An Update and Further Information on Austin Meadows

BRADENTON, Fl. – I ran into Austin Meadows today at Pirate City, who was obviously out of action after his eye injury on Tuesday. Yesterday it was revealed that Meadows injured his orbital bone after a ball hit him in the face playing catch. He was experiencing swelling, so the Pirates were waiting until next week to evaluate him in Pittsburgh.

Meadows said today that he’s flying up to Pittsburgh on Sunday. More importantly, he said that the vision in his eye returned today, after the swelling went down. He had some bruising around his eye, and was wearing a protective lens that was taped on when I talked to him, but the swelling didn’t look bad. He said the injury happened when a ball skipped off someone’s glove, and shot up and hit him.

Meadows sounded encouraged by his potential recovery, saying that he talked and learned about other people with similar things. He’s hoping that he won’t be out for too long, but obviously that will depend on the evaluation next week in Pittsburgh. I’ll have another update once the results of that evaluation are revealed.

  • Hoping for good test results for Austin. Speaking of injuries, did everyone see Peralta has a torn thumb ligament and is out until mid-season for Cardinals? I’d imagine Cards fans are feeling snake bit right about now.

    • Yes. SS been major issue for them over the years.

      • Scott Kliesen
        March 11, 2016 10:48 am

        Peralta doesn’t have the best range, but he’s consistent on balls he can get, and his bat has been verey good for them for the most part. Certainly a significant loss for them, especially given Molina’s uncertain status. Cards are a house of cards right now. Teetering on falling apart.

        • Not if you read much from the National baseball commentators. Only two orginizations can do no wrong currently, and the Cardinals are one of them.

  • The ghost of AJ jumped up and got Meadows.

  • Cautiously scared sh!+less.

    As an MMA aficionado, the term ‘orbital fracture’ tells me 3-6 months.

    This isn’t a contact sport and the break hasn’t been confirmed…hoping for the best…


    …wanting the name of whoever pooched the grounder 🙂

    • It was probably worse than that. He probably pooched a letter high BP fastball type toss.

    • I’ve had a fractured orbital bone. It’s actually just a very thin layer of bone behind your eye, so it doesn’t take incredibly long to heal. AJ’s only took 2 months, if i remember correctly. There is a danger of long term vision issues with all of the tendons and muscle back there.

  • well so much for my plan for him to rake it for the first two months with a 1.000 OPS and make the BMTIB struggle with how to deal with him…

    Get well soon – I am blind in my left eye because a decided to catch a racket ball with it rather than play it…

    Could have been worse and hope he can get back soon

  • So glad to hear that he’s recovering. I suppose a ball that has skipped off a glove has lost a lot of steam. Also glad to hear that a future Bucco outfielder didn’t muff a ball so badly that it hit himself in the face.

  • Off topic, but any notes from the B game today? How did Glasnow look?

  • As someone who has taken a couple hardballs, a softball, Iraqi sand,and a few fists to the face, if he has some kind of bursted blood vessel or corneal abrasion, probably just be some antibiotic ointment and time. Thanx for update.

  • sammykhalifa
    March 10, 2016 1:47 pm

    Dumb question, but how comfortable is flying going to be with eye/possible sinus issues like that?

  • Is part of that evaluation determining whether there is a fracture or not? Or is it known at this time whether there’s a fracture?