Winter Mini-Camp: Day Two Discussion Thread

Day Two of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ winter mini-camp is underway. Just like yesterday, we have a discussion thread for anything Pirates-related on your mind. The first day discussions revolved around the Josh Bell/John Jaso situation at first base, while the health of Jung-Ho Kang was the biggest concern for most people. You can find a video for Bell/Jaso going through fielding drills, as well as a brief update on Kang in this link.

Not much new for day two yet, but I’ll add any minor notes to this list if they come up. Any big news will go into a separate article.

**Jon Niese and Tony Watson both showed up this morning. Niese told Tim Williams during an interview that he will just be there for one day, then he is headed to St Lucie to continue training. We will have an article on him either tonight or tomorrow.

**Tim Williams also did a one-on-one interview with Tyler Glasnow yesterday, which will be up later.

**Players take the field at 10am and Neal Huntington is expected to meet with the media later on, so there should be a notes article from that conference later on.

**36 days until pitchers and catchers report.

  • Well, the Marlins just gave Chen $80MM. Really?

  • Jason Rogers has reported to camp in the BSOHL.

  • A suggested for question for Neal and Clint:
    With the departure of so many veterans and new bodies manning positions in the infield, what steps is the organization going to take to prepare the team for a good start. They have talked a good game in the past but come out of the blocks poorly.

  • Connor Joe, where is he? Rehabbing an injury, didn’t feel the need to attend or something else. I’d think he’d be anxious to show any initiative toward showing he merited being drafted so high.

    • Most of the minor league players there are 2015 draft picks or players with spring training invites. It is possible Joe is there because there are 40+ minor league players and we only listed 25 or so yesterday. It’s separate from the major league part, where Tim is covering. But saying 40+ minor league players are there also means about 150 aren’t there.

      • Know it’s tough to identify everyone at this time. Thanks for your response.

        • The only list Tim was given from the minor league side had about 10-12 names on it and all but one was a 2015 draft pick. Other than that, I just listed a few I talked to about the camp, who I knew where there.

          • I, too, would be interested in Joe and whatever reports you can offer. Please let us know if you spot him.

            • I’ll point out for everyone that this isn’t the only minor league camp during the off-season, so if someone isn’t there now, they could be there at a different time. It’s also off to the side of all the action now, so it’s just sort of going on at the same time, but independent of the Major League side. There is no reason to worry about or wonder why certain players aren’t there. Joe wasn’t injured at the end of the year, so he doesn’t have/hasn’t had any rehab going on. We got questions yesterday about specific players, so this covers everyone that we didn’t mention.

              Edited to add: Connor Joe isn’t there now. Just confirmed, for those that asked. I’ve only seen one 2014 pick listed and two WV Power players, so a lot of people aren’t there from his two groups

  • Melanco for a lefty reliever and a minor leaguer or two. Remember , you heard it here first. Lol

    • IMO, I almost think the Pirates will have to get a 3rd team to facilitate any Melancon trade. At an expected $10MM in arb, MM is not at the top of many teams want lists. There just aren’t many fits for him. Pirates might have to throw in a AA SP to make a trade happen.

      • A 3 way trade was mentioned to be the case before but I believe what you just said is the reason NH will keep him because the return won’t be as good as what he would have to give up. NH didn’t want to give up Elias Diaz for Moreland so it could be the same case here w not wanting to add an important prospect to the trade.

  • What’s the deal w no left handed reliever (besides Watson) in the bullpen? Are the Pirates waiting out on Bastardo and seeing if a multi year contract doesn’t come his way or are they promoting within?

    • Is there a list online of left handed relievers still available as free agents? Part two, what organizations, if any, are overstocked with MLB left handed relievers who could be targeted in a trade?

      • After Bastardo, it drops down to the low tier of free agents and I have no idea there so I can see the Pirates digging out a gem somewhere. Trades are coming still but the only LHP I know that’s actively being shopped is Dunn from the Marlins and Miami was in on Chapman at the end but Melancon is not Chapman.

      • was updated yesterday with a list of all unsigned FAs, broken down to include LH relievers. Very underwhelming. Just do the search and enter 2015-2016 free agents. Hope it works.

      • I honestly don’t think they will go after another lefty…hurdle seldom utilizes specific match ups it seems anyway

    • Pirates could also sign another starter and Locke or Vogelsong to the bullben

      • Vogelsong will definitely take over for Blanton when we sign another starter but I can’t see Locke pitching just one inning. As a LH long reliever, that’s nice but doubt it.

      • locke is really not a good bullpen option. Lefty / righty splits are about the same and tends to walk a lot of leadoff batters.