  • I could really buy into Osuna’s development if he had a bit of discipline. Really like that little Miggy-like twist-leg lift load.