Pirates Cut Seven From Major League Camp

The Pittsburgh Pirates made another round of cuts on Tuesday morning, getting the active roster down to 35 players ahead of Sunday’s opener. They will also need to make decisions about Matt Joyce and Cory Luebke today, as both players have opt outs in their contract. Players on the 40-man roster are optioned to the minors and assigned to teams, while all non-roster players are reassigned to minor league camp. We will have more on these moves later, but for now, here are the seven players they cut this morning:

Optioned to Indianapolis

Rob Scahill

Trey Haley

Jake Goebbert

Reassigned to Minor League Camp

Antoan Richardson

Curtis Partch

Danny Ortiz

Robert Zarate

  • I seldom complain about a player but SRod looks like he has lost the ability to hit. I can see the justification for all the other off-season moves but re-signing him looks more and more like a serious mistake. Plus there’s no upside with him, he’s only going to continue to go down hill. The roster decisions would be so much clearer, and better, if he weren’t clogging up the works. He has no contribution to make that can’t be done better by someone else.

    • “LOST” the ability to hit? That’s mighty generous of you.

    • BuccosFanStuckinMD
      March 29, 2016 6:21 pm

      He never was very good hitter…check his career stats,,,,,he had one decent year in Tampa when he hit 12-15 HRs off the bench, but that was the exception…

      • Rodriguez was at the tail end of those ’00 Angel prospects that looked like monsters in the PCL (hah) and then flamed out with almost comical frequency – Brandon Wood, Dallas McPherson, etc. His AAA career is .300/.398/.627. Its stupid to have a team in the PCL, no franchise should do it. Rodriguez is practically a AAAA bust, but has hung around for his glove, but being his most valuable position is probably second anymore, we really should have been able to get a better bat. Its cheaper to buy wins on the bench than it is from starters; dont think that happened.

  • If Nicasio makes the rotation, that bullpen is pretty shaky to start off the season.
    Melancon and Watson are obviously fine. But then it would be: Caminero, Feliz, Luebke, Vogelsong, and Lobstein?

    • I think Feliz is going to be very good. Caminero I’m not as confident in. Luebke is a total crapshoot imo but has nice upside. Vogelsong or Lobstein would be good choices for long men. I hope this is the setup they go with, but my feeling is they’ll probably keep Nicasio in the pen. The only thing I’m sure of is that we will need a 6th starter at some point so this is all less relevant than we will make it out to be in the moment.

      • Hope I’m wrong, but maybe Cole isn’t quite ready first time through the rotation. May need that 6th starter in the first week.

  • Nicasio needs to be in the rotation. He gives us a wild card because he has upside and could dominate if everything goes well. I think they need to gamble on him as a starter and hope it pays off big time. You already know what your getting with Locke and Vogelsong. A guaranteed #5 starter with an ERA in the mid 4’s. Nicasio might not work out as a starter but it’s better than just rolling out a very weak bottom of the rotation Niese.Locke,Vogey and hoping for the best w/o giving Nicasio a shot. If it doesn’t work we better hope Glasnow and Taillon dominate AAA from the gun and join this staff. This rotation is shady

  • Once was enough for V-song with this team. Wonder what they saw in him and why they signed him. He stays because they do not want to eat the contract. Put Nicky in the rotation and lets see what we get out of V in the long role. They can always flip flop until June when the future arrives.

  • If Joyce is making roster it seems highly unlikely Rogers makes team and possibly not Morse(DL trip maybe). I just have a hunch that Figuerosa is going to be on opening day roster

  • *Points toward sky thanking the baseball gods that Scahill wont make the roster.*

    • Scahill had a 2.64 ERA last year.

      • But a 1.6 WHIP. ERA means very little for a reliever.

      • and some lovely 4-4.5 FIP and xFIP.

        Sure, a mid 90s righty with non elite offspeed stuff might always outperform his periphs by almost 2 points. But ill let you put money down on that bet.

        • Yes and that fip was the actually his best since 2012 with one year near 5 and another 6. After last spring with searage still barely King 7 per 9 with all that wonderful stuff

        • Hughes does it every year via GB rate. Scahill is similar in that regard. Not a big fan of him other than as optionable depth, but Pirates pitchers with high GB rates do tend to outperform their peripherals.

          • “Scahill is similar”

            Except that he wasnt able to actually use any of that supposed Hughes like ability to effect in AAA. He’s been depth at best. Going from that to Hughes is a big leap.

            • Scahill reads as Leroux

            • Jeez, now I have to “defend” Scahill. Of course he’s depth, and belongs in AAA, but he has outperformed his xFIP by .6 over his (limited) mlb career. That seems to be a thing with the Bucs, at least with high GB pitchers – credit shifts maybe. 95mph righties pretty much do grow on trees anymore, but their teams usually don’t cut them loose until they are out of options. Scahill has an option, plus a nice GB rate, which makes him slightly more useful. He is going to AAA, and he’s probably the first right hander to get called back, and all is right with the world.

    • But, but, he throws 95+!!!!

  • Just heard on The Fan that Locke will be in the rotation. Final spot between Voglesong and Nicasio. Joyce on the roster. Luebke decision pushed back by agreement.

    • Nicasio would adjust and be more dependable in the bullpen but deserves to be in the starting rotation.

    • Does Joyce on roster indicate some concern about the current health of
      our outfielders? Or is it as I have thought, we are one too many inside
      pitches to Marte or McCutcheon away from who as our starting outfielder.
      At least we know it will now be a veteran outfielder and not a multipurpose

      • I wouldn’t overthink this. My take is he is left handed – something the team needs more than another right-handed back up 1Bman

        • Lefty off the bench. Counting Joyce, we only have three left handed hitters. I think this is a flaw in the roster. Losing two starting lefties, but i guess that’s all we had last year. With Polanco, Walker and Pedro, was there a lefty coming off the bench. I can’t remember and too lazy to look it up.

      • I think when they signed Joyce they knew he was on the team.

  • Might be reading tea leaves here but both Scahill and Haley going down with Hughes starting on the DL probably means luebke makes the team

    • Yes I’m guessing Luebke makes the team and with Locke in rotation Vogelsong starts year in the pen. Doubt he will be real thrilled with that role but hopefully he performs well in it.

    • Has Luebke thrown enough innings? I wonder if he’s ready. He hasn’t pitched in 3 years.

  • The easy stuff is done now comes the hard part.

    • Yes especially since PBC will look at other teams cuts and decide that once a coveted player is available then the fun will truly begin.