David Todd Podcast: Kang, Lefty Relievers, Cole Contract, Third Base Prospects

Yesterday I had my weekly radio interview with David Todd on ESPN 970 in Pittsburgh. Here are the highlights of the interview, with the full podcast below.

**We talked about the latest injury updates, including the progress of Jung-ho Kang and whether he could return on Opening Day. We also discussed the updates to Cory Luebke, Robert Zarate, and the left-handed relief battle, if the Pirates decide to go with two lefty relievers.

**David brought up the Gerrit Cole topic, and I gave my thoughts, many of which were here. We both feel this whole situation is a non-event, and I don’t think it gets as much play if it’s in-season.

**We broke down the first home Spring Training game yesterday, with talk on Jeff Locke and Andrew McCutchen stealing.

**I broke down the early results of minor league camp, pointing out the talented third base trio the Pirates had working out together at Pirate City the other day.

  • Speaking of third base prospects has anyone heard of where Pedro might be landing? Although ST just started I would expect some rumors to be generated at least by his agent.

    • Vanderbilt hitting coach.

    • Turns out that there are moments when it’s NOT good to have Scott Boras as your agent.

      • This whole wait-for-an-injury advice is, well, odd. Hard to believe he wouldn’t benefit more taking a minor league deal with early opt out and at least get into camp with someone.

        • Things sure have changed. Some mentioned giving him an extension and now he is a floater. I would like to see him get a chance but it’s still hard to believe he did not get a DH bite.

        • Seems like either the early opt out or 1 year in a foreign league makes more sense.

          Wait and see is the biggest risk option on the table. Pedro isnt proving what he needs to in the downtime and he’s not making money. Woof

          • The foreign league thing really only seems to work for guys needing to bounce back with the bat, which isn’t his problem. He simply no longer has a position, and there’s only so many openings for a true DH anymore.

            So many clubs have the position tied up directly (A’s, Angels, NYY, CWS) or indirectly (Minnesota, Tampa) in unmovable contracts that it seriously hurts the market for a player that only 15 teams need in the first place.

            Could be a lost year for him.

            • For sure, the only reason id suggest foreign leagues to Pedro is to avoid a lost year with lost wages. Even if it didnt help his stock here, get the guy a job.

              • My bad, sheesh, yeah that’s true.

                Maybe most ironic of all is that Duquette seemed ready to jump in and grab him until Boras went over his head and got Angelos to give Chris Davis half the damn franchise pushing Trumbo to DH instead of 1B. Commission off a $150m contract is a lot nicer than a $1-2m one, I suppose.

                My first realtor did the same thing to me. 😉

            • He should still play in Asia for a year to keep his timing sharp. It won’t help him to hit from a machine for a year.

              • Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he preferred a minor league contract. Say what you will about him, but he’s always been a family man and I can’t imagine spending six months half a world away from his newborn baby is something he’d be interested in regardless of how much money he’d make.

                • Rumor has it that Boras demanded that Pedro be guaranteed half his starts playing in the field, which for obvious reasons nobody wants to touch. Hard to believe something like that, but if any agent would pull something like that it would be Boras.

    • Osaka

  • The interview with Taillon was great. Very likeable, self-aware dude.