Baseball America Puts Four Pirates in Their Top 100 Prospects List

Baseball America will release their full top 100 prospects list tonight on MLB Network at 9pm, covering the top 50 selections on an hour long show(results updated below). We will update those rankings as they come along, but for now, they have posted their choices for the 51-100 best prospects in the game. The Pirates have just one player in the second half, as Harold Ramirez is ranked 95th overall. J.J. Cooper has a video scouting report on Ramirez, seen in the tweet below.

While it isn’t a list that we post an article about, recently posted their top 100 list, including seven Pirates on the list.

We also have top 100 lists from Keith Law, MLB Pipeline and Baseball Prospectus.

Check back later for updates on the top 50 from Baseball America, which we will post as each one is announced.

Update 9:09 PM: Josh Bell is ranked 38th. Looks like Jameson Taillon missed the top 100 for the second time this off-season. Keith Law mentioned that he left Taillon off due to the uncertainty of missing two years and doubting how much he could contribute this year. Taillon didn’t get in any innings during regular games, but he worked his way up from one inning to five innings in Extended Spring Training, while pitching on a five-day schedule. He also pitched games during the Fall Instructional League, so he won’t be starting 2016 trying to build off zero innings. Those innings will be taken into consideration when the Pirates decide how to use him this year.

9:20 PM: Austin Meadows is ranked 22nd. That’s right about when everyone has him. Pirates will have four players on the list, with Tyler Glasnow still to be announced. An addition for Josh Bell…they gave him a Bobby Bonilla comp. Can’t remember hearing that before.

9:40 PM: Glasnow ends up 14th, two spots ahead of where BA had him last year. He’s just eight spots ahead of Meadows. While everyone has them ranked close to each other, there isn’t a big difference in most minds.

#14 Glasnow

#22 Meadows

#38 Bell

#95 Ramirez

  • Brewers trade Khris Davis for prospects. If we can’t pound on them this year with the lineup they project it will be a major disappointment. They could lose 95+ games.

    • Could this increase the likelihood that is where Pedro ends up?

      • TurnerWardHitsTheWall
        February 12, 2016 10:24 pm

        Looks like he is going Orioles.

        • Read one article which suggested BAL would expect Pedro to come in at 3 million or less.

          And holy sh*& is Pedro’s market value crap.

          • Yet he is still working out at Vandy and not worrying about his inability to pick up a ground ball or throw it. Not sure who is more delusional, Pedro or Boros.

            • Im not going to go that far. Him working at Vandy doesnt in any way prove he’s not also working on his defense. Hell, since he doesnt have a team he kinda has to train somewhere.

              His biggest issue, for me, is that his offense isnt good enough to entice a team despite awful defense.

    • Great trade for MIL though. If (more like when) they keep fully blowing it up by trading Lucroy, they can reallllly stock some talent in that system and try to rebound sooner rather than later.

      Nottingham is a solid grab. Allows them to move Lucroy with some plan for his spot in the future. It’d be great if Beane stopped feeding Central teams other than PGH quality young players.

      • There is an interesting piece up by Jeff Sullivan comparing the opposite strategies of Oakland and the Brewers. Davis has posted some formidable consistent statistics on hard hit balls to all fields. The man has real power. He is under control for another FOUR years. Brewers GM Stearns drafted Nottingham while at Houston. The kid is a beast, but some scouts are already wondering if he can stick at catcher. The farthest he has advanced is high A ball. A proven MLB power hitter goes for an unproven, high upside Single A catcher who might end up at first. I think he rates below our McGuire and Diaz on all the lists, and doesn’t crack the top 100. More proof that some teams are really discounting MLB power. Yes, there was another prospect to the Brewers but this is mostly about Nottingham. In a best case scenario he is still two years away.

        • MIL isnt contending for a few years. Davis has real power, but the rest of his game is such that that power still has him at 1-2 WAR to this point in his career.

          He’s not a poor player, but a team in a likely 2-3 year rebuild before contention having him is more neat than a must. They flipped him for a solid catching prospect who now has plenty of time to develop. He’s likely AA ready, with real power, and has shown the ability to hit for average.

          Nottingham’s biggest issue is sticking at catcher at this point. He doesnt crack top 100 mostly due to his defense, but his offense is leaps and bounds ahead of McGuire and Diaz. Its not just about power, but his ability to get on base. Every prospect in A or AA has to keep developing, but MIL just moved an expendable asset for a spot of need once they move Lucroy. Davis isnt so good OAK just netted a huge gain, they really just gained depth in allowing Canha to be a bench bat.

          • I find the whole scenario comparison fascinating….proven, under control hitter at a low salary traded for a high ceiling A, AA bat with risk because he is years away from proof.
            It makes me wonder what one of our top 100 guys would yield from a rebuilding organization. I am still scratching my head over the Jason Rogers deal and if follow-up deals fell apart.

            • My problem with the “proven, under control hitter” is that makes him sound like this really valuable guy. He’s currently a mid 1 WAR type, so either we assume he’ll see a spike in value going forward or he’s a 2 WAR type corner OFer. He’s got value, but acting like he’s some super good option is much for me.

              Good offense, poor defense, average overall value. I think that trade is about even value for a guy like him. He brings solid but not all star value, you got a solid prospect at a spot where offense is rare. Not an elite prospect, but not an elite player either.

              You cant take that negative of a view of one guy and totally whitewash the problems of the other. You have a quality hitting catcher prospect likely at AA going forward. So risk in that he’s not ML ready. You have a corner OF with a decent bat but below average defense. He’s got solid power, enough average, average OBP. Helps a team, but he’s not gonna elevate any team in a big way.

    • On paper that Davis deal looks like a “what the hell?” Move for the Brewers. 25 hr guy with control in his prime. I don’t know what the Brewers think they have?

  • I always wonder how much 75-100 differs list to list. Personal preference I guess. A mix of who you saw and scouting stat lines I imagine.

  • I want to see someone’s ranking of prospects as Twitter follows. Trevor Williams has been a good acquisition by the Pirates in that respect.

  • Jameson Taillon with either get his highest ranking this off-season, or he will be left off of a second list(Keith Law). I’m guessing he’s in the top 50, since BA had him ranked 30th last year.

    • very, very odd he completely missed the ranking.

      • if you don’t play in a competitive game for two years your not going to make any top 100 list. Tallion could be a stud coming back but at this point their is nothing that he has done in recent memory to rank him as a top prospect.

  • Hector Olivera, as a 3B, at 55?!? Baseball America has gone downhill, fast.

    Inexcusable to rank a THIRTY ONE year old, who was so bad at the position his team has already moved him to the outfield, that high.

  • Can’t wait to watch the team this year, we are stacked (he said referring to the Indianapolis Indians).