Pirates Spring Training Television Schedule

ROOT SPORTS announced on Thursday morning that they will be showing 12 Pittsburgh Pirates’ Spring Training games this year, which is the most they have ever televised. Half the games will also be re-broadcast later that same day/night. The Pirates will face eight different teams in the televised games, with two games against the Twins, Red Sox, Rays and Orioles. MLB Network will release their Spring Training schedule soon, which will likely add another 5-10 games that will be available this spring. Here’s the 12 games from ROOT(all are in March):

March 4. Twins 1:05

6. Astros 1:05

7. Phillies 1:05*

9. Red Sox 1:05*

11. Rays 1:05

13. Tigers 1:05*

17. Yankees 1:05

23. Orioles 1:05*

26. Rays 6:05

27. Orioles 6:05

28. Twins 1:05*

30. Red Sox 1:05*

All the games are home games for the Pirates and the ones with asterisks are the games which will also be shown later. We will post an update when MLB Network announces their full schedule.

  • I’m trying to remember: Are these games streamed online on MLB.tv?

  • John and/or Tim, any idea if there will be any activity at Pirate City next Tuesday (Feb 16)? I have out of town visitors coming and we were planning to head down there, then realized pitchers/catchers don’t report until later in the week!

  • Thanks John. You guys have done a great job of getting everybody through the off-season, and it is definitely time to watch some baseball.

    Ditto with Bobby and Darrell on looking forward to the draft previews.

    • Absolutely agree, emjay. PP guys deserve a ton of credit for keeping the fresh content coming this winter despite relatively little action on Federal St (don’t read into that as anything but what it is). Tons of great, original discussion.

  • John, I have followed your yearly draft previews as long as I’ve been following P2. Will you be doing that this season and when will it start? One of my favorite topics.

    • Yes, we usually start it right around now. I’m waiting for a couple sites to update their rankings so I can get a better feel of the draft. Also, it would help if we knew where the Pirates are picking. Right now they are #24 and #41, but with three players still available who received qualifying offers, both of those spots can change. I’d say at the earliest I’ll have something up this Sunday, otherwise early next week.

      • I’ve seen some of the small colleges have started playing, the small college baseball teams can’t be far behind, so I reasoned the baseballers would soon start. Nice to be right for a change. Even better you’re getting ready and will soon start.

        Any early, early thoughts as to what the PBC may be looking at?

        • They like the athletic up the middle type with the hit tool, so I’m going to concentrate on that, as well as tall/projectable RHP

    • Agreed!