Tyrone Brooks Leaves Pirates For Role in Commissioner’s Office

Tyrone Brooks, who has been in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ front office since 2010, has taken a job in the commissioner’s office according to Rob Biertempfel. Brooks has served as the Director of Player Personnel for the Pirates since 2011, after serving one year as the Director of Baseball Operations. His new role is Senior Director of MLB’s Front Office and Field Staff Diversity Pipeline Program. Brooks was interviewed for the Milwaukee Brewers’ GM position back in September.

Brooks is the third front office member to leave the Pirates this off-season, following the departure of Marc Delpiano and Jim Benedict to the Marlins. Part of Brooks’ job with the Pirates was overseeing international signings, serving as a cross-checker for players signed from overseas. Back in early 2014, Tim Williams had an article detailing Brooks’ work in the organization and specifically finding players in Taiwan.

When the Pirates promoted Brooks in September 2011, his role with the team was described as:

Brooks will lead the Professional Scouting Department and the International Scouting Department (non-Latin American). Brooks will also continue to assist Neal Huntington with strategic planning, personnel moves and decision making.

  • I met Tyrone before at a Career Fair, during college as was going for a Sports Admin degree. Very nice man, intelligent. But, as we talked one on one he laughed and said that I have more baseball “experience” then himself. As I have a Bachelors in Sports Admin, played college baseball and coached at the college level. Tyrone told me he graduated with an accounting degree and stopped playing baseball around age 12. He applied for a internship with ATL (I believe) got that and got offered a full time job the following year. Hard to believe a man with such little “baseball experience” can be the head of player development and have major decision making power on the draft and evaluating prospects. He said he was just a very lucky man to get the opportunity and learned as he went, I know he personally tries to help a lot of people get their shot in the professional baseball. But just goes to show you, don’t have be a baseball expert to work in that business.

  • John…in your opinion how significant is this?

    • YUGE.

      • I think you should apply for this position. Then hire me to go with you to Dom Rep and I could get paid with cigars. It would be a win/win situation. I would say leefoo should apply but I think he would be extremely serious and want to impart his wisdom on the prospects. Especially in correcting spelling, grammar and arithmetic. Can you imagine him cross-checking facts! Holy Cow!

    • Getting out while the getting is good, I believe is the expression.

    • As a group, it’s a large overturn in just one year. It’a hard to say how much effect it will have without knowing all the replacements. Maybe you bring in someone with new ideas and it ends up as no big deal…or it could go the exact opposite if you don’t hire the right people

  • Which one in the photo is Brooks?