No Restrictions For Cole, Kang Swings in Cages, Hamstring Strain For Luebke

BRADENTON, Fl. – Here are today’s injury updates from Pirate City from Pirates Head Athletic Trainer Todd Tomczyk, with continued progression from Gerrit Cole and Jung-ho Kang, and a downgrade in Cory Luebke’s hamstring injury.

**Gerrit Cole threw off a mound again today with no restrictions. His first bullpen was on Monday, and at this point he is going through his mound progression and build up. Tomczyk said there is no concern at this point with his rib inflammation.

**Jung-ho Kang took batting practice in the cages today, with a coach throwing to him off the mound. This isn’t new, as he’s been doing this for some time (as you saw in videos I posted last week). He’s still not cleared to take swings in live BP, or run the bases. His status on both fronts was described as week-to-week.

**Earlier this week, I mentioned that Cory Luebke had right hamstring discomfort. Tomczyk said that this has now been downgraded to a hamstring strain, and that the injury occurred during Pitcher’s Fielding Practice.

“Since he came in such good shape with the arm care, the lower half is going to take a little bit of time to catch up,” Tomczyk said of Luebke.

No word on how much this sets him back, but I’d have to think this will really impact his chances of making the team.

**Antoan Richardson’s foot fracture from the end of last season is healed, although he’s not doing any agility work. He is cleared for all baseball activity, with no restrictions on that front.

  • Daniel Bard isn’t in camp yet, right? He’s such a long shot but I’ll still be curious to hear how he looks once the non-NRI’s arrive.

  • Ugh, that’s frustrating news for a guy who has had a ton of bad luck with arm health and finally feels healthy prior to this setback.

    I realize that baseball is a stop-and-start, fast-twitch motion type of game that lends itself to muscle pulls (especially hamstrings). But don’t these guys adequately stretch? How do you pull (or even strain) a muscle in half-speed ST drills?

    • I always thought some guys were more prone to pulls and strains than others. Also wonder if hydration could be a factor. Just guessing. Not everyone shows up with 6% body fat after an off season of Crossfit.

    • They aren’t half-speed. The PFP drills include running over to cover first base on a grounder to first, and they are definitely full speed, as if it was a game.

  • Is O’Flaherty on the normal throwing schedule?