Averaging Out the Rankings From Various Top Prospects Lists

At this time last year, we did an article averaging out the rankings for the Pittsburgh Pirates named to various lists of top prospects. We are going to do that again this year using the four lists that we have covered in articles over the last couple weeks. First, we take a look at the seven prospects who made at least one list last year and their average ranking. I’ll note that we used Fangraphs last year and they did a top 200, so that dragged down some averages for a couple players they rated low. We aren’t using them this year, going with just Keith Law, MLB Pipeline, Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus.

Tyler Glasnow was the top prospect last year, with an average ranking of 15th. He was followed by Jameson Taillon(38th), Austin Meadows(50th), Josh Bell(64th), Nick Kingham(91st), Reese McGuire(93rd) and Alen Hanson 105th.

Here are the results for each list this year, listed individually, with links to each article:

Keith Law

6. Tyler Glasnow

16. Austin Meadows

23. Kevin Newman

56. Josh Bell

Baseball America

14. Glasnow

22. Meadows

38. Bell

95. Harold Ramirez

MLB Pipeline

10. Glasnow

20. Meadows

49. Bell

54. Jameson Taillon

98. Reese McGuire

Baseball Prospectus

11. Glasnow

22. Meadows

49. Bell

51. Taillon

76. McGuire

80. Ramirez

As you can see, seven different players made at least one list this year as well. Other sources had both Alen Hanson and Ke’Bryan Hayes in their top 100, but neither made these particular lists. However, Hayes was mentioned as a player who just missed the lists from both MLB Pipeline and Keith Law. Pipeline also noted that Harold Ramirez just missed as well.

Baseball America had Jameson Taillon ahead of Ramirez in their Pirates top ten, yet Ramirez made the top 100 and Taillon didn’t. That is because the teams are done by individuals and the top 100 is a group effort.

Only three Pirates were consensus top 100 prospects, making all four lists, and they were in the same order on each list.

Glasnow has an averaging ranking of tenth, five spots up from last year.

Meadows has an average of 20th place. That is 30 spots ahead of last year, though I’ll point out that Baseball Prospectus didn’t rank him in their top 101 last year, so that hurt his average. Without their ranking last year, Meadows had an average ranking of 38th.

Bell has an average of 48th place, moving up 16 spots.

You then have the three players who made just two lists. Their average ranking on those lists is as follows:

Taillon 52.5

McGuire 87

Ramirez 87.5

Finally, Kevin Newman made just one list and that was Keith Law, who ranked him 23rd.

Taillon got knocked by two lists leaving him completely off, otherwise he would have had a decent ranking. Keith Law said that there were just too many questions with a player missing two seasons and not knowing how well he could return from that missed time. I’m guessing Baseball America also had the same questions.

Last year, if a prospect didn’t make the top 100, we just used 101st place to help the rankings. Since Keith Law listed ten who just missed and didn’t name Taillon, then it would be wrong to use that for him. So instead, I just went with 111 for Law and 101 for BA to get an average ranking of 79th place for Taillon. It’s not an exact science obviously, but gives you a good idea of the average.

Using that same method for both Harold Ramirez and Reese McGuire, it pushes Ramirez slightly ahead because he was on MLB Pipeline’s list of ten who just missed. Ramirez would then average 97th place and McGuire would be 99th place. Newman would technically rank higher that way(87th), though it doesn’t seem fair using the same method when he only made one list. With that last note in mind, here are the average rankings with penalties for missing lists included:

10. Glasnow

20. Meadows

48. Bell

79. Taillon

87. Newman

97. Ramirez

99. McGuire

  • If someone like Glasnow pitched for the Dodgers or yanks system he would be top 5. Bell has hit .320 for about 1000 straight ab. He would be top 25 if he had the hype in my opinion. Meadows too…and if Diaz was in a system like the cards no way he isn’t in every top 100 ranking. I’m a big homer this morning in case no one couldn’t tell.

  • That escalated quickly!

  • Anyone else see Ngope’s lead off shot at the WBC?

    • I did, he showed impressive power there. I think it would have went out anyway, but I’ll point out that the ball doesn’t travel there at night, so most home runs you see at that stadium are hit during day games. Ngoepe looked great on defense in that series, all three games I saw, he made at least two above average plays. His offense was pretty bad though. He went 2-for-16 and hit into a some double plays in key spots. He was facing a lot of pitchers who were AA caliber or less, so it was not a good showing.

      It’s still hard to see him as anything more than a defensive replacement/pinch-runner. Though I will say that he could be great in that role. He can play SS/3B/2B and his speed could help you off the bench.

      • How would you compare his toolset to that of Florimon’s? It seems like they would have the same job as a defensive infield replacement/pinch runner on the roster for the Pirates and I’m curious as to which one has the better chance of succeeding in that role in the majors.

        • Florimon to me is just a faster Ngoepe, with Major League experience. It wouldn’t even be a choice between the two if you’re picking one for the 25th man role. They have very similar value at this point, but I’d have to take experience and it helps that Florimon can do more on the bases. Ngoepe would be better off getting playing time in AAA to try to develop the bat more.
          It might come down to needing a 40-man roster spot at some point though, where Ngoepe is more valuable to have, since he has three options and Florimon has none. That would also come in handy if they needed to add a bullpen arm during the season for a short time, you could just send your extra infielder down.

  • How about Richard Justice ranking Glasnow 3, Taillon 10 and Bell 17 on top 20 rookies to watch for 2016

  • Since we are just throwing things out there——has Ian Desmond’s price dropped enough that NH would consider giving up a first (a late first) round draft pick? I live in the DC Metro area and have come to really admire his play. And he is a very solid human being. My son has a serious illness and was invited to watch the Nat’s batting practice. Out of all of the players it was Desmond who noticed and took time from his work to visit with my son. He is an upbeat and energetic personality—would be great on the Bucs.

  • Kevin Newman has zero and I do mean zero place on this list.

  • John, have you seen Giolito pitch? In your opinion is he better than Glasnow or think down the road Tyler could pass him up talent wise if the change up gets better?

    • Never in person, just videos and highlights. His scouting reports make him sound like Glasnow with better control. He has the same issues, needing some work with his change and he has trouble holding runners on. At their young ages, I wouldn’t rule out Glasnow being better down the line, but Giolito is a more polished pitcher despite being younger and missing a full season. That gives him a good chance to have the better career. I’d still point out that trying to compare them is just haggling about who could be a better ace.

      • HartHighPirate
        February 14, 2016 2:00 am

        Giolito’s high school pitching record is overblown as he attended Harvard-Westlake school which did not play CIF caliber teams nor Los Angeles Unified City high schools in California

        Glasnow attended and graduated from Hart High school in the Frontier League CIF. Much higher caliber competition then Harvard/Westlake which is a private school with tuition $33,500. click on the link for tuition.

        Giolito’s parents are part of the Hollywood crowd with wealth.

        Harvard was once a boys Military Academy which boarded students. Joe DiMaggio’s son attended the military school when DiMaggio was married to Marilyn Monroe living in Beverly Hills.


        • Nice background reporting. I appreciate the information.

        • I don’t think HS pitching records matter when Giolito was hitting 99 mph as a junior and Glasnow was sitting mid-80’s as a senior. Didn’t matter to the scouts who they were facing, Giolito was one of the top HS pitchers ever, Glasnow was not even close to the best in his draft class.

          • Good points John. I liked the input of HartHigh, but Giolito was electric in the Showcases – one in Cali in 2011 had him at 93-94 and hitting 97 in 3 innings of work. HS is OK, but these super prospects get the most ink out of the Showcases and the Summer Traveling Teams.

        • Harvard Westlake plays in the Mission League (Chaminade, Loyola, Bishop Alemany, Crespi, Notre Dame and St. Francis) which is CIF, Southern Section. Both HW and Hart are D1 schools. Mission league is year in, year out considered one of the 3 or 4 top leagues in Southern California.

          Hart is actually in the Foothill league along with Valencia, West Ranch, Saugus, Canyon and a couple others.

          Both leagues very good filled with top teams and talented players.

      • How big are your concerns with Glasnow?

        • I have some concerns, but I’d be talking about him not being a true ace and just a strong #2. I watched almost every pitch he threw in AAA(including playoffs) on milb.tv, so I got a good feel of where he is now. He relied mostly on impatient hitters, who couldn’t square up his pitches. If a team went into a game with the plan to make Glasnow throw strikes, then he struggled as long as they stuck to that plan.

          If he came up to Pittsburgh last year, I don’t think he would have been successful against more patient hitters. By the end of AAA, he was showing frustration when things weren’t going well. So he needs to pitch with more conviction.

          Except for Tony Sanchez, he had some strong defensive catchers this season and Elias Diaz, Sebastian Valle and Jacob Stallings all had trouble throwing out runners with him on the mound. That might always be an issue due to his size and how quick he is to the plate.

          I truly believe that he is not ready yet, unless he somehow took care of his issues over the winter. People will scream Super 2 as the reason he is down, which could be true by May, but I didn’t see someone who was ready for the majors. The changeup still needs work. He needs to throw his curve for strikes more often, and I’d like to see him attack hitters and limit his pitch counts.

          I’ll be watching all of his starts this year, and every one that Ryan Palencer isn’t covering in person(or possibly Tim), then I’ll be giving my thoughts after each game and if he looks ready in May, I’ll be sure to say that. If he doesn’t look ready to me in early June, you’ll know that too.

  • A little off topic, but would anyone consider these trades?

    I’d throw the reds an offer for Mesoraco as they’re unloading and he’s signed to a pretty team friendly deal for the next 4 years 4/28 as a top 5 offensive catcher and average defensive catcher, which would give the perfect amount of time for McGuire to finish building up. Throw them Diaz, Kingham, Willy G and Brault/Tarpley gets us a stud catcher to slot in for lost power and set for the years to come. He did lead the majors in home runs at catcher with 25 and .893 OPS in 2014 (only 114 games), and he’s a local, which has some bias for me as well playing against him in high school.

    Flip Cervelli and Harold R and idk another between 10-20 prospect for a Starting Pitcher #3 since we are definitely not re signing him and we have this year solved, plus I’d assume with that package we could maybe get another year from that starter.


    • no, and why? mesoraco is damage goods. also his hr numbers would crash a pnc.

      • Because of everything I just explained in both paragraphs? Also, Mesoraco is back at full strength and doing catcher drills without any discomfort so……

        Also his HR splits in a short sample size are 25 home vs 16 away. No reason to think it would make a significant decline in home run production, and if so, still turn into a lot of xbh. He put up 4.8 WAR in 14′ alone, which would justify his current contract in one season.

        • Mez is the last decent trade chip the Reds have left. Phillips won’t except a trade, apparently nobody wants Bruce, and nobody wants Vottos contract. He’s under contract for 4 more years and I think they’d have to be blown away by an offer to take it. They would probably be better off riding out his contract and hope that with the other talent they’ve acquired that they’ll compete while they still have him.

          • Fair enough point. Everyone has a price though. Just can’t go outside our boundaries though.

          • The reds are a mess. I think every time we i think the pirates are cheap I need to take a look at them. The Reds went from good team with solid system to dumpster fire as fast as any team I’ve ever seen.

        • yea lets trade for a catcher with a bad hip.he will be a dh guy in 2017/ 2018.

          also he could of had a career year in 2014. never really had any pedigree coming up. ps pnc park is hard on power hitting righthanders. also catching drill are not catching 120 games.

          • Maybe you missed the part where he is fully healthy. Pedigree? He was a 15th overall pick out of high school and showed he was a good hitting catcher all throughout the minors. And this is with the consensus that catchers take forever to build up their bat. The reds thought high enough of him to keep him and flip Grandal.

      • We could send Cervelli onto the field this season and then play the superb defensive catchers. Oh, and we get to keep our pitching prospects. What’s wrong with that?

        • As I said, this is complete fantasy, but you lose Cervelli at the end of the season for nothing, as well as go into the season with no #3 which I addressed, as well as go into next season with Diaz an unknown as your starting catcher, where I have already plugged the holes in my argument. And next season when Kingham is ready, where to do you put him? Cole, Liriano, Glasnow, Taillon, are the top 4 and I’m fairly confident they will stick. So you have Kuhl, Brault, Williams, Locke and Kingham for 5. You wouldn’t part to have a top 5 catcher for years at a team friendly contract and a real #3 pitcher for this year?

          • We may get a comp pick for Cervelli. So, there is that.

            If the Pirates make that kind of trade, I’d rather they ship off these prospects for either a quality left handed starter or a shortstop, players the organization really needs. Catchers — we have them.

            But, these are not the kind of trades the Pirates make, although they may need to in the near future.

            • There is noooooo chance in hell we get a comp pick/give Cervelli a Q offer. Especially since we’ll probably see a little regression in his hitting this season.

              Why must it be a left handed starter? And even so, my theory can turn Cervelli plus Ramirez and 10-20 into that?

              And Mercer is an average shortstop, (per Brian Cartwright of BD analytics) why upgrade at a position that is of semi strength when you can address a weakness, the rotation.

              • If Cervelli puts up another season like last year why wouldn’t you give him a QO? No way he takes it when he sees what the catching market has turned into. Another good healthy season and he is cashing in while he can.

                • Because that would be around 16-17 for that year, and that would completely crap on the pirates payroll, per he accept. The past reports are he is asking a max of 3-13 per. Figure in a first round pick attached and that drops his value even more, so maybe teams are only willing to pay him 3 years 30 million. And this is a perfect world, he doesn’t get injured or have a bad year. You think he takes the 3 years and 30 million or takes the pirates, one year offer and screws payroll for a year?

                  I will guarantee NH doesn’t allocate that type of money to him for a QO. This isn’t the same QO that we gave to Liriano years ago, that was only 13 million, for a #2 pitcher.

                  • That’s what he reportedly wanted in an extension. Not as a free agent. Liriano was QO’d and then took 3 for 39 which is exactly what Cervelli said he wanted. I just can’t see Cervelli, if he has another year like last year, taking a QO when it may be the only chance he has at a big long contract. I can’t see his agent telling him to take the offer and wait a year. Catchers only have so long to cash in.

                    • Why wouldn’t he take 17 million, wait a year, and cash in even more if he doesn’t find the offer he wants? That 17 mil is probably 500-800 % of his lifetime earnings.

                    • Because next years FA catcher market is going to be thin. Matt Weiters will probably be the only other top catcher on the FA market next year. Why take a big one year contact when you may be able to cash in on a contact to retire on?

                    • Because 17 mil is enough to retire on, and who knows what next years market brings and what he wants. All I’m saying is unless FC is top 10 MVP candidate, there is no way he receives a qualifying offer. The point gets even more reinforced with the Stewart signing and Diaz in the wings, if you don’t follow the proposed trade of mine. There is literally less than 1 percent chance of him receiving it.

                    • Tim or John,
                      I’d really like to hear your opinion. The Mez trade as well as Cervelli QO.

                      But we can certainly agree to disagree ishman. Good convo!

                    • Yes it is enough, but if you could retire on 17 mil or 50 mil which would you choose?

                    • He’s not getting that though… I’d rather take a chance at 1-17 million then possibly sign a 3 for 30, rather than sign a 3-30 and be done. See how that works?

                    • But you have so many assumptions in there that it isn’t funny. That he would be able to have another good season this year, that he would be able to duplicate that season for a 3rd straight year in 2017, that his age/previous injuries wouldn’t catch up to him, and that the catching market will be as good/barren in 2017-18 as it will be next year. You are proposing it as: 1=17+3=30===4=47. That is just unlikely to be the case. I am not sure that you gamble THAT much when you could have 3=30 guaranteed or possibly even more 3=39 or 3=42

                    • Isn’t that towards my point then to trade Cervelli now and get value for him with the Mesoraco trade?

                    • I think Cervellis value is dependant upon this upcoming season. As it sits now I don’t see him having all that much value. He’s an injury prone catcher with one good season under his belt. We’d be better off getting what we can from him on the field than trading him when nobody is certain he can maintain his health.

                    • We only have him for a year though. When do we trade him once he proves that?

                    • We don’t trade him. Ride him out and hope he comes close to replicating last year. If he proves he’s a heathy, quality catcher then you QO him. If he gets hurt, Diaz is waiting. And if he just gets by as a decent backstop then you move on to Diaz next year and be thrilled that you got 2 years of a starting catcher out of a LHRP!

                    • I just don’t see a QO for Cervelli outside of a top 10 MVP performance.

                    • And what if he gets hurt under the one yr contract? Leaves a lot of money on the table. Yes, we could retire with $17m, but these aren’t normal people. They will take, and rightfully so, as much as they can.

                    • The way I see it is if he takes a step back from last year then no way you offer it to him. But if he puts up another good year like last year then you seriously have to consider giving him a QO.

                    • And I see there is no way NH gives 17-20 percent of payroll to a catcher when you just signed Chris Stewart to a very modest contract which is great, but have Diaz in the wings. That money can be allocated muchhhh better if he were to take it, plus would cripple payroll, even with our cheap rookie minimums.

                    • everyone assumes he would take the offer. I think he would take a 3 for 30-40 than the qo. Why take 17m for one yr, when you can get a guarenteed 30-40?

                    • Because he plays a position where injuries are common and he is quite advanced in age already and with a lengthy injury history as it is. If I told you that you could get 1 year of $16M and face injury and then little money (or none) after that one year OR you could make less money per year but get a guaranteed 3-year $30M deal. Would you not take the SECURITY of the long(er)-term deal and the extra $13M total? Of course you would.

                    • IDK I don’t know how highly Cervelli thinks of himself or his agent does, but again, doesn’t this back up my original point, to flip him in my previous trade hypothesis?

                    • The QO is only for one year. He would probably rather have a multi-year contract. One year at $17m or 3-4 yrs at 40-50m. If he were to get hurt in the one yr contract, he would be missing out on a lot of money. Catchers do have a very good chance of coming up lame. Give him the QO, if he takes it, we have a one year expensive catcher. If he goes FA, then we get a draft pick.

                    • You keep upping what he is going to get on a contract. first I said 30 now you’re saying 40-50? That’s a huge difference. Sure he would take 50 for 3 years over 1-17. He’s not going to get that. I assume he would take 1-17 over 3-30 which is much more likely what he’ll get.

                  • If he has another season like last year and gets offered a QO, he is not going to accept it. He will be quite old and even with an offer of 3 years and $27M (which would be quite low) he would certainly take the 3-year, long(er)-term deal over the immediate one-year big pay day. He has been injured quite a bit in his past and taking a 1 year pay-day and then getting injured would lose him quite a bit of money, even if he would have to wait a couple of years for the money by rejecting the QO and taking less per year over a longer-term deal.

                    • See I don’t see it that way, but agree to disagree. That’s why it’s nice to discuss this type of stuff on chat forums!

                  • I’m admittedly lacking knowledge in the QO process but I didn’t think you could get a raise that large from one yr to the next…

              • I think you are completely wrong nick. If cervelli had another solid year they have nothing to lose because they can do the offer and he will get a huge deal elsewhere…if he doesn’t and that is very slim they have cervelli and Diaz backing up and can do whatever with stew.

                • As I said he’s not going to get a huge deal. Read alllll my posts below. He’ll get somewhere between 3 for 30-35 I bet, which should easily give him pause if given a QO for 1 yr 17-18 mil. NH will not tie up 20 percent of payroll on the chance Cervelli takes it.

                  • It won’t be 17-18 mil for one year QO. That’s unrealistic…and a team could easily offer 4 years or option if he has even 80% of 2015’s production…with that 4th year a QO becomes a moot point because you are talking 40 mil guaranteed and the dream paycheck that will set him up with no worries of what happens after one year.

                    • How don’t you figure. This years QO was 16 million? Its obviously going nowhere but up due to free agent salaries, so 17-18 million is quite realistic…… And you realize Cervelli has had one great year. Even if he has another GREAT year, he will be a 30 year old catcher who has two great seasons under his belt. And this is for everything to go right for him (no regression, injuries), I guarantee he still doesn’t get the QO from NH. I just see it as a much different situation from the Russell Martin QO who has had a huge sample size and track record in the MLB.

                  • 80% would still put him around 2.4 WAR which is gonna draw 12 mil per…esp for a catcher.

            • There’s a chance cervelli will hit .260 this year and go back to being injury prone so he could actually end up being singable. Slim chance but it could happen. If I was a catcher who is 30 and had had one good year I would want to lock up a multi year deal as soon as I could. He’s one injury and off year away from seeing his value drop far from where it is right now.

          • McGuire will probably be the number 3 next year if they don’t get another guy.

            • I think you’re wayyyyy rushing a highschool drafted catcher with poor hit tool so far to think he would be a # 3. If he spent any time in the majors in 2017 which is the season I believe you’re speaking to, his development would be really screwed up.

              • That’s not really true either. It’s a big if but if McGuire would play in AA all of 2016 and show improved hitting, then he would go to Indy next year for 2-3 months and presumably be ready if needed. It’s not a rush, it’s a natural progression. He has a long way to go, but he has not been overmatched as a hitter. He makes contact and has good at bats. He just needs more reps and to get stronger. He held his own in an extreme pitcher’s league at 20 last year. He’s not far behind where Yadier Molina was at the same age.

                • You have so many assumptions in there and why you would want to rush a young catcher as you already explained and possibly delay his development is beyond me. See Brian C. analytics on BD to see how McGuire projects as a pretty piss poor hitter in the bigs. He walks some and doesn’t strike out too much, that doesn’t mean he isn’t overwhelmed by lower level pitching, when he shows no “solid” contact or drive of the ball what so ever. It will be awhile before that kid comes up through because the hit tool takes even more time for catchers to develop.

                  • We know all of these things. That is exactly what I am doing…speculating. That is what we do here…all of us including you. I am well aware he could stall for a bit at AA and not be ready to contribute next year but that is a year-plus away and I am talking about what could happen during that time. He only through out 25% of runners too last year so that shows more work needs to be done also but counting the fall league he is over 1000 AB in the minors now, which is great for a C that doesn’t turn 21 for a few more weeks. The bat should start to come soon.

    • Lotta movement that i dont think would happen.

      With 4 years on his deal, CIN can sit with a high asking price even if they are rebuilding. No reason to settle for a fully prospect laden deal that doesnt include an elite prospect. If they did, the filler has to be higher upside than a Kingham or Tarpley.

      Im guessing we’d pick Kingham/Garcia/Tarpley because we dont mind losing them….because they arent huge value options.

      • Would you be willing to throw a top prospect into that? If so who? I just always thought of Kingham always being a top 100 prospect as well as Diaz who I think should easily be close, which fills their catching need to be somewhat sufficient, but I could be underselling him by a lot. As turks said below, the hip surgery could damage his value a bit, but all reports is he is back healthy and sticking at catcher.

        • I would not want to help a division rival replenish their ball club.

          • If it made your team better in the near term and long term you wouldn’t?

            That’s just plain asinine.

            • haven’t see any or your trades that i like or would get through. Remember, your trading as a Pirate, and may be a little bias.

              • I hypothetically fixed this years number 3 and catcher for the next 4 years, with the abundance of prospects we have no places for. Where are we not agreeing at?

                • The team you want to trade with. HR’S in Cincinnati are long outs in PNC’S left field. A left handed hitting catcher with some pop would be better.

                  • So… He loses maybe 5-6 hrs that turn into 4 outs and 2 doubles…. I’m still failing to see your point. He’s a dead pull hitter as well, which PNC has an extremely short far left porch. So actually maybe a few balls he hit into a not in reds stadium there, makes up for it. IDK, i’m too lazy to write what the fangraph spray chart of his home runs are showing, nor can I find distance for all hrs.

    • I like the trade for a pitcher.

    • I think I’d just go with Diaz and then wait for McGuire. Would hate to trade potential pitching prospects away. But also I wouldn’t mind not seeing all the stupid idiots walking around my hometown wearing Reds hats and jerseys.

      • Move to DuBois!

      • Believe me I love prospects too, but there is only a certain amount of rotation spots and figure if this fantasy deal worked out, it would solve a lot of problems for the near term and long term.

        • Being under contract for 4 more years of have to assume they’d want a little better prospects than that. I’m just not sold on him yet. He had a big first half in 14 then kinda faded toward the end. And the injuries are concerning.

  • Beyond these four, which other scouting lists do you put stock in when it comes to the broader league? I found value in Fangraphs scouting when Kiley was there, but now that he is working for the Braves (which validates the scouting he was doing), I have less confidence in their reports. Perhaps Farnsworth will grow on me in time… I used to trust John Sickels’ stuff over at minorleagueball but he seems to have lost his edge in the last few years.

    • The method in which Farnsworth used to project Kang as a legit starter made me a bit of a believer in his approach. Went deep into the hitting mechanics and did some really good work to back his case for why he trusted Kang’s ability to translate his game. Obviously being right helps, but i was as impressed with the way Farnsworth backed his opinion.

      • He definitely sold me on kang. I said everywhere I could that when Harrison went down kang wouldn’t be giving that spot back. Made me look good.

      • If I’m not mistaken, the previous off season he did similar work and predicted JD Martinez breaking out with Detroit also. Seems to know what he’s talking about.

  • Thanks for the analysis and averaging, which I am sure will provoke lots of discussion. I have two initial thoughts. First, of this group, It looks like our fourth rated (by average) prospect, Jameson Taillon, will be the first called up to the majors. Second, our MLB ready catcher, Elias Diaz, does not make any of the lists.
    Of course if Kang isn’t ready or a catcher gets dinged we may see Hanson and Diaz before Taillon.

  • The consensus rank order seems conservative for many of these prospects. Glasnow seems low. Taillon’s rank depends on speculation, not observation. Meadows was young for the FSL, but hit anyway. The same applies to Ramirez. Bell already has the most troublesome tool — hitting — in his back pocket.

    Newman’s rank is a product of (negative) hype. McGuire, on the other hand, has superb defensive skills, and thus has a very high floor. As for his hitting, he puts the bat on the ball and can draw walks. Let us see what he can do once he matures physically.

    Of course, conservative prospect rankings are not a problem!

    • For me Newman has to destroy high A to justify any rating near the top 50. Small sample last year and his swing was being tweaked but to be a top 5 guy for the Pirates after all the graduations we need to see .300+ average and a little pop and more signs he can stick at SS. Normally I wouldn’t say average is important but it is with him because of the lack of power and it doesn’t look like he will walk a lot.