Pirates Offered Trevor Cahill a Better Deal Than Cubs

Back in December, we heard rumors that the Pirates were interested in signing Trevor Cahill. He ended up re-signing with the Chicago Cubs, who plan to use him in the bullpen. Nick Cafardo reported back then that both the Baltimore Orioles and Pirates were looking to sign Cahill as a starting pitcher. Today, news came out that not only were the Pirates offering him a better role than the Cubs, they also made him an offer for two years. He turned down that offer to sign for one year and $4.25M with the Cubs.

Cahill was considering the Pirates, but he said he really enjoyed his time in Chicago and decided to return to familiar surroundings. You don’t often hear about a team losing out when they offer more years and a better role for a pitcher. You definitely don’t expect that team to be the Pirates over a big market team, but familiarity won out in this case. Cahill seemed perfect for a bounce back season and the Pirates seemed like a good fit for him in that goal, but he decided for less security and a smaller role, which could hurt him in the future.

  • Not a huge loss, but I would have liked to see what Searage could do with Cahill. This is also why I get tired of the comments like “the pirates should have signed ____, it only would have cost _____”. We never know what the factors are. The Pirates have on many occasions offered good contracts only to have someone take less $ or a lesser role. I’m reminded of the Pirates trying to get Travis Lee as a starting 1B and he took the same amount of $ to be a backup for NYY.

  • Let’s hope White Rabbit (Cahill’s walk-up music) performance turns out the same as it did for Edwin Jackson when he turned down the Bucs’ offer for more term & cash.

  • If Cahill accepted the two year deal with the PBC yinzer nation would still be wailing and gnashing their collective tooth. No reason to get excited about this other than it is refreshing someone wants less money to remain in an organization he is comfortable with. I still like our team and it’s chances within the Central.

    • How comfortable is he to take a single year ?

    • I was always glad to see him enter games against the Pirates last season because he wasn`t missing bats and basically sucked. So I personally was happy he didn`t sign with the Pirates.

  • Tim, Completely unrelated but I started watching Person of Interest on Netflix and its awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    • He sees the tea leaves the Pirates are starting to decline and the Cubs are on the rise.

      • Go back to your ” tea leaves ” again, you might have missed a few facts. ” Tea leaves “…..SMH.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    January 16, 2016 11:09 pm

    So much for the theory that Pittsburgh was becoming a preferred destination for pitchers on the rebound! 🙂

  • BallHeadWonder
    January 16, 2016 10:54 pm

    I can understand that he may have wanted to keep his family in Chi-Town, but you pitch to be a Starter in the Majors!! Maybe he is not the Pitcher we want, because he doesn’t want the responsibility that comes with starting!! So peace Cahill, wish you well, but not against us!!

  • I really don’t care. Personally, I’d rather pitch at PNC more often. He must have bought what Bosio was selling, which is understandable.

  • He must think the chubs will end up with a better record than the Pirates and right now I would agree with him.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    January 16, 2016 8:14 pm

    Since he decided to sign with the Cubs weeks ago, for whatever his reasons were, why is this news now and what is the point? Its not like this would have been a major signing and shifted the balance of power in the NL Central….or am I missing something?

    • This was a monumental shift in the Central. We counter with Vogelsong – it’s like mutuel assured destruction. Oh the humanity. But all kidding aside Chris Bosio made Jake.

  • I wish Neil Walker had that mindset

    • Yes you and I both. But be careful someone will track you down and egg your house. Walker the more he talks the less people care about him.

  • Pirates dodged a bullet.
    Probably wouldn’t have picked up Voglesong otherwise.

  • If we don’t know the money, it is hard to assume the Pirates offered a better deal.

    • A starting role in itself is a better deal

      • I wouldn’t go that far.

        If the Pirates offered a shot at the rotation and 2/8…yeah, if it was 2/5? Not so much.

        Considering they were kicking the tires on Arroyo and ended up getting Vogelsong, I’m guessing they probably weren’t offering much.

        • Vogelsong’s base salary is $2M, but it’s loaded with performance bonuses that could bring it up to $5M, so I don’t agree with your assumption

          • The assumption is:

            Unless it’s known what the Pirates offered, there’s no way to know they offered something better.

            As it stands, we know two of the three components of the proposed deal…but not three of three.

            Perhaps they did offer something financially similar or, even, more substantial. Perhaps they didn’t. But to argue they offered a longer contract and a better position and that means it was a better contract…ignores the fact these contracts have dollar figures attached to them.

            Heck, hypothetically, let’s say they made the same offer to Cahill as they did to Vogelsong…except double the length. So, he has a choice between 1/$4.25M guaranteed as a reliever and 2/$4M guaranteed with possible bonuses as a starter. Is 2/4 > 1/4.25?

            Then again…maybe they offered Vogelsong so much in bonus potential because they were desperate to sign someone after having gotten shot down and the lower tier guys were rapidly vanishing.

            Who knows? Because, again, without knowing what was offered means any guess as to whether it was a better or worse contract than Chicago offered is pure speculation.

            • The other part is that it was said he was strongly considering the Pirates offer. I doubt they low-balled him, yet he was still very interested. All signs point to him taking the worse deal. He’s a bullpen arm now, who turned down a longer offer, as a starter, which he strongly considered. I also don’t think you would need to explain why you took a better deal, but he felt the need to come out and say why he decided to go back to Chicago despite the longer offer as a starter.

              • Could be…again…without knowing the numbers, all we can do is speculate.

                My guess is that he liked Chicago for whatever reason, Pittsburgh made him an offer and he leveraged that with the Cubs for more money.

                After all, $4.25M for one BP season of a guy who’s been absolutely lost for the last two seasons minus his final 17 innings last season seems like one heck of an overpay.

              • completely assumptive John- I’m sorry here but Blaine is right.

            • Talk about using hypotheticals much ?

      • How? Teams pay top relievers like 3rd and 4th starters. What would be better for Cahill, two years at 5th/6th starter rate or one year at $4.5 million, in which he could preform well, and end up with Tony Sipp, Ryan Madsen type deal at worst Neftail Perez type.

        Which is why knowing the dollar amount would be crucial in making a value judgement.

        • 31 year old Ian Kennedy just signed a $70m contract after being worth less than a single win in two of his last three years as a starter.

          Tony Sipp money rings a bit hollow, no?

          • It is Dayton Moore and the Pirates didn’t offer a one year deal to start, all I’m saying is I disagree with the idea a possibility of being starter is always better than coming out of the pen, there is a lot of unknown information.

          • Along with this, Sipp/Madsen were not in the role that Cahill is likely to continue doing.

            Unless they start using Cahill more in the 7th inning, he’s sitting as a long relief man able to cover 10-15 starts when a real SP gets hurt. He seems content not being a SP nor being paid like a great 7th inning arm.

    • Right you are Andrew

  • Classy move by Bosio talking about what another team offered. I can’t recall ever hearing a coach do that before–surely there’s an unwritten rule.

    But of course Maddon loves to point out how he and his coaching staff are better than anyone else.

  • This can’t possibly be true! After all, Nutting is too cheap!! 😉

    • If Nutting is offering two year deals to players like Cahill, it is actually BECAUSE he is cheap, because Cahill is NOT good.

  • What was Pirates 2 year money offer?
    A good year with Cubs could get him more for the 2nd year than Bucs were offering.
    He is betting on himself and the Cubs

    • Eh, he will be pitching out of middle relief for the Cubs. No matter how good of a season he has, hard to see the 4th or 5th reliever in the pen setting himself up for a big contract next season

      • There’s a distinct possibility he’ll basically be the Cubs #6 guy and end up making a dozen or so starts anyway. Obviously not the same as a guaranteed spot in a rotation, but it’d still make a difference come next offseason.

        • Good point about the possibility he makes the starts as the #6, and it seems we are overlooking the fact that he was horrible last year before joining the Cubs – he turned it around in Chicago, therefore his confidence has to be in that location and with that team – and maybe there were some commitments made of which we are not aware.

    • That is my thought exactly Jeff. They didn’t want to put the work and effort in like they did with Volquez and then have it walk out the door for 2017.

  • Wish they could’ve gotten him and I’m growing a rather healthy dislike of the cubs, but it is nice to see someone take less money to stay where they are happy…just an incredibly odd feeling for the pirates to be playing the Mr Potter to the cubs apparent building and loan…

    • And then there was Latos….

      • I’d rather go into the year with the five we have. I just plain don’t like Latos…

        • The possibility of him getting himself back to back to being a good pitcher interests me if it could help the Pirates. Latos as a person is not someone I’m fond of.

          • I’d rather the team take a chance on lincecum or Cliff Lee. Much higher upside if they return to form

          • I’m also curious to see how he bounces back and he would be a perfect candidate…I shouldn’t be so judgemental, I thought AJ was a douche when they traded for him and he turned into one of my all time favorite buccos.

            • I’m with you Mike, although I liked the AJ trade when it happened and he was one of my favorite players. As far as I know he didn’t file his retirement papers yet ; )

        • whether or not you “like” him is irrelevant because he is so obviously better than at least 2 of the 5 players we currently have projected for the rotation, and in an average year- 3 of those 5

    • Glad we dodge this bullet I watched enough of Cahill last year to wonder how he is still in thr league. If you wait two months you can have him for a waiver claim