McCutchen Scratched From Lineup Due to Tightness in Left Quadriceps

The Pittsburgh Pirates have scratched Andrew McCutchen from tonight’s game on the road against the Red Sox due to tightness in his left quadriceps. The team announced that he worked out earlier today at McKechnie Field and the move was just made as a precaution. If there are any updates later, we will post them here.

Jason Rogers, who was removed from yesterday’s lineup late due to illness, is in the lineup today. Starling Marte moved over to center field to take McCutchen’s spot tonight, while Tito Polo has been inserted into the lineup, batting eighth and playing right field.

  • Joe Maddon is an artist at deflecting pressure and negative attention from his players with the 3 ring circus he conducts in the clubhouse. Clint Hurdle has found his niche by just keeping all of the parts moving to different places in the batting order.

    There is just something missing this year and it is getting pretty damned scary with the regular season just a week away.

    Nick Senzel had a 3 for 4 night for Tennessee against Alabama last night including a 2 run HR in the first.

  • I’ve mentioned a few times here that I thought cutch has gotten a little bulkier the last year or two. I know his dad is a big guy so it might just be a natural progression of filling out that can happen close to 30. He does look bigger to me although not necessarily a lot more muscular or overweight.

    • I think him bulking up has been the plan for ‘Cutch ever since he stepped onto the field at PNC – leadoff hitter the first 2 or 3 seasons, and then settle him back to one of the power positions in the order, #3 or #4, and let him fill out. He was excellent at leadoff, and MVP Caliber at #3 because he has allowed himself to bulk up intelligently with well placed muscle.

  • A little info on Tito Polo? Prospect? Seen the name up here, but…

    • He’s in the top 50. He’s got some tools but it’s his speed that’s gonna get him anywhere. …and he has a fun name.

  • He just didn’t want to make the trip to FT Myers is my guess.

  • domdidominic
    March 25, 2016 6:31 pm

    “um, hey Clint. I know you said it was ‘starters weekend’, but do I have to take the bus all the way to Ft.Meyers? Na, (jokingly punching ‘Cutch in the leg)”


  • Much ado about nothing. Probably would,have played were it the regular season.

  • Eric Marshall
    March 25, 2016 4:50 pm

    Cutch will be fine. Looks bigger and stronger this year. Hoping for a return to 7+ war for him.

  • Not again!!!!!!

    • I was at Wednesday`s game and Cutch was one of the players who sprinted down the firstbase line as opposed to jogging. At the time, I thought it was cool that he was competing hard in preparation for the regular season. But if the quad becomes a problem, maybe not so much.

  • Everybody panic

  • You have to be shitting me