Photos From Today’s Black and Gold Game

BRADENTON, Fl. – Throughout the Black & Gold Exhibition Game, we wanted to capture some images of what McKechnie Field looked like on a beautiful Bradenton afternoon. Here are some photos from the game.

Batting Practice 22916
The team gathers around for BP before the Black & Gold Game. Photo credit: Wilbur Miller
Manny Sanguillen 22916
Manny Sanguillen. Photo Credit: Wilbur Miller
Searage Taillon Glasnow 22916
Tyler Glasnow & Jameson Taillon throw in the bullpen before the game under the watch of Ray Searage. Photo Credit: Wilbur Miller
Pirate Parrot Gift Ngoepe 022916
Photo Credit: Sean McCool
Jameson Taillon 022916
Jameson Taillon gets ready to take the mound. Photo Credit: Sean McCool
Jameson Taillon 2 022916
Jameson Taillon. Photo Credit: Wilbur Miller
Tyler Glasnow 22916
Tyler Glasnow. Photo Credit: Wilbur Miller
Cole Figueroa 22916
Cole Figueroa. Photo Credit: Wilbur Miller
Gift Ngoepe 22916
Gift Ngoepe. Photo Credit: Wilbur Miller
Matt Joyce 22916
Matt Joyce. Photo Credit: Wilbur Miller
Frazier Rogers 22916
Adam Frazier on base with Jason Rogers covering the bag. Photo Credit: Wilbur Miller
Harold Ramirez 22916
Harold Ramirez. Photo Credit: Wilbur Miller
Josh Bell 2 22916
Josh Bell. Photo Credit: Wilbur Miller
John Holdzkom 022916
John Holdzkom. Photo Credit: Sean McCool
Max Moroff 022916
Max Moroff. Photo Credit: Sean McCool
Josh Bell 2 022916
Josh Bell. Photo Credit: Sean McCool
Steven Brault 022916
Steven Brault. Photo Credit: Sean McCool
Trevor Williams. Photo Credit: Sean McCool
Trevor Williams 2 022916
Trevor Williams. Photo Credit: Sean McCool
Jacob Stallings 022916
Jacob Stallings. Photo Credit: Sean McCool
Chad Kuhl 2 022916
Chad Kuhl. Photo Credit: Sean McCool
Clint Hurdle 022916
Clint Hurdle. Photo Credit: Sean McCool