Winter Mini-Camp: Day Four Discussion Thread

Thursday is the last day of live coverage from the Pittsburgh Pirates’ winter mini-camp. You can use this thread to discuss anything Pirates-related on your mind.

Just like the previous three days, any minor news or notes will be posted here, while any big news will have it’s own article. We have articles coming up on Jon Niese and Josh Bell, but right now everyone is waiting to talk to Gregory Polanco, who arrived at camp on Wednesday.

More of the usual today with batting, fielding and throwing. We posted another video on Instagram/Twitter of John Jaso and Josh Bell working out at first base. This is shorter than the first one, which was over three minutes, but the latest one shows them making throws to second base. That was an issue for Bell in 2015.

Later tonight, MLB Network will have their yearly show ranking the top ten players at each position. It’s an hour long show with interesting discussions and rankings from 5-6 people each show. It’s starts tonight at 9pm with center fielders and at 10pm they will have the shortstops. We will have an article up later tonight after the rankings are revealed.

34 days until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.




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John: Thank you and Tim for these reports on the mini-camp. Glad to see veterans and rookies participating. Really sets the stage for Pitchers & Catchers reports – think Jaso will participate in P&C reports?


Polanco open to extension, lock him up!

John W

Morse has to go. Make no sense for this team at 5M. On the other hand, Rogers makes a lot of sense. Get that man some at bats.

IC Bob

That money is spent. Not getting back even if Morse is gone. It will be interesting to see how Morse is played in the spring. He played a lot of LF the last couple of years so maybe he backs up some of our outfielders. The man can hit. Also as bad as Jaso appears to be at 1B we may need to put Morse in as a defensive replacement. If nothing else he is tall and can handle the high throws (unlike SRod)

John W

Why would you put Morse in ahead of Rogers? He projects as better hitter this year and is most likely a better defender. And PLEASE don’t ever put Morse in left field! Worst of all in PNC Park.

I understand the money is spent but if we can find anyone to take on his salary we should trade him in a heartbeat.


I don’t understand this infatuation one bit…


Any idea of what the plan is for Jason Rogers? Seems like a professional hitter who simply hasn’t had an opportunity to play on a regular basis and given the presence of Jaso and Morse to open the season and Bell potentially coming up midseason he will still continue to get limited chances to play.

Scott H

I do agree that while it is nice to have depth, it would seem like there is only room for one RH bat to be a part of a platoon with Jaso.

I guess Morse could also serve as a fifth OF, and I understand that Rogers has experience at 3B (though he might not be the best defender there).

Chuck C

The few times i seen Rodgers against the Buccos, he had good plate disipline. The last series he had a couple of good hits and made some loud outs. Right hander at first, third and some outfield. I think outfield is his worst position. Could be a good bat coming of the bench also. I know Tim likes Morse’ BP, but it has not translated into game power.


You have to think that another move or two are forthcoming at some point with one centered around Morse. He really doesn’t make a ton of sense, especially since we also have SROD who is better defensively at the positions Morse would be at. I just can’t seem to find a spot for Morse, especially for the contract he has.


Will probably have a hard time finding somebody to take Morse and his contract.

Scott H

I wonder if the Orioles would be interested in a swap of Morse for Matusz. They have a number of lefties in their bullpen and have been one of the main teams interested in Bastardo. That would solve our issue of not having a second LHP in the bullpen, and while it would be easier to just sign Bastardo ourselves, Matusz is likely cheaper.


Personally, I think Morse is the odd man out.

We traded more for Rogers (Supak) than for Morse (Tabby)?


Everyone needs to remember the Morse trade was to trade a garbage OF depth contract for a garbage 1B depth contract. IMO the Pirates will have no problem DFA’n Morse if he doesn’t show anything in spring training. They did it to Tabby who was owed more.


John Jaso looks like a guy that used to drive around my neighborhood in an IROC-Z


I love your screen name. How is that cabbie driving coming along?


Haha. He’s the Arab Jackie Robinson, man . . .

I was shocked to find he had a fansite:


Throwing to 2b was an issue for Bell? Uh oh????


Still it is concerning. I keep thinking of GI Jones and the troubles he had.

Thankfully, I was LH and I NEVER made a bad throw to 2b. NEVER!!!!

🙂 🙂

Chuck C

Ever???? I was a lh first basemen and i hit a lot of runners going to second. Taught them to get down fast.

Ian Rothermund

I was always a fan of making a throw to home with a runner coming down the first baseline. If you aim for the nose, probably straight shot to the catcher.

…good times.


Chuck…note the smilies….


I was always taught to step towards home than make the throw at a better angle but I like your logic better!

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