Injury Updates: Jung-ho Kang Set to Increase Baseball Activities This Week

BRADENTON, Fl. – Here are today’s injury updates from Pirates’ Head Athletic Trainer Todd Tomczyk.

**Jung-ho Kang will be increasing the frequency and volume of baseball activities this week. He will increase his hitting and fielding work on the field. However, he’s still not running the bases yet.

“The most important thing about Jung-Ho is that he is such a driven man,” Tomczyk said. “He wants nothing more than anyone else to get back on the field and playing baseball.”

**Gerrit Cole is a bit behind the other pitchers due to right rib inflammation early in camp, which he has recovered from. He hasn’t thrown a live BP yet, but Tomczyk said that those are the next steps in his progression.

**Left-handed pitcher Cory Luebke has been out right a right hamstring strain. He threw off the mound today with no restrictions, and will be starting his progression to build up for the season.

**Left-handed pitcher Robert Zarate has posterior lateral left arm discomfort. He’s currently not throwing, and is in the recovery and rest phase for now.

**As for the Tommy John recoveries, Jesse Biddle is getting close to throwing again off flat ground. Nick Kingham is getting close to throwing bullpens.

**Antoan Richardson’s goal this week is to advance his agility work in order to get back to full baseball activities.

  • “He wants nothing more than anyone else to get back on the field and playing baseball.”

    Still trying to decipher this…

  • I wonder if we can get a first baseman who can actually catch a baseball? Wow Jaso needs work!

    • Scott Kliesen
      March 3, 2016 11:04 am

      Well they have a month to figure out if he can do it or not. But if it feels better to freak out on March 3rd, than go right ahead.

  • I love Kang. He’s a total badass. I feel like he’s only gonna get better.

    • You’re surely gonna rack up the likes with THAT comment. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • He’s my choice for clean up hitter when healthy. He murders fastballs, and should see plenty of them with Polanco, Marte and Cutch on the base paths.

      • I think it’ll be J-Hay, Polanco, and Cutch. I think Marte will bat 5th. Although, I could see Jaso batting 2nd. Here are the likely scenarios in my opinion.

        1. J-Hay
        2. Polanco
        1. Polanco
        2. J-Hay
        1. Polanco
        2. Jaso
        CH loves J-Hay so I’ll be surprised if he isn’t at the top of the lineup.

        • I don’t think Harrison has the plate patience to be a leadoff hitter. But I could see him batting second.

          I think the lineup will go something like this
          1. Polanco
          2. JHay
          3. Cutch
          4. Marte
          5. Kang
          6. Morse/Jaso
          7. Cervelli
          8. Mercer

          I think Marte and Kang might switch around and it seems like Hurdle likes to rotate so I don’t think i’ll get to see my dream lineup every day.

          • I think you are going to see Jaso bat second due to his high OBP. Personally, I think it is more important for Polanco to drive the ball more so I would like him lower in the lineup so he is in position to drive in runs. This is my lineup:

            1. JHay
            2. Jaso
            3. Cutch
            4. Kang
            5. Polanco
            6. Marte
            7. Cervelli
            8. Mercer (Jurickson Profar dreaming)
            9. Pitch

            • I think it makes sense to put Jaso #2, and it also makes sense to split up their lefties. To quibble, I would switch Marte and Polanco.

            • If we are going to focus on Polanco driving the ball more and thus have him lower, might as well put both Cervelli and Jaso at the 1-2. Far better OBP options than Harrison. You lose some speed, but the point should be to get on as much as possible for Cutch and Kang.

            • Scott Kliesen
              March 3, 2016 11:02 am

              No way does CH put out a lineup card with Polanco batting 5th and Marte 6th with any kind of regularity.

    • Any questions?